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  1. ChrisMOE
    Since im to this new group...I got a question and would appreciate if everyone participates. What is your favorite software and piece of hardware to use when producing???
  2. GENRE
    I'm new to this too..I don't play any instruments or engineering at all I'm DAW based!!personally love the Fl Studio interface and I use it for everything..check out this beat just t get an idea of what it can do for u..Hulkshare.com Beat_01.mp3
  3. ChrisMOE
    Nice...add me as a friend. Keep it fly
  4. Timewave ZerÝ
    Timewave ZerÝ
    hello i just joined this group im using logic pro 9 im 15 and was wondering if any one could give me some feedback on my track Timwave ZerÝ - Sleep Walker by Timewave ZerÝ on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  5. capodon
    i've grown used to Protools. but i started out with Reason and still use it as an instrument in Protools. I've tried Cubase LE, FL Studio and a couple of others, but for me Protools interface is intuitive and it is also kind of a center point where you can pull in the feature of the the other DAW's if I wanted to.

    as far as hardware goes, right now my favorite piece of hardware is my Motif ES6; i'm basically using it as a controller right now (damn shame I know), but it has some really great sounds as well. it will take me some time to learn all its functions, but i just enjoy playing it. the AXIOM 25 is really fun to use as well; love the pads.
  6. DanalogOne
    Sup, i use Fl Studio and have grown to love that software after years of beat making my favorite piece of hardware is The KorgMikrokorg, p.s check out my Beats! OuterLimit
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