Looking for feedback

  1. DJDuffy
    Hey guys I've been prodding for half a year, I make hip hop/instrumental beats with electronical elements. But just as every other producer I'm in the process of learning.
    Here's my latest track. I'd be more than happy if you check it out. I also happy to take feedback on my soundcloud.


    Duffy | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  2. TrillVision
    I like how you mix the electronic elements in your beats. That is a fire concept on the beat. Keep making more beats. I would def spit over your beats. With the electronic feel, I can do my dance hall tunes pon dem like WaTer...
  3. Pied Piper
    Pied Piper
    my mom's sleeping in the other room but i will hear the track and tell you next day!
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