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  1. Good Video Camera for Video Blogs?
  2. New music video called " Take Flight " Prod. by Serious beats
  3. Can i get some feedback ?
  4. ATL Area
  5. Just Poets- "Naturally Flawless" (Shot with IPhone 4)
  6. What software used to make this Cee Lo vid??
  7. help acapellas
  8. How would you make a video like this?
  9. K Dot P & Jae Chris - Sh*t, Shower, Shave (Directed by Otrocity) NEED FEEDBACK
  10. Danita Vocalist/Singer (some of my new video work)
  11. Cypher
  12. my first video i've shot in HD (Canon 7d)
  13. "Day By Day" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  14. What is a good but a affordable dslr camera to purchase
  15. Looking for a video director
  16. chris jet$on - vanilla(S)ky Instrumental Video
  17. My New Video
  18. How to get that "round shady look on videos" ???
  19. Pro Quality With a T2i?
  20. New Music Video! This is not a VIRAL video, it's a SEMINAL video.
  21. Just Poets - "ReAwakened" (My second video - shot with an Iphone)
  22. How do you achieve this effect??
  23. ET - Introduction (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  24. My artists first music video POWER
  25. Music Video Production In NYC
  26. Canon 60D
  27. :::Terrorist::: NEW MUSIC FROM L.V ::::
  28. what is the best camera to use
  29. Need help::: Video i did for foxx of trill ent!!!
  30. Couldn't find any tutorials on this but I want to get this effect
  31. Check out this Interview with Jo Casino I did, please give me feedback.
  32. My latest video editing/directing: TPE x AMBUSH "420"
  33. I shot this with a cannon t2i eos:: At 23.976 fps:::all constructive criticism welcom
  34. Any Music Video Production People In NYC
  35. deleted sorry wrong forum
  36. NEW VIDEO: Jo Casino - Hardwork -- Please give me feedback
  37. Ireland's anthem for Euro 2012
  38. This dude is sick as F**k!!!
  39. When Your Gone (Remix) Eminem Remix
  40. looking 4 a up & coming video director 2 join da team (metro atlanta)
  41. 1st video I've ever really done.....
  42. new studio video
  43. The Roots - "Don't Say Nothin" Remix
  44. 25 Song Throwbacks (90s-2000s) Mashup on Youtube
  45. Music Videos I SHOT on my (Canon T2i/550D) #randomdidit
  46. Trippy Screwed Video
  47. New video i just finishd
  48. Models in Videos
  49. Mirror Trick(need advice0
  50. Bay root productions
  51. I go hard - hard knox
  52. Mr Bloomberg
  53. Calm - Music Video
  54. Rapper I work with.... Acapella freestyle
  55. Dropkick Murphy's
  56. 1st HD Video (Fallin) " "Tru Hip Hop Fans Feedback"
  57. Video Camera used for Joe Jonas just in love video?
  58. New music video from M.A.
  59. The Velvoids vs Brian M. Viveros
  60. Any Directors In NYC?
  61. NEW Alternate VIDEO for Jo Casinos song "Hardwork" give me feedback!
  62. Jess Akeem - City Of Dreams (Official Video)
  63. Kenji P- Faded (Canon 600D)
  64. Black One- Boy Talk Fly- Black Sun Rising drops on 12/22
  65. Somebody PLease SHOOT me!!!!!
  66. Yung cheeno (riot squad / coke boyz) video check it out
  67. iLLmont - Green Slurpee
  68. New Video Freestyle featuring Jo Casino! Check it out and give feedback.
  69. America’s no.1 selling Ear Plugs
  70. Real Musik - Toney Goldie
  71. Im going platinum: maybe? lol...IDK
  72. Black Beat TV - Get Your Videos ON NOw!
  73. Want to get into Video production!
  74. Yo Sean - Summer In Tha City ( Prod. by 9th Wonder) "FEEDBACK PLZ"
  75. beat promo video
  76. How do you sync your audio to video???
  77. Someone did an unofficial video for one of my track
  78. LIL T 601 Back At It shot w/ the Canon 7D
  79. How do you record the computer screen?
  80. I just learned some new effect, Check them out in this Vid -- Tell me what you think
  82. Visualisation: automate image opacity with audio volume?
  83. Apocalypse-ish Hand Drawn Animated Music Video
  84. My Concept and Recreation of Lil' Wayne's How to love Music Video
  85. first video tell me what you think !
  86. First Beat/Music Video. Please Gimme Some Feedback!
  87. New Effect. After Effects.
  88. One of my latest music video's
  89. Your opinion about this video
  90. My first video shot with a T3, tell me what you think about it!
  91. J-cole-dear winter 2012 video!!!!!!!!
  92. New video for a beat I made, directed by myself. Canon 1D & iPhone 4: Jeffro - Rain
  93. Check out my first video ( made wayyyyy wayy long ago)
  94. New music video Check it out.
  95. How to synchronize audio/video for a music video?
  96. Cliff Po - Trillz (Dir. By Anthony Yebra) [Official Video] [DEBUT VIDEO]
  97. My Mixtape Promo Video #1
  98. Cannon 550D (T2) [Drake Video]
  99. 2 new videos!!! Wiz khalifa & j cole..shiiittt issss craaazzzyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Boston Rap Cypha (video)
  101. New "Promo Video"
  102. New episode of "16 Bars" video. Check it out and comment please.
  103. Trippy Time Lapse Music Video
  104. Belly Themed video, I edited it and put the effects on
  105. Real Lyricism (For the Hip Hop Heads)
  106. Independent artist in need of a talented independent film maker for video In NYC!!!
  107. Amazing Video Clips
  108. New and Last Episode of 16 Bars -- Best work yet. Comment please.
  109. Video editing software?
  110. Currensy- headed to the top (produced by juicybeatz) fly society !
  111. TPE "Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch)"
  112. Music Video decreses sound quality!
  113. Unsigned/Signed Video Promotion (FREE)
  114. New Music Video for MixBreed out of Richmond, VA -- Comment please
  115. New Chill Video and Instrumental
  116. Does anyone know of some videos "preferably music videos" shot with a Sony a65??
  117. This is my first ever music video
  118. Indie rock/indie-rap? Music Video, Let me know what you think!
  119. King Kenoah & Jeepz - Money on Drugz (Video)
  120. Behind the scenes from a new video I am working on
  121. D-Stackz - Tats on My Arm Freestyle (Feat Vegas Mac) - OFFICIAL VIDEO
  122. D-Stackz - Welcome To Reality part II (OFFICIAL HD VIDEO)
  123. Mac miller- just laid back! 2012 (produced by juicybeatz)
  124. New Interview I filmed with poet Ashley Rose
  125. Music Video Locations! Experts Needed! Help!
  126. video shot on a 550d. questions welcomed.
  127. First Beat Making Video
  128. new video with nikon d7000
  129. How to do the fancy text on YouTube vids?
  130. beat making video east coast joint
  131. Music Video Distribution
  132. First music video !!!
  133. Videoreel, filmed on a Nikon D5000, HD 1080p. Appritiate all commenct!
  134. Kay Flow - Used 2 B
  135. I produced this track / Chris Complete from Fort Worth did the video *HOT*
  136. New Beat (The Life I Live)
  137. WTS Numark NS6 4 Channel Digital DJ Mixer Controller with Software .
  138. My first beat making video i ever made. MUST SEE!!!!
  139. Danny! ft. iLLmont-"Payback"
  140. Self Directed, Self Produced, and Self Shot. Feedback fam?
  141. New Blog for Hip Hop Heads!
  142. Mix Breed - Where I am (VIDEO) -- Please check it out and comment!
  143. ok second MUSIC VIDEO EVER
  144. UK GRIME VIDEO - S-Kay "Need Sleep"
  145. Don Capri - Welcome To My Cortex
  146. Create Web Videos
  147. new video- shot with nikon d7000 edits in final cut pro
  148. Yo Sean - Smile "HD" (Prod. by KajmirBeats )
  149. 'This Is Hip Hop' the music video!
  150. intro fat joe / so fly
  151. This is my second ever music video!
  152. art video
  153. Reebok pumps (produced by juicybeatz) shit is hot!!!!
  154. Jess Akeem - Somethin Special (Dedicated To My Son) Official Video
  155. another new video- edits in tcp shot with the nd7000
  156. Acoustic Cover of "Empire State Of Mind"
  157. Mr Pepper - Here, There & Nowhere Ep - Dance Through Life Records
  158. :::: I Will Fly (Thank you JoePa) ::::: Official Video from L.V
  159. new r&b video I am working on
  160. C-Bear Freestyle to "Hard In The Paint" [will return feedback!]
  161. Yo Sean - Fallin "HD" FEEDBACK!
  162. Yo Sean - Summer in the City ( Prod by 9th Wonder) Feedback
  163. Magic Vision Films
  164. Looking for Talented Video Editor
  165. J-Mo - "Certified Fly" [VIDEO]...I'm in it lol
  166. Teaser JBC Films
  167. Just Poets - "Mellow Down" (CANON 60D)
  168. Anti-Valentine's Day video.
  169. New Video :::: There They Go :::: L.V (Lukie Vuitton)
  170. 3 New Videos including Pastor Troy Coverage,
  171. Simple Music Video with t2i JGreen
  172. New Kid on the Block: Imagiin360 // Not Sellin
  173. New music video -- Jo Casino - Worldwide Takeover CHECK IT OUT
  174. Yo Sean Over French Montana Shot Caller " Ill AF"
  175. Music video mashup.(Hard Bass Electronica)
  176. New video putting in that work on new music.
  177. New Music Video - Slow Mo on a hacked Panasonic GH2
  178. Video made on final cut need feedback
  179. Discussion - what kind of camera do you have?
  180. my 2nd try at an HD video (canon 7d)
  181. Simple Intro Vid - G.Grand Album Release (Canon 60D)
  182. New to this stuff & need quick help?
  183. extreme lagging in FL but i have a good computer, and fast track pro. Help please !
  185. Hd performance!
  186. How do you keep your videos in sync
  187. What are some good settings to use to post to Youtube from Final Cut?
  188. FCP X 10.0.3 Workflow
  189. Panasonic GH2 for Music Videos
  190. My HD video live demonstration of the Roland Fantom...
  191. My HD video live demonstration of the Roland Fantom...
  192. Small Town Heroz - Week Ago " A video we shot LIVE on stage " FEEDBACK
  193. Sell Music Online
  194. Bulls snapback on! (produced by juicybeatz)
  195. Here Goes Nothing(T3i)
  196. Cheap Quality Video Mics
  197. Video editing software recommendation
  198. how is my beat video?
  199. New video for a song I produced LEF DOLLA "DON'T FRONT"
  200. The chick in this video is HOT!
  201. Everything is alright! (ice cube on the hook! )
  202. 4th Music Video - Panasonic GH2 + FCPX
  204. SharpShooters - PUSH (Official Video) (Vid we shot for a song we produced/performed)
  205. Behind the scenes of OK Go's new music video "Needing/Getting"
  206. Video Star iPhone app
  207. Any good animators out there?
  208. Let me know your thoughts on this new video (always trying to get better)
  209. My Label mates #GTPS
  210. First Music Video Feed4Feed
  211. New Video
  212. NEW VIDEO: Time Iz Money - In The Wild
  213. New Video Gamrini Ft. Trick Trick (Produced By Me)
  214. My thoughts on videos and visuals in 2012
  215. Drake-1`s up in the Air! (prod.by juicybeatz) NEW 2012!
  216. Erase Me remix music video
  217. My HD video performance of 'Left Bank 2' using my Roland Fantom and Nero 11 video...
  218. The Bounce.....
  219. Hard Techno, Mecha video
  220. Rapper Shot Music Video (produced by Illmind)
  221. Currensy ft French Montana - Relaxed in the shade 2012 NEW
  222. Soulful DOPE Video
  223. My first Edited Musice video(d90) ..PLEASE COMMENT GOO OR BAD feed4feed
  224. New video with your advice
  225. SICK MUSIC VIDEO created by TRQSR, Music Produced by BAMES JOND!
  226. SHARPSHOOTERS MUSIC - TO THE TOP (OFFICIAL VIDEO)some shit for the real hip hop heads
  227. King RA - I Gotta Get Paid (Prod. By M.W.P. & Cuts By DJ Hush) OFFICIAL VIDEO
  228. Am I charging too much or not enough for videos?
  229. I posted the behind the scenes for this a while back here is the finally video- r&b
  230. Behind the scenes for Letia Larok Ambition Freestyle
  231. Millyz - Drink Water (Official Video)
  232. theOutcome: Sing2Me
  233. J6 - "Underground Kings" Video
  234. Unofficial video for my new singel!
  235. JayinkdUp ft JuicyBeatz-Bulls SnapBack!(prod.by mrjuicybeatz)
  236. FEEDBACK: Lazurus - So To Myself I Say (North Carolina)
  237. New Video I did, Peter Sun - Sunny Tha Stoned Guy
  238. Elcee & M.W.P. - In Toronto (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  239. My sister model singing her original song for contest
  240. Microchips & Medication - Music Video
  241. underground hip hop Johnny papers official video
  242. Rock Video
  243. Video Editing Software for a beginner?
  244. Dope Female MC Letia Larok -Video I directed for her
  245. Concept i Shot and Edited check it out "Fancy Fantasy"
  246. Capitol City music Video
  247. Music video by Hungarian electro duo
  248. Tyga Ft Chris Brown- Came 2 Get Down (prod.by mrjuicybeatz) 2012
  249. Question about choppy
  250. Chris Jet$on - "Grillin Cheese" Official Video