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  1. Move Music
    Move Music
    What's up folks. Man, I was hoping to see more action here! Hopefully I can bring some dialogue. I am looking to collab with some Reason/Record users.

    Exchanging ideas, collabing on projects. The whole nine. I do play the keyboard by ear with knowledge of music theory even though I don't read sheet music.
  2. ProducerJC
    That's what's up bro. I thought the same thing when I signed up. I'm currently recovering from a studio break in. They got everything including my life's collection of music. But, I'm over it now. Well.....almost. You mentioned that you wanted to exchange ideas. What kind of ideas are you looking for? And, specifically, what type of projects do you want to be involved with?
  3. ChrisMOE
    Sounds down if it ain't a minds think a like
  4. musbme
    yeah im new here and im wit it holla at me let me know whatsup
  5. Scairkrow
    Its kind of quiet in the REASON section, Im new to propellerhead. Started using it september of last year and been stuck on it ever since. I got hella samples from video games to movies and plenty of work i started on and some that i cant figure out what other pieces im missing so if y'all serious about collab'n im in for it. My style is hip hop, down south, R&B, pop and a mixture of other elements. add me as a friend and i'll keep in touch so we can talk, collab and just feed off of each other and hopefully make some great tracks and a little money.
  6. JohnnyRicoMusic
    New member here. Check out my music if you're interested.


    Johnny Rico Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  7. missAmix
    Hi everyone, Im a Reason user and brand new to this forum! Looking forward to exchange tips and trick :-)
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