Weapon of choice for mixing.

  1. e-mixmaster
    Since I found this group promising and see no action in here I will just ask:

    What is your equipment of choice for mixing ?. Could be anything, Mixing boards, hardware stuff, a DAW.. anything.

    and what is your approach and style?

  2. GrizzlySquad
    FL studio 10. waves compressors and reverb (and other goodies ; doubler and such). Any paragraphic EQ . Fruity loops filters. izotope for the master.
    First of all I try and write music that isn't cluttered in the bass or high and I try to find a balance on the frequency spectrum to save myself some problems when mixing when the time comes.
    When I'm making the beat I have a limiter on the master so as not to damage my speakers. I turn the master down and take the limiter off before mixing.
    When mixing , I like to start by having the drums hot ( around -3 db ) after compressing them.
    Then I like to bring the synths/strings/anything-but-drums somewhere in the -30 to -18 region
    I put an visual EQ on the master to see where everything is hitting.
    Then bring up izotope for the mastering ! I would love to see more activity here.
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