Integrated Sampling Sequencer

  1. Cavvy Studios
    Cavvy Studios
    I see there are a few Motif owners here. I have the ES 6. Anyone here use the Integrated Sampling Sequencer? I upgraded my Motif with 512MB of memory which gives me almost an hour of sampling time, not that I can see myself ever using that much. Mainly I sample my own performances and export them as .wav loops and just use them as you would with commercial loop samples. Another cool thing about it is I can import any audio file and the Integrated Sampling Sequencer analyzes the file and creates MIDI data for it... So then I can take that same loop and switch the sound out with ANY sound on the Motif! It's bad ass! Not to mention you can slice and rearrange the loops in a multitude of patterns which reeeeeally opens up the creative possibilities.
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