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Thread: anyone know of a good laptop that has good specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by konkosskang View Post
    usb ones work with windows. I have a usb one, tried it on vista to 10.
    Not xp, cannot tell :/ but from vista to 10 an average one should work.

    Optical drives with usb usually can be hooked up to anything that supports them. Usb bluray/dvd/cd whatever, it has the same stuff, just usb.
    Tutuapp 9apps Showbox

    As for the laptop, it's decent in the spec department and is just fine for light stuff/moderate stuff with an interface.
    Actually hold up, interface regardless. Better the interface, less latency/more things can happen at once no issues.
    for usb and bluray do not think what does not support
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    look for an refurbished x230 or t430 with 16 gig ram and an i5 theyll cost you around 250

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