If Dilla was here today...

  1. chrismoore03211991
    With the new wave of sound polluting the world, we have lost touch with unique music. The door of real music is slowly but surely closing. Don't get me wrong, the new is hot but not original. It has tons of youth pursing things that are bad for their mental. Rappers or like KR-ONE said "Wanna B's" have forgot to put there stamp on people. If Dilla was here today, tons of artist would be shaking in there boots. Wordplay is a talent not a toy. He stated before that if you come to his studio with that weak sh**, keep on pushing. I love sound but we have ran away from soul. With that being said, let us remember the basics and put our soul first when making music. The fame is what makes one weak. RIP DILLA...and Salute to 9th
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