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Thread: Beginner Beat Making Equipment

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    Beginner Beat Making Equipment

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    Hi, I am after some advice please. I have been out of the production game for several years and am now looking to get back into it more seriously. I was wondering what would be a good start in terms of beginner beat making equipment? I am looking to make beats on my PC and I read the article below which suggests a computer, DAW, and midi controller was all that was needed to get started. Are these things enough to get started or do I need more?

    Link - Beat Making Equipment For Beginners 2018 [Buyer's Guide]

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    MPC FTW!! If you are on a budget and don't want to fully commit to their workflow try out the MPC element, Its a nice controller that works with their DAW and can also be used as a plugin with any DAW . If you want the wireless standalone experience and want to make beats at the beach or park you gotta go with the MPC Live.

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