Reason 4.0 Mixing/"Mastering"(Template)

  1. newbii

    i believe the link he posted is dead but i dl it so i reup'd it from my mediafire link.

  2. Noyzi
    Man, I Got a few nice ones off-line that did similar jobs but these are alil stronger for sure...
    "I do have a tip though":
    When I re-wire into my DAW and add the reason portion of the song to the rest of it I have to do some serious re-mixing to keep the track leveled. So, to help with the mix I found it easier to keep it OFF during production, export the entire song and re-import into reason thru NNXT's (putting all drumbs in one NNXT) and run it with the suite ON(I keep my reverb and effects off till I get it back into Cubase). Re-export (separate tracks...including drumbs) and import everything into my DAW and mix again adding effects at that point.
    NOTE: This a newer technique I developed and it's working good on Hip-Hop but softer more R&Bish tracks have yet to be tested using this technique.
  3. newbii
    thanks for sharing Noyzi
  4. IMDMostHated
    Thanks for the resource.
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