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Thread: Izotope Iris virtual synth (PC / Mac) - New - 12

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    Izotope Iris virtual synth (PC / Mac) - New - 12

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    I've got a number of new copies of the first Izotope Iris virtual synth plug-in for sale.
    I'm in the UK and am currently selling then on Ebay.

    Doubt you can buy it anywhere else now as only Iris 2 is currently available and that
    costs around 100-120 in the UK.

    Because I'm new here I can't post links but if you search Ebay for "izotope iris -2" (type that without the inverted commas) you'll find it straight away.
    It's the one where the photo has a blue background, plus my Ebay user name is the same as on here.

    That listing is only open to UK buyers as I don't like posting items abroad (I've had too many problems in the past).

    If you're outside the UK, you could still buy a copy directly from me but you wouldn't receive a physical product.
    I would upload a zip file for you containing the PC & Mac installers plus the activation code.
    This would be done through the "WeTransfer" website.
    Once installed & activated, you will be albe to download the sound library from the Izotope website & update
    to the final v1.01 version.

    Price for this would basically be the same as my Ebay listing, only minus the p&p cost of course, so 12 (roughly $15).

    If interested, I would recommend you read the Ebay listing as it gives some details about Operating System
    compatibility etc.

    This is my first post here, so if you need any proof of who I am and what I'm selling, feel free to ask.
    I've attached a photo showing some of my boxed copies of Iris with a piece of paper on top showing my user name & todays date.
    You could also contact me through the Ebay messaging system to check I'm the same person.

    Any interest, let me know, thanks.
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