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  1. Welcome RJD2 to FP!
  2. RJD2 on file sharing
  3. Success?
  4. The Future of Producers...no pun intended!
  5. crate diggin
  6. How long did it take you to develop your own style and become very good?
  7. how does technology impact upon your music?
  8. What do you look for in vocalists?
  9. Film some beat making videos
  10. A Question Concerning Exposure
  11. Analog vs. Digital (cliche but hey)
  12. What equipment do you use?
  13. being yourself vs. making it big (i dont mean selling out or going pop)
  14. - Winging it vs Blueprint -
  15. if you were stuck on a desert island with one peice of hardware and one software
  16. Why did you choose to do music???
  17. What was your mind state heading into your career?
  18. Musical Background?
  19. Promoting yourself via the internet?
  20. DJ Roots?
  21. Who Engineers your stuff?
  22. Mad Men Theme/Beautiful...
  23. 3 questions i have always wanted to ask
  24. Who are your favorite rappers?
  25. Question About Sampling
  26. half legit
  27. RJD2 - How do you collaborate?
  28. Culture Shock. One of the best live shows Ive seen.
  29. digging spots
  30. Cool Calm Pete
  31. Archival Closed Thread
  32. What's on your sampling list?
  33. RjD2 is any of this stuff real?????????
  34. The importance of a base network and building off of it
  35. Digital Scrapbook
  36. why the band evolution?
  37. paying taxes for income from production
  38. Fatten the mix
  39. When writing music...
  40. Question About Sampling Your Work For Non-Profit Mixtapes
  41. Establishing Yourself without MC's
  42. Thoughts on Music Outside of HipHop
  43. What RJD2 thinks about this?
  44. question on sample technique
  45. inspiration
  46. Drums - whats best - programmed or breaks?
  47. Has sample clearance ever affected your creativity?
  48. Being a musician AND a Producer
  49. Tonight's Show
  50. How to get all samples in tune?
  51. selling tunes (exposure)
  52. RJD2's from Columbus, so am I!
  53. loved ur performance on carson daly
  54. Making a Career out of Music
  55. The Best way to learn??
  56. weatherpeople
  57. Getting tight drums
  58. I'm talented, but how do I get started
  59. Do you still have a job?