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  1. ebecoat01
    I'm just starting and I am using Fruity Loops Producer edition with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as an audio interface with a MXL 770 condensor microphone. The issue I am having is when attempting to record; the track is stuttering and slowas down. No vocals are being recorded but mic is working. Im not sure what I'm doing wrong to get this to work but all attempts have failed.

    When usin other microphones minus the audio interface the mics worked but were not the right mics I needed to record vocals. Now that I have the right mic which needs audio interface to work I cant record a thing.
    Anyone have any suggestions for me on how to fix this?
  2. OrganicPoetTree
    Hope this helps. I use fruity loops strictly for making my beats/instrumentals. I have a very expensive computer set up and the program just can't handle tons of input. However, it is fantastic for outputting to a second program. I use sony ACID to record each track from fruity loops and edit it all there. I always use an Allen and Heath mixing board (you can get ones with a USB interface that goes right into your computer for a couple hundred bucks and it works wonders). I strongly suggest not doing vocals in fruitloops unless you are making samples out of them. Something like ACID may cost like $600. it's alot, but i promise you it is worth it. I spent a months saving up for the program as I use to use it when I first started getting into music (i've recently gotten back into it and the program is now much more expensive then the original $200 before sony bought it lol). Hope my advice helps. -M. R. Thompson www.organicpoettree.com
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