New "Things"

  1. Jooon
    Well I must introduce a theme for the first discussion I suppose. Show some music, open some doors, for instance...Got any bands or music projects coming along? Please Introduce...

    I have been listening to these two bands for a while and would love it if anybody would insist on commenting on their feelings after listening to them.
  2. horiZonwireLess
    such beautiful music, affirms why i was called to here. i would like to share some of my music with you as well but it is still in early stages. I know i shouldn't be self conscious but I am still learning how to believe in myself more and more every day. Check it out at
  3. F.S
    Yeah, I've loved MA from an early age. Fantastic band. If you like that stuff, check out bands like Tricky and early Groove Armada. You might also like Bibio or Mount Kimbie.
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