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  1. Mcnnadi
    Hey, I'm Michelle. I recently started discovering the making part of music, the few steps i have taken towards my goal feel have felt like a rollercoaster ride, it can be very exciting and overwhelming. So get to know people that feel the way you do and help each other through it as we are all in the beginning of our journey to being great producers. I am here to do the same.
  2. PhenixJayso
    Hey, My name is Phenix. I've been beat making/Producing for about a year now and it has been an awsome experience!!! I love that ever day i learn something new and continue to grow.
  3. Stoner Bill
    Stoner Bill
    Greetings and salutations!!!
    Stoner Bill here xD~~

    Stoner Bill Production : Stoner Bill Music - Startseite | Facebook
    Twitter: @StonerBillMusic
  4. D#'st
    Hey everyone!

    I'm D'Angelo (and yes, I was named after the music artist), and I am a beginning producer. I'm at a point where I feel that I skipped way too many important steps to producing to the point that I am lost and can't find certain ways to complete my beats. I hope to learn with you all!

    Also, my favorite hip-hop artists stem from Pete Rock to Q-Tip to Nujabes and Marcus D to J Dilla to Asheru. So... I'm pursuing the 90's boom bap style of producing.
  5. RedPa456
    My names Camden , I'm a producer, in Colorado, and I make lots of dubstep
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