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  1. Difference between reference headphones: AKG K-712 Pro and AKG K-812?
  2. Korg nanoKontrol in FL Studio: recognized but not receiving MIDI notes
  3. About Alessis V49 (MIDI)
  4. Processor fast enough for FL studio?
  5. BX8 D2 or KRK Rokit RP5 G3?
  6. Mic Issue
  7. turntable for digitalizing vynils
  8. PC Running stupid slow, what is the weak link?
  9. Connecting NanoKorg Studio to Logic Pro X
  10. Can clipping cause speakers to blow out even if the volume is set low?
  11. Hardware / software config Ferione set up, need help
  12. Does noise matter?
  13. midi keyboard + maschine standalone + non ni plugins
  14. MPC 1000 assignable outs + mixer
  15. Microphone selection
  16. new interface sounding strange with headphones?
  17. KORG Volca FM or KORG nanoKey studio?
  18. Wanna start making beat (help)
  19. MIDI Controller with Manual Pad Colour Assignment?
  20. Is Mac Mini okay for Logic Pro X? Or should I go with Mac pro 5.1 (2012)?
  21. MPC 1k; Alesis 3630; Onyx 1220i
  22. Which of these microphones should I get?
  23. Need Help! A simple audio Set-up
  24. Studio Monitors to Ipod/Laptop...Is a Controller Needed
  25. Need Help With Routing Hardwares
  26. About external sound card?
  27. Hardware for Workflow
  28. Mixed bag of questions about hardware and home studio help?
  29. Help for live set
  30. Akai mpk 25 vs akai mpk225
  31. Help with recording soundcard, maschine mikro, and OSX?
  32. Need help with JP8000 to FL Studio
  33. Please help me
  34. Help connecting external analog mixer with FL studio
  35. Equipment I need?
  36. Stranded on an island with only 1 synth.
  37. Will these computers run Pro Tools 10/11/12?
  38. Do KRK woofers ever get discolored???
  39. Using Softsynths Through A Wah Pedal
  40. Enter to win Novation Bass Station ll
  41. Best laptop for music recording/production?
  42. Avalon VT737
  43. how to load patch on yamaha dx100
  44. How can I hook my turn table up to Maschine Mikro?
  45. KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors
  46. Neumann mic 102 opinion
  47. Hardware
  48. Suggestions
  49. In a dilema
  50. anyone using a juno DS with cubase; having trouble recording multiple MIDI tracks
  51. Using a USB mic with a different audio interface.... How does that work?
  52. Keeping Yamaha HS8' in the sun (on windowsill)
  53. Korg M-50
  54. Maschine + MIDI gear
  55. Behringer UM2+ Mackie Cr3
  56. Macbook air & Logic pro X?
  57. A (gear research) website that helps people get started in Music Production
  58. Macbook question
  59. Starting producing here, need studio headphones and a interface! EDM
  60. Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 PROBLEM
  61. Please help me identify what this piece of gear is!!
  62. pedal controlled Audio and Midi playback device for live use
  63. ADSR is giving away a Roland TR-8
  64. What are your Top 5 Mics ?
  65. Problems with Maschine MK1 Driver
  66. Universal Audio 1176LN first piece of outboard gear decision?!
  67. Win $13,000 in gear courtesy of Premix & Sweetwater
  68. A query about audio interfaces/ studio monitors
  69. The hunt for a new system
  70. What is a good analog mixer..
  71. M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro + Reason 9 + Windows 10 - should I buy?
  72. looking for help setting upTrigger Finger Pro in Reason 9
  73. Lexicon MX300 good for Symphony/Orch. manipulation?
  74. Midi Motu Micro Express 4x6 Manual?
  75. A good headset for music production?
  76. Using the Casio CT-395 as a midi keyboard... HOW?
  77. I want to start DJ'ing, what do I need?
  78. APC MKII: Can you map more than 8 parameters?
  79. Best Analogue style VST synth?
  80. Recommendations for MIDI Pad
  81. Dell Latitude E7270 for music production?
  82. Novation Bass station 2 Demonstration.
  83. Shure SM7B smokes my Audio Technica AT4060
  84. Firewire Solo
  85. Best 25 key/ travel midi
  86. Any to make SAMSON MTR101A mic work in computer!!!
  87. Which program is the best for making this kind of music?
  88. Which 4x4 audio interface to choose?
  89. What is the Best microphone to get for recording
  90. Bass Station 2 - Sound Test! Chaka Khan Aint Nobody!
  91. Cannot decide on new MIDI Keyboard controller.
  92. Novation Impulse/Bass Station 2 Sing OFff
  93. Ideas for customizing STUDIO & DJ gear ?
  94. 24k Mgaic in the Air - Synth Bass grooves
  95. Akai MPK Mini. Version 1 or Version 2?
  96. i am going to buy novation launchkey 49 mk2.Is it a wise purchase?
  97. Routing turntable via audio interface - Audio quality question
  98. What Keyboard to purchase?
  99. Is UAD a good audio interface for beginers?
  100. Interested in having a portable drum pad unit with internal speakers?
  101. MPC + FL Studio + Hardware
  102. Buying new laptop
  103. Need help with original MBOX and FL studio 12
  104. FL studio on HDD or SSD?
  105. No display setup
  106. I Made My Own USB MIDI Controller
  107. turntable only playing left channel
  108. Arturia DrumBrute maybe?
  109. Need recommendations on a USB 3.0 hub.
  110. What thread adapter do I need to fit my AT 8441 shock mount?
  111. Hardware for live performance?
  112. Need launchkey mini help!!!
  113. Low Sound problem *PLEASE HELP*
  114. SL MKII vs Akai Advanced vs Komplete Kontrol
  115. iRig 2 - grit and fairly cheap tool to record direct audio into smartphone video
  116. Extremely difficult choice about hardware
  117. Ableton Launchpad help
  118. Great River ME 1NV and FMR RNC 1773 setup HELP :(
  119. Shock Mount for AT2020 Microphone
  120. Does a Mac offer anything over a PC?
  121. Which of these used DJ controllers should I buy?
  122. Headphone Distribution System and headphone personal mixers
  123. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Mac OS Issue
  124. Axiom Pro 49 - How to use it LIVE
  125. Audio Interface or Monitors
  126. Looking for information about external sound cards
  127. Roland JD Xi vs Juno DS 61
  128. Ableton live + mpc (hardware) workflow / set-up?
  129. New to music / producing, and looking for a good sampler/keyboard
  130. Best Affordable Audio Interface for Logic Pro?
  131. Advantages of a Drum Machine
  132. What Maschine is the best?
  133. Mixer Ins & Outs
  134. What's the best recording mic I can get for 400$ or cheaper?
  135. Mackie Baby HUI midi desconfiguration?
  136. Need advice on studio equipment for beginner producer..(sorry if repeating thread)
  137. Looking to get into analog synths, any recommendations?
  138. TC Helicon Voicelive 2 routing for samples
  139. Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 assignable outputs
  140. M Audio Oxygen 61 keys vs Novation Launchkey 49?
  141. What MIDI keyboard to choose? Help for a beginner
  142. need help about laptop
  143. Nektar Impact LX61 or Roland A-49 midi controller?
  144. Headphones or Speakers?
  145. Good speakers for low price?
  146. Optimal Amp Power vs. Speaker Load
  147. Headphone specifications to pay attention to?
  148. Best midi keyboard 4 a decent price
  149. Dilemma......would you trade a Juno 6 for a Sub 37
  150. Audio interface
  151. Focusrite interface not working since windows update?
  152. Sound card helps for editing?
  153. Good Cheap Mic and Interface?
  154. Advice Plz - I have FL Studio and want a beginner entry Midi keyboard - What one?
  155. Connecting regular speakers to a Presonus AudioBox USB
  156. The 808 is back...
  157. $900 CAD Budget - What gear should we get?? Help?
  158. Hardware vs Software
  159. JBL LSR 305 vs FOCAL Alpha 50
  160. Using SP 404 for beats alongside hardware synths live??
  161. Will more ram help?
  162. Dual vs Quad Core...???
  163. Need advice about new music computer
  164. Purchasing the Akai MPC X
  165. Guide to PC Parts for Building a Recording Studio
  166. Any problems with this setup?
  167. I Want To Buy My WIFE an inexpensive Workstation with Multiple Tracks Recording
  168. DRM1 to Twisted Electrons Crazy 8
  169. FAQ about computers, laptops and PC parts
  170. drum machines decision
  171. What's a good on the go USB Microphone?
  172. RME Hammerfall 9632 Noise on analogue inputs
  173. Yamaha RY30 as a midi controller
  174. Are the AKG K240 still worth it?
  175. what product can I store my programmed drum machine patterns on to?
  176. Need Help With Studio Monitors
  177. Aux to USB Adapter?
  178. USB Audiointerface with clean output sound
  179. Thoughts on the Akai MPCX?
  180. audio issues from headphone port on focusrite interface
  181. Advice for the MPC
  182. Beginner in terms of gear
  183. Launchpad pro weird upside down buttons
  184. Newb here :) r.e mixers and audio interfaces for hardware and logic
  185. Advice on good professional headphones for mixing and production?
  186. Solutions for Wireless or Bluetooth MIDI (Piano to Windows PC) in 2018?
  187. Vocalist Reference problem with Beringher X32 in studio!
  188. Gear Recommendations - laptop, headphones/dac, audio interface
  189. Advice on Tr09, Tr08, Tr8 vs samples and if worth buying for production purposes.
  190. What do I need to stop the popping noises?
  191. soundcard question
  192. Focal CMS 65 vs. CMS 50 (Upgrade from Yamaha HS series)
  193. Fresh ! Fresh !! Fresh and valid fullz and credit cards is update here
  194. Advice on a DAW Mixer
  195. Do you use cloud storage or HDD
  196. Bare Essentials
  197. mixanalog.com | Remote-control ANALOG gear over the internet
  198. Mpc live
  199. Novation Impulse 49 problem
  200. Heil Talkbox to Amp
  201. [100% DISCOUNT COUPON] - Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats (UDEMY COURSE)
  202. Beginner Beat Making Equipment
  203. Do we need high cost hardware to make music?
  204. Planning on upgrading my monitor. Need help
  205. FL Studio finally has a dedicated controller [Check it out]
  206. Is my Roland TR09 working as it should?
  207. Audio Interfaces to recommend?
  209. Curious about problem with my setup
  210. Good speakers for beginner?
  211. Whats the difference between these?
  212. KRK RP6 buzzing noise?
  213. What Should I Do for Reducing Peak ??
  214. Yamaha or Krk ?
  215. Creating custom MIDI controllers
  216. Which one of these 3 Studio-Monitors should i buy?
  217. Which monitors and interface should I buy?
  218. Worth buying planet phatt in 2019?
  219. What would you say are the all around best midi controllers with 16 pads?
  220. Turntable setup question
  221. Preamp advice
  222. Setup Questions
  223. Behringer Xenyx 1622 / Numark NVii / USB line in questions.
  224. How to improve my recordings quality with a new gear?
  225. nowadays, what's the best audio interface for home studio?
  226. Looking for an audio interface
  227. Mixer with integrated multi track audio interface?
  228. Arturia 61-keylab essential: Accidental mapping of piano keys to daw parameters
  229. Usb 2.0 or 3.0 interface?
  230. Are Adam A7X good for rap? And what interface for those?
  231. Buy acoustic treatment or monitors first?
  232. mac computer setup advice..
  233. Macbook Pro or Imac dilemma!!
  234. Cubase to Motif XS8
  235. FL Studio 20 user needing reccomendation for MIDI keyboard?
  236. Midi controller
  237. MIDI keyboard with pads or pad controller for FL
  238. Soundcraft Signature 22MTK or Behgringer X-touch + MOTU 24 AI
  239. Korg Mikrokorg Problems.
  240. KRK RP5 RoKit G4 B-Stock
  241. Problem with monitor speakers
  242. Good 303 emulation ?
  243. Cinematica Vol.1 for Roland JP 8000 -- intro price 18.00
  244. What macbook pro?
  245. Help installing a AKAI Mini MPK Keyboard
  246. Zoom uac-2 audio interface help
  247. WELCOME DEAR CUSTOMER ! I sell only first hand dumps And Valid Fullz With Comple
  248. My audio interface output volume is a lot quieter than others