• Will the iPad ever replace the MPC?

    Before you MPC heads out there bite my head off, I just want you to know that I'm very opinionated so be ready for a good argument.

    I own an MPC 1000. I have loved it since the day I brought it home and starting making beats on it. But I have to say I'm thinking about selling it.

    With the direction that technology is going, the IPad and other tablets are slowly replacing everything. So if you think for a second that our precious beloved MPC is safe then you are wrong my friend.

    I spoke with a friend the other day that tried to tell me that there will always be beat machines. I laughed and said, "I remember when my mother said the same thing about VCR's".

    If this is the wrong section for this discussion, I'm sorry I'm new.

    What do you guys think? Are you keeping your MPC? Should I keep mine?

    -Quarter Roy
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    1. frequentc's Avatar
      frequentc -
      I believe the MPC will eventually get replaced, maybe not by an iPad though, because the limitations are abundant enough, both aesthetically, hardware wise, and it's much less of a sandbox than a regular MPC. The new line up of digital controller MPC's will do a number of the MPC market, once you digitize a external device, the sky's the limit as far as what you can do with it.
    1. gafgaf37's Avatar
      gafgaf37 -
      oh so true but if i had one i would know how to make it work without going to the exstreme!!! For now i am a producer/artist so i have to make my own music which helps my out in the end
    1. WNY's Avatar
      WNY -
      I think the iPad version could replace the MPC500. I have an MPC1000 with a maxed out JJOS, and I just don't see how the iPad version can match it.

      The other new MPC controllers look like they'd be good controllers and soundcards/etc. But, the whole appeal of an MPC for me is to not have a computer. I work on computers all day. I get computered out!
    1. Sweguz's Avatar
      Sweguz -
      using an iPad seems so... I dunno. Not really good
    1. JBlongz's Avatar
      JBlongz -
      iPad won't replace MPC, but FxPansion's Geist can.
    1. Reytek's Avatar
      Reytek -
      Never. MPC for me is all about the feel of the pads and unique timing. An Ipad will never duplicate that.
    1. van-c's Avatar
      van-c -
      I would say that the mpc as we know it is at the end of its life. Maschine and mpc renaissance are the replacement. As for ipad, it is a different option for making music on the go but still limited. But it's just the beginning for Ipad type of devices. With better software and pro audio interfaces coming in to the market they will get better than an MPC . It's not even far fetch that the Ipad IOS and mac OSX will fuse in to One OS meaning that the same application will work on your desktop and ipad so you will be able to work on the go with an ipad and bring your project home and load it in your Mac in order to use more CPU hungry efx or plugins to fininsh your track. But the MPC is part of history now and it will still be a valuable machine in the future the same way as the SP1200 which is worth a fortune 2day.
      If you are on MAC check the NOTE REPEATER application from MAC App Store. there is a video on youtube: NOTE REPEATER smk7dev
    1. crates1's Avatar
      crates1 -
      the reason i got a mpc was to get away from a computer. you can keep your ipad mpc ftw
    1. H.A's Avatar
      H.A -
      Yeah im never going to sell my mpc if tht happens ill keep it as a souvineer haha
    1. Dee-Rek's Avatar
      Dee-Rek -
      I will never sell my MPC. I love the sound, the feel, and the flow. It's a classic machine with a signature sound. The only thing I've heard with a comparable sound is the ASR-10. If you don't see the value of the MPC then by all means sell it to someone who does. And no I don't think the ipad will replace it, at least not for hardcore hardware heads like myself. For those of us who came up using hardware, software just doesn't cut it sound-wise. I would use the mpc fly to lay down ideas that pop into my head while i'm away from the studio, but not for an actual beat.
    1. LJBoogie's Avatar
      LJBoogie -
      I thought the same thing when I bought the MPC 5000. I was like what did I just do by purchasing an analog. Then just this year I saw it..... the "MPC Renaissance". This will keep the MPC in the game. I have only read about it and saw a few videos, but if it act as a MIDI where I can make a beat then edit it on the DAW... I'll say MPCs are still apart of the game... Akai even has however mad an attachment for the iPad to make beats on the fly... check out AkaiPro website to see what I am talking about...

      LJBoogie (AKA The Ultra Violet Scream Machine)
      -Keep it Fresh
    1. rogergil's Avatar
      rogergil -
      If someone is just looking for a beat machine, then yeah the iPad can serve as a replacement. It's got the power and the touchscreen can be used to imitate any interface. The problem I find is that iOS developers seem to be stuck in the "let's make an app that imitates real-life gear" state of mind instead of realizing that having a touchscreen means you can do things with the interface that you can't do with knobs and buttons. That being said, there's nothing like having knobs and buttons. I think Akai realized this when they designed the MPC Fly because you get MPC pads on top of an iOS app. I can see, in the future, how iPhones and iPads (or any other tablet that manages to do something useful) will become the go-to beat machine.
    1. The8btz's Avatar
      The8btz -
      The ipad is great but it cannot match the machine.
    1. Beastwood Beats Inc.'s Avatar
      The pads on my mpc 2000 aren't even working right. But I love that machine too much to put it on Craigslist.
    1. AustinxTyler's Avatar
      AustinxTyler -
      Because of the limitations put on it by Apple, I don't believe the iPad could surpass the MPC. However, I could see success on a more open source touch system. Then someone (or Akai) could make an emulator that functioned similarly to an MPC, yet would also be able to import audio files to edit samples and import. Really the future is limitless with touchpad systems and their abilities.
    1. 7thChannel's Avatar
      7thChannel -
      Ipad over MPC? Cant wait to see that
    1. iOSMusicProducer's Avatar
      iOSMusicProducer -
      I say yep! Google: "MPC Fly" to see how AKAI have reimagined their MPC hardware to include an integrated iPad dock! Awesome...
    1. Rubix Shogunna's Avatar
      Rubix Shogunna -
      The Ipad is not powerful enough to replace a MPC, you can't even run high end applications on it.
    1. DaKillaB's Avatar
      DaKillaB -
      i doubt this will really happen at least not any time soon...

      you really don't get the same feel... they're two different things...

      oh and, microsoft surface is allot more powerful than the ipad... if anything, the surface would be able to give you that power... it has a i5 processor in it.... but even then the feel/workflow is completely different....

      maybe the better question is "will the ipad/surface or w.e replace your traditional desktop/laptop setup"....
    1. Otown's Avatar
      Otown -
      what do you mean , it already has