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Thread: Selling Alesis VX49

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    Selling Alesis VX49

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    I've very rarely ever frequented this forum (practically never over the last few years if I'm gonna be honest), but I thought I'd make a (brief?) return as I'm moving abroad soon and so need to shift some gear over the next few months.

    I'm selling this Alesis VX49 midi controller as, despite it's amazing quality build and software, I just don't take advantage of these features and so I've been experiencing buyers remorse ever since I got it (which was only a few months ago, before I knew I was going to be moving to Europe from London).

    It's practically in mint condition, with only a little use showing on the drum pads, but this is only an aesthetic issue. This retails at 300, I'm letting it go for 235 (that includes delivery cost!).


    Any questions just PM me!
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    tempting. :P but I shouldn't...I already have pads and keys lol
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