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Thread: General method recommendations

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    Hi all,

    Here's what I have. On my PC, I have Cubase VST 5, Acid DJ 2,
    Rebirth , and Reason on the way. I also have the beta of
    Sound Forge 5.

    Here's what I want to do. I write rap lyrics. I like old school west
    coast beats. I can make the beats with Rebirth no problem.

    My problem is recording audio. I have a MK-319 connected to a
    Eurorack MX-602A pre-amp. This is connected to my live drive
    on my SBLive! Platinum. Loops are not a problem with rebirth and

    I can record in Cubase, but this seems like overkill, I still can't figure
    out why I would want to use all those re-wire midi channels, since my
    sound and settings do not transfer exactly. This is hip-hop, I only
    need the loops. I don't even use or like samples very much.

    So I want to be able to record me voice and mix it into the track
    flawlessly. Of the software that I mentioned above. What is the
    ideal combo. If I should be using something totally different, please
    let me know.

    My problem comes, fromt he fact that acid does all I really need, mix
    wise. It's the vocals that acid cannot do well. My gut says, sound
    forge is the way to go then mix down in acid. Cubase is a monster
    to learn; do I have to? Thanks ...


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    Why don't you just slap those tracks you recorded.... into cubase as .wav files, then record your vocals on how many other tracks you are going to use. Were you planning on syncing all of that up? Not a good idea if so, too much for the box to handle.... won't lock up and record correctly.

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