• Key To Sucess With Your Music

    4P's & a S .... Keys to Success in the Music Biz

    Progression, Production, Presentation, Promotion, & Sacrifice

    Progression - that means whatever you do make sure that it is critical to the growth of your business and or talent in some way, shape, or form. Like reading your manuals, studying music business, marketing, or learning to play an instrument ...etc.
    Those things will help you grow and give you better understand of the industry ...and ultimately contribute to the success of your ventures.

    Production- making music.... you need to have material. Not only to showcase your talent ...but to gage growth. If there is no product, you have a problem.

    You need material to pitch to folks ....so Produce!

    Presentation - You have to present yourself and product in a professional manner. Remember that consumers love a nice looking package. That's how you draw attention to your product and or brand. Some people sell albums just off of cover art alone.

    Then Promotion.... Your mouth ( no homo ) and the Internet are your biggest promotional tools.

    Close mouth don't get fed .... get out there ... put your music out there .... Network... TALK.... if you don't do that ... let me tell you... you could well be the next QUINCEY JONES and no one will ever know, if they don't hear you or your work.

    And Sacrifice... I've been there.... when I was sleeping in my car after Katrina hit ... I was still making beats and writing songs... in my car ....I did that for 3 months.... I got a ton of sacrifice stories... but you can't be lazy in this game... and you got to make due with what you have.

    There are no excuses.... the reason why you are not moving in the industry ...will 9 times out of 10 be because of you lacking in some of theses areas...... No one is perfect, but the closer you get... the better off you will be.

    So let me beat it in your minds ....Progression, Production, Presentation, Promotion, and Sacrifice.

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      Manchino246 -
      Inspiring words Boi. Thanks
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      NickMeads -
      Key to sucess is to first fix your spelling if you wanna be taken seriously. Just fyi.
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      I like this advice, strong words.
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      removed threadjack
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      removed racist threadjack
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      DIG -
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      captainbeats -
      I like the way you put it, Sometimes things get me down cause i want so much more for myslef, I really love music and want to achieve so much.
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      L.E.B. -
      great words
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      LilBro -
      Very helpful. Thanks!
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      The last "P" - Positive attitude
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      PureCents -
      Pure so true
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      nicely done
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      Black Trackz -
      TY bro for the incite. It really gave me an idea or MORE of an idea of the push i needed.. keep up the good work!

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      jbgood -
      you always have to be lucky and know the right persons...
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      Quote Originally Posted by NickMeads View Post
      Key to sucess is to first fix your spelling if you wanna be taken seriously. Just fyi.
      Success... seriously? :P
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      McThugin' -
      Good Post Bro...
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      HitmanBeatz -
      WOW! Thank you! This is so insperational, and i'm definatley bookmarking this page. Technically in my eyes, these are words of wisdom for producers out there. I will keep checking back on this post, as it is a motivation to me too.
      I just need a way to find out how to get my stuff out there, YouTube is a start, but i dunno. I've never been into forums and stuff so im just starting to get into them!
      Anyone got any tips on getting my name out there? or getting people listening to my music? that won't hate (to much.. a little don't bother me) and give me constructive crittisim?
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      good post
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      Very good, thanks for reminding us, we all need to hear this.