Which version of Pro Tools do you use?

  1. protoolswiz
    Which version of Pro Tools do you use? And what do you like best about it?
  2. MostOriginal
    Pro Tools 10 (student edition)
  3. Sirflex10
    I'm a seasoned Cubase vet, finally moving over to protools.. Just thought I'd join the group to learn more and share what I currently know.
  4. protoolswiz
    Welcome to the group Sirflex10. Feel free to share any knowledge you may have in regards to Pro Tools and your experiences. I myself have also used Cubase. But after making the switch to Pro Tools after trying out software like Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Reaper, etc. there was just no way I was going back to any of those.
  5. Mrwilljams
    Pro Tools 10
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