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    Millenium MPS-400 - I was on the rebound.....

    by on 11-15-2019 02:27 PM I got this excellent kit in 2014 as I had a really cheap kit (all mono pads) before that. The first thing I did was to convert to mesh heads, just like the cheap kit.. This is a simple conver...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Mojo Hand FX RVT - Authentic Classic Sounds

    by on 11-12-2019 10:20 AM [b]SOUND[/b]: Having worked with other similar pedals (with reverb/tremolo/vibrato), I found them to have a hint of modern flavor, whereas the RVT sounds very classic, vintage and authentic. This...Read more on Audiofanzine

    LTD MV-200 - what a nice guitar

    by on 10-31-2019 06:02 PM So i found it on my attic, it was given to my dad as a gift from a guy who didnt want it anymore, didnt know it was such an expensive guitar, and it was given free, had to give it maintainance but ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Godin SDxt - Versatile and Quality Build.

    by on 10-27-2019 04:54 PM I am using this guitar with a Fender Blues Junior 3 amp. I play mainly rock and blues so I use the Bridge or Neck pickups most of the time. Godin is a brand that I had heard a lot of positive t...Read more on Audiofanzine

    PRS 25th Anniversary 513 - 513 is the ultimate guitar

    by on 10-26-2019 12:59 PM I am a guitar player since 1979, 40 years of playing countless electric guitars. I started from the very bottom with low budget guitars, in fact my first "great" guitar was a Fender Strat Plus in 1...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Ketron SD1000 - Buggy

    by on 10-20-2019 01:33 PM This module has mostly very good sound fonts, the problem is that it has also a critical software bug which makes it sometimes impossible to render MIDI files properly. I tried to upgrade to the ve...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Epiphone Goth G-400 - Looks great but the pickups are noisy

    by on 10-17-2019 10:58 PM I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and only for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent') old school sounds, I like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_BeyP...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Jackson JS30WR Warrior - Great neck, and versatile sounds

    by on 10-17-2019 10:29 PM I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent') this is how it sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMzim3Iqy_4 I go...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Harley Benton L-450Plus - Good, but needs some TLC

    by on 10-17-2019 10:06 PM I'm always use TH program, running on a PC, and choose 'Guitar Hero' preset for this solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqk1Y6sI_xg Of course, the intro was played with neck position pick u...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Gibson Rd Artist - Unusual Gibson

    by on 10-14-2019 02:52 PM My guitar is a Gibson RD Artist in natural, made in 1978. I bought it used almost 25 years later, it is still in all original condition except for the Schaller straplocks. I think the features of t...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hamer Californian USA - Hamer Califonian Elite

    by on 10-14-2019 02:17 PM My guitar is a Californian Elite from 1991. Ebony board with boomerang inlays, optional solid two-piece curly maple body, and factory EMG's with push/pull knob for coil split. It also came factory ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide Model H 949 Plug-in - Popularized by Jimmy Page, the Sounds Still Remain Practical and Relevant

    by on 10-14-2019 09:10 AM Popularized by Jimmy Page, this plug-in is based on Eventide’s H949, its first de-glitched micro-pitched harmonizer. You can operate it as a single unit, but also in Dual mode for stereo widening,...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eastwood Guitars Classic AC - Fantastic Cleans and Gritty Rock

    by on 10-11-2019 09:50 AM [b]Features[/b] The Classic AC has a 24.75-inch scale length, and a chambered mahogany body with a flamed maple top (it comes in natural and green, whereas the model I’m reviewing is natural). Th...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro - Recreating your Guitar Tone

    by on 10-08-2019 11:47 AM [b]OVERALL IMPRESSION: [/b]This is one of the most enjoyable plug-ins I have used (from the perspective of a guitar player). Although Audified claims it will “improve the tone no matter what amp,...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Memorymoon Messiah 2.0 - Faithful Reproduction of a Prophet Synth, and Way More!

    by on 09-29-2019 02:40 PM These days in the Prophet 5 emulator market, you basically have the U-he Repro 1/5 and the Arturia Prophet V. The Arturia can emulate both the Prophet 5 and the Vector and even combine them as a hy...Read more on Audiofanzine

    SM Pro Audio V-Machine 2.0 - The hardware VST box you "love to HATE", but just can't do without!

    by on 09-29-2019 09:30 AM This little box here is definitely the most "controversial" piece of gear over the past 11 years. The V-Machine had a great run for several years almost a decade ago, but Harmon bought-out SM Pro ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    RME Audio Babyface Pro - NO LATENCY for Virtual Keys....period!

    by on 09-28-2019 06:37 PM I got this interface because it is known for being the small form-factor "top-dog" for live virtual keys, and I was not disappointed. This unit is the lowest-latency USB-based unit I know of. It ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    PreSonus PS-49 - A great small Keyboard for just about anything

    by on 09-28-2019 06:16 PM This was my first keyboard that I got in a PreSonus Recording Bundle package. The keyboard is not great, but playable, and It has just enough controls to get you through most things. It also integ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    M-Audio Keystation 49es - Fantastic basic small keyboard controller

    by on 09-28-2019 04:35 PM This one has been my dedicated knock-around key controller, great for playing add-on "supplemental" key parts when I primarily play saxophone at gigs, and for setting the harmonies (via MIDI) to my...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Novation Impulse 61 - Fantastic controls, not-so-great quality keyboard.

    by on 09-28-2019 04:24 PM This was purchased at a time when I needed a new keyboard and also lacked other controllers for DAW and VSTs parameters and thought I would need these controls. I was initially OK with the keybed, ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fatar / Studiologic SL88 Studio - ....hands-down the best 88-key weighed keyboard for the price.

    by on 09-28-2019 04:10 PM For the price, this is the best 88-key weighted keyboard controller out there! OK, so its not quite as good as a 'Kurzweil" keybed, but it is the next best thing, ...responsive, stable and light. T...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Morley Power Wah Volume (2019-Current) - Great Sound and Space Saving

    by on 09-28-2019 11:12 AM [b]SOUND[/b]: You’re guaranteed a lot more purity of tone with minimal background noise (a real concern with high-gain tones and a wah combination) with Morley’s Optical (MQ2 custom inductor) tech...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide Instant Flanger MkII Plug-in - Classic and Beyond, Flanging technology used by Bowie

    by on 09-28-2019 09:28 AM A plug-in based on the 1975 Instant Flanger rackmount, what you’re getting are both classic and unique flanging sounds not found on more modern counterparts. The tones and presets certainly don’t ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide Instant Phaser MKII - Old Analog Phaser with some New Twists

    by on 09-27-2019 10:00 AM Amazing that this plug-in emulates a phaser from 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser. The algorithm may simulate analog tape flanging from years gone by, but this digital remake sounds both modern a...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide MangledVerb - From Lush to Chaotic - Delay into Reverb into Distortion

    by on 09-24-2019 10:59 AM When you combine reverb with distortion you get some darn freaky results. Although MangledVerb offers some straight-up presets to add zing to your drums and other instruments, those with a longer ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Dell Alienware m17 - Alienware m17

    by on 09-24-2019 07:38 AM [b]Intro[/b] This is an extremely powerful laptop designed to run quietly under light graphics load. Although it is primarily a gaming laptop, the powerful processor multiple M.2 slots, a standa...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide H3000 Band Delays - Simple compositions can sound complex and three-dimensional

    by on 09-17-2019 11:09 AM If you want to get freaky, then the H3000 Band Delays (derived from the H3000 Harmonizer studio processor) is the ticket. You can take a sound, separate it by frequency bands, change the filter ty...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hufschmid Guitars Assorted Hufschmid Plectrums - HUFSCHMID POLYSULFONE PLECTRUMS

    by on 09-16-2019 01:11 PM I wanted to take a minute to write a review of the Hufschmid plectrums, specifically made from the material POLYSULFONE. I am a HUGE fan of the work of Patrick Hufschmid, I own a fair amount o...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide Octavox - Huge sounds and clear complexity

    by on 09-15-2019 09:21 AM A massive diatonic harmonizer, you can output up to eight voices based on a chosen key and timing interval (I also demo the Quadravox later in the demo, which offers similar presets, but with four ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eurolite AKKU Mini PARty RGBW Spot - Very fragile

    by on 09-14-2019 04:08 AM I've had three of these battery powered DMX lights running 2-3 single act shows every weekend since January and there are a handful of issues. The main problem is that the power/recharging is c...Read more on Audiofanzine