Questions About Pro Tools?

  1. protoolswiz
    If you have any questions in regards to recording, mixing, editing, plugins, etc with Pro Tools please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.
  2. Trill Trax
    How can I create a ducking delay? The artist says " You know how it goes," and the "goes" delays enough until the next phrase begins in which it is ducked out.
  3. protoolswiz
    If I'm understanding your question properly, and correct me if I'm wrong...But it sounds like you are wanting to add a slight "vocal delay" so that the end of each phrase or selected phrases are "echoed" or more "ambient", while at the same time fading out to prepare for the next phrase instead of being deadened immediately. If that is correct, it really is not that difficult at all to create this effect and really only takes 1 additional track and 1 plugin that is always included in most daw's.

    - Next to your main vocal track, create a blank "aux" track. Send the main vocal track to a bus called delay on the "aux" track.

    - Now where you usually add a plugin on a track, click to add a "stereo delay". You can either use one that Pro Tools comes with or if you have a preferred delay plugin that will work as well.
  4. protoolswiz
    Now the next part is really up to your personal preference. You can start adjusting the settings of the delay plugin until your playback sounds exactly how you would like. By the way if you are using the pre-installed "Stereo Delay" plugin in Pro Tools, it actually detects the tempo of the track so that all you will need to do is select how much of a delay you would like such as quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, etc and then the plugin will delay the vocal by that amount. Some of the settings that you will need to adjust in order to successfully create the delay effect are as follows:

    - Tempo setting: Select either a quarter note delay, eighth not delay, half note delay, etc.

    - Adjust the left or right delay so that the delay track is slightly off of the main vocal tracking.
  5. protoolswiz
    - Adjust the lpf (Low Pass Filter) on either side so that the lows of the vocals are brought out more and the highs are reduced, as you do not want the highs to match the highs of the main tracking.

    - Adjust the feedback on either side by raising it up.

    Thats it. Now if you are wanting a more digital sounding delay, just do the same steps but instead of a stereo delay plugin, just use a typical reverb plugin. I tend to stay away from those as they typically make the audio washed out and as I said "Digital".
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