Combinator - the most powerful utility in reason.

  1. getfresh
    As many of you probably know, most synth sounds used in music are actually layers of 2 or more synths which have their own dynamics and effects chain to create a single rich tone.

    Doing this is what the combinator is all about. The combinator also helps reduce clutter in the device rack, automation, and mixer slots used.

    With the combinator you have the choice of running the signals separately (default routing), or creating a single signal by using an audio merger for the source audios to merge the outputs of your synths or samplers, and then route into the combi then out to your processing devices (stilling in the combi) then back into the combi and out to the mixer.

    If you haven't tried this I highly recommend it.
  2. Subzone
    This is true
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