Whats the first instrument you like to start with??

  1. L.A.B.
    Yes we know you just go with the flow, but personally what instrument do you like to begin with and why?
  2. bandcoach
    L.A.B. can you please contact me via private message to organise a name change for you - your name conflicts (resolves to) L-A-B-, a member who last posted in 2008 and joined in 2003
  3. KyleSnelgroveSNELL
    I typically like to start with a bass, then I would kind of lead into a more lead bass. Then of course my build and drop come after that. It's very slope-y.. If that's a word.
  4. TrapTommy
    Entirely depends on the genre but sometimes I'll begin with a synth or a fat 4 to the floor kick. Either percussion or melodic sometimes Ill throw a few impacts under neath it as well.
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