• Future Producer: The Grind and the Needs

    Expanding on the So -Called Grind

    Let's say you're a rapper that goes to college. 5 mins before class starts pass out your demo. If you do that in each class ...someone will say something. You may find more people to work with. You don't know who these people know are who they are personally ...and anything can happen if they like you stuff. This works in any setting.... it's call hustle. Using your time wisely and taking advantage of being a student is smart.

    Let's say I walked in to a empty college class and wrote my website on it and put free music here under it. I got 7 hits a day later. Now if I had a team of people across the city doing it .... who knows.
    Promotion is the key once you got a product. You guys need to start thinking in terms of numbers. The more people behind you're movement ...the better. And that goes for producing as well.

    Do you need a manager? Not really. But if you're not a talkative person or just socially awkward ....get one! Other than that I really don't see the need unless the person you are dealing with has more contacts and experience. I manage myself cause I don't know anyone who could do better with the same stakes on the line.

    Really, its all about time management. Some people don't understand the concept of grinding and it scares them away or they make silly decisions because they feel like they are not doing enough. You need to utilize all your free time and idle moments. Try to. Be efficient and affective. You must complete your products or works. People want to hear finished products and if you don't put in the time your work won't ever be as great as it could. Don't lose sleep ,you know. But give up partying and video games. Instead of being in the club.... Make music for it. That's all. The smallest sacrifice can do so much for your music. I notice that some folks like to boast about how hard they grind and that they spend hours in the studio. But don't compare yourself to anyone. You don't know what circmstance may have lead them to be in that position and you might not have some of the tools, money, or time as others. Believe you me if my parents were millionaires I would be progressing a lot faster, but hey that is the dice.
    Anyway, y'all get the point. Use your time wisely. Spend all of your free time learning and creating. The Progression will be automatic. If not, then you may want to reconsider your career choice. And I'm not saying you can't take a break or anything, or enjoy FP during your free time. But it will show... and you won't be happy.

    The power is truly yours... be smart about it. Prioritize!!!!!!!!

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    Focusing On the Needs ....

    Funny thing is... I bet every single one of us have turned on the radio and had a WTF moment. And could not figure out why on Earth some of these Artist or Producers get their 15 minutes. Does it matter.... I don't know. But I think we can all agree that the more people who like your music, the better. That's why I tell everyone ... It's all about opinion and taste of the audience. Nothing more. Some of the hottest music can be played with one hand. Success with music has less to do with complexity level or talent these days (in my opinion they are real important) . Some of the music I like you may not like. When I say that I think of D.C. Go Go music and New Orleans Bounce or The Bay Area Hypy. Those genres are good examples of music that have seen national attention only momentarily , yet remain favorites among the local scene rather than nation wide raves.Success with music has to do with delievring a product to an audience who appreciates it. Nothing more. This like almost everything else in life. Numbers!!!!!!!!!!! Understand the pros and cons of this and you'll do fine.

    It's all about gaining the support that will send you 10 steps forward instead of 10 steps backward but you have to make that call. You want to surround yourself with people that will boost you. That's what the PROS are looking for. They are not looking for handicaps. So avoid handicapping yourself. Sometimes you could be you're own handicap. You have to compensate for them. IN ALL AREAS... figure it out! You know what you suck at doing. If not ....you need some friends or family to tell you.

    Anyway, I don't believe in placements as a launching pad. Because as stated by Legal...(in so many words) It's a hard thing to do. What I do believe in,..... is working with local up and coming talent and putting them out. Why cause as a producer I know that they need me and I need them. They don't have access to top producer who will work for free or cheap. The chances of them telling me no or them finding better than me are slimmer than that of a major artist.
    The whole point is to deliver ... to the peoples needs... from your audience to the tv to music people ....etc. Give em what they crave. If the people want songs. As a producer you have to figure out how to get it. Whatever you can't do yourself ...you must find someone who can or learn how to do it yourself. So if you can't sing or rap then get you a singer or rapper to display their talents over your work.

    You need:

    stage/venue ( be it a real stage or the internet )* A place where people can see you and hear your work.

    Do what you got to do to get it.... in order to get the best product or brand.

    People command. They have so much power. Business wants people ... people who will spend their money on product or brands. It's common sense. If you can get a million people to hear your music. Someone is gonna say something about it. Negative or positive. You need both... so don't get mad when things get negative.

    Music Business wants one of two things .... something new and fresh ....and .... something that is already out there..... something that the next guy is doing (AND YOU KNOW THIS! MAN!). Most of them are sheep and don't even know this. If you do you, and just be at certain events and socialize with folks in the scene ... no matter how small... some... one will get with you or you will get with someone.

    Think in terms of needs

    You many be a singer / songwriter and run into a producer who needs a songwriter
    Or a produce who gets in touch with a manager looking for new beat for his artist.
    You have to go where these people might be ....
    And have what they need at the time.
    Someone at a radio station might hear your music and push the Dj to play it on air

    Come on.... these questions are prime
    What does a venue need/wants ?
    What does a manager need/wants?
    What does an artist need/wants?
    What does a producer need/wants?
    What do musicans need/wants ?
    What does an A&R need/wants?
    What do Radio Stations need/wants?
    What does a label need/wants?
    What does film/tv and the people within that industry need?
    What do the people WANT?

    We hear these stories and think that people get on by chance ... through a friend or something and it really boils down to NEEDS and WANTS
    And it usually occurs when there is 6 degrees of separation. That why you got to expose yourself... the more exposer the better. Money helps too.
    So if we brake it down ... everyone wants money and success and each of these people need something to get to the money and success.
    You could possible be the key to getting them there. If your product or skill fits what they are looking for.
    If you are a artist that draws a crowd ...the venue will want you... because that ='s people ='s money
    if you are a talented artist or producer the manger will want you ......^
    if you are a fire producer or well connected manager or a bar owner ... the artist will ^
    if you are a great singer , write good songs or play an instrument very well or know how to record well or have connections with a nice sales pitch ... producer will want you
    so on and so on...
    You need to figure out who you want or need and them get them what they need/want and deliever.
    And if your service is free ...you will get more people looking your way.

    It really isn't about who you know .... it's about who knows you... so if you got an audience ... you are in a great position.
    Theres so many things to cover on this

    I think about how I met my guitar player. We was at job training and I saw he had an acostic guitar. He looked like a metal head and I wasn't gonna talk to him at first but one day I saw him and we started talking about music. We had the same interest ...I could sing and had a set up ready to record and he had skills I did not have on the guitar.
    <<<<See needs and wants >>>>>

    Only thing we had to do was make a product. WE did ... we liked it and made a CD.... we got a band developed to do shows...

    How ?<<<< needs and wants>>>>

    Musicians who we knew in the scene heard our music and wanted to be apart of it. Started looking for venues to play at and we got gigs ...why cause they liked our sound and thought it would good to get their crowd going.

    <<<< need and want>>>.

    That turns into people looking for us on line to download our music and share with their friends on face book and twitter... and so on and so on..... now within the last month we have been getting 100 + plays (streams) a week.... and this will increase with each show. Science... just take that and related it to your case....

    No one here can give you the answer ...because the situations and elements vary. But we can tell you to EXPOSE your self BALLS OUT..... Talent and good music will always rise. Work on the product and getting it exposure...... and you will be successful.

    Some of you won't do well at this because of personal problems you may have to combat against.... just keep trying cause you can't get worst at it.

    Then again life is a funny ...so no quoting...
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