Im broke as fuck, hustlin on the street, need my FL workin fine fast! Need to make my way to the top!

I have ASUS R668U laptop with 4quad 2.7ghz processor, 12gb of RAM and its connected to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.
No matter what buffer size I set and no matter what audio driver I use, either its ASIO4ALL/FL Studio ASIO/Focusrite USB ASIO its buggin, glitchin and dont let me work at all. Im frustrated cuz I tried installing Windows 7 on laptop but its hardware is too new and Win7 dont have any drivers for it so I couldn't even move mouse. Its now back on Windows 10 with all updated drivers.
I have 5600RPM hard drive inside, I dont kno maybe its the issue but I dont think so.
Its glitchin even if I make for example two melodies using simple sampler and then put two equalisers on it, on my other laptop with 2gb RAM I can make hits and here its some crazy ish.

Help me bros I cant make music.