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  1. What Vst Preset is this
  2. tips on making trap?
  3. I need help replicating this drum roll
  4. Looking to find/re-create this sound
  5. Intro in progressive house: chords
  6. Groove in (Hi)Hats
  7. Producers block
  8. What is this saw thing??
  9. Making Synth Sound Like This
  10. Deadmau5 bass
  11. Question about Sidechaining.
  12. The name of this funk sound?
  13. Your feedback would greatly be appreciated.
  14. How to create this kind of synth?
  15. Do I have to learn all of music theory to produce good trance tracks?
  16. My chords have no balls!
  17. Looking for someone to recreate a synth! (Willing to pay)
  18. Sound Design Help
  19. Thoughts on Arrangement?
  20. arp chords ??
  21. Cubase or Ableton ?
  22. Help with delay FX please
  23. Anybody know this Arp or Synth?
  24. fl studio question
  25. Where can I find this low synth sound?
  26. Sound Selection
  27. Been looking for this delay effect forever
  28. volume automation question ?
  29. stereo imaging and eq question ??
  30. Chords in this song???
  31. Abstract Melodies???
  32. mixning and mastering on ableton?
  33. How do you play piano like this?
  34. How to make these synth sounds
  35. How to make that sound ?
  36. time spent on one project
  37. Request: Flume Supersaw in Collarbones Remix
  38. How do I make this sound
  39. What are these chords?
  40. Moog ARP
  41. Rumbling Subkick
  42. REASON USERS: Ultimate 808 Bass + EQ, Compression, Saturation Cominator
  43. Dj snake / Jungle Terror Sounddesign
  44. How to make a proper techno bass?
  45. French House / French Touch Synth Sounds
  46. How to make bass out of reverb from a kick in logic (Techno)
  47. Secondary Leading Tone Chords
  48. What are the best VST for creating sound effects for electronic music????
  49. How do the pros create their sounds?
  50. Desperately looking for an explanation of the ever elusive Rustie sound
  51. how can i achieve this sound effect? so complicated...
  52. PND type synths?
  53. how to create this synth
  54. Sound design
  55. How to get this synth sound with Sylenth
  56. How Do I Get That Main Growling Bassline Used In This Track [Hip-Hop Production]
  57. Mid /side processing and stereo imaging ! :)
  58. what is this pad sound??
  59. How to I acheive this vocal effect?
  60. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Sound Effect
  61. The lack of creativity on arrangement - How to sound less repetitive?
  62. How to produced muffled sound? [Hip-Hop/Drill Beat Production]
  63. How to create this sound? [Hip-Hop/Drill]
  64. How do i create this sound?? Please, someone!
  65. Type of VST and kits to produce these type of beats? [Hip-Hop/Drill]
  66. AOTP 'Strike Back' Nas sample
  67. Pick out a sound or write the melody?
  68. Question about certain sound in a song
  69. What sound and/or chords are in these two tracks?
  70. is it possible to find a F# in a D# major
  71. How Can I Get My Hi-Hats To Sound More Realistic [Hip-Hop/Beats/Trap]
  72. How do I make LA beat scene Hi-Hats
  73. Can you recommend any good music tutorial websites, such as Groove3?
  74. Help ear training major and minor 7 chords in all inversions
  75. Need help with those chord stabs
  76. Vocal Sample Processing....???
  77. What effects does Mike Will Made It use?
  78. Too much bass?
  79. What companies put out good Sylenth1 banks for hip-hop/trap?
  80. EDM: Pluck Sounds Different Every Time?!
  81. PADS and STABS...??
  82. how to get that arpeggio sound?
  83. Finding the Root Note....???
  84. Dat Bass
  85. Is it musically possible to make a track sound "angry"
  86. Music theory explanation? [Hip-Hop/Trap/Drill]
  87. Best VST for Phat EDM leads (super saws)
  88. EDM: LFO1 - Pan A both left and right possible?
  89. Instrument Identification Question- What is this instrument??
  90. Name this preset
  91. How to produce such a sound?
  92. Recreating this nasally synth
  93. Whats the name of this synth ?
  94. How to Make a Curbi style Future House Lead [Tutorial]
  95. Intro effects
  96. Organic House Pad Design in Serum [Tutorial]
  97. creating soft, spacey and emotional pads
  98. cant figure out the key in my sample!
  99. how to make synth similar to this? (shlohmo synth)
  100. What Kind of bassline is this ?
  101. How can I create similar sounding?
  102. chords
  103. What are the Chords?
  104. What are the Chords?
  105. Transposing and/or pitching Vocals for chorus or harmony effect.
  106. How to create realistic guitar licks on FL???
  107. This type of bass?
  108. Creating smooth tracks
  109. How to create this RIP productions synth
  110. Using vocals to make melody
  111. How to change velocity on keyboard piano? [Fruity Loops 10]
  112. What is that sound used commonly on ice cream trucks
  113. How is this piano/keys sound produced? What effects etc.?
  114. Massive Oscillator Intensity vs Amp
  115. Is anyone having the same issue?? No mids.....
  116. 2nd type of snare & toms in Some Nights by Fun
  117. Making melodies first
  118. Need some chord help
  119. WAV file too big?
  120. quick scale question?
  121. How to get the guitar to sound like this?
  122. How do I make this 808 sub/kick clean?
  123. What are the sounds in the beginning of this song?
  124. Help with getting a sound!
  125. how do i get nice calm sounding chords?
  126. Dat melody synth
  127. Sound in this song?
  128. chris brown loyal bass
  129. how to recreate this effect sound
  130. Inna/House pluck sound? Presets? Any free presets?
  131. how to get FL keys to sound like a real grand piano?
  132. Sub kick vs Bass Kick vs Kick....???
  133. Frequency Range Analysis....???
  134. Couple questions...
  135. looking for this crazy sound
  136. Does King sh*t by yo gotti use chords?
  137. Wondering how to make this Moog style Synth
  138. How can I find a synth sound similar to the one in Black Moon's Song The War Zone?
  139. Ways to add variations to beats?
  140. How to make this Moog synth bass patch?
  141. Writing a complimentary note pattern
  142. How do remake this effect?
  143. Programming drums
  144. What instrument is this in Asap Ferg 'Shabba"
  145. How do I recreate this effect in "Shabba"?
  146. How can i get that atmosphere like in Buc Fifty - Metals Advocate
  147. How did he make this drop?
  148. Do I Need More Synths?
  149. Bassline preset/sound for typical pop tracks.
  150. please help me achieve this sound
  151. dont know why my song after export is making a gradual high pitch noise
  152. Logic session plays only on one of the stereos
  153. What type of guitar is this?
  154. does this sound fine !?
  155. Ghost Kick...???
  156. Where do I find this 808 bass/sub bass?
  157. How to make this bass
  158. If someone figure it out
  159. is it possible for sylenth to produce sounds like this?? (trap lead)
  160. Elements of dark trap music? [Trap/Drill]
  161. bad workflow!
  162. Create Deep House Guitar (Robin Schulz - Sugar / Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me)
  163. Weeknd Chords
  164. What sound is used in the refrain of the Skrillex Diplo Justin Beiber Song??
  165. Gritty Mixes
  166. Working with mono legato, porta slide bass
  167. Beginner's Guide to Complex Bass Design in XFER Serum (Free Patches)
  168. Anyone know what plugin this sound if from???
  169. What chords are these?
  170. Sounds used in "What Do You Mean" - Justin Bieber
  171. How do you make a sound unique?
  172. Some Doubts In Chord Progressions
  173. Changing notes from verse into a chorus.
  174. How do I get this sound?
  175. How do i acquire this sound
  176. How can I get this bass?
  177. Confused by tempo scale/active scale section of TR-909/Drumazon
  178. What tempo should I use fir ?
  179. How to I get my 808's to sound like these? (Examples inside)
  180. Question's about arpegios?
  181. Understanding Kicks
  182. How to make this Arp sound
  183. 808 Mafia/Metro Boomin Sound
  184. Is there a specific name for these keys?
  185. how does hi-lo (oliver heldens) make this unique basses?
  186. How to get so much character in your chords [example included]
  187. Anyone have this 808?
  188. How do I get this dark deep bass???
  189. Questions about chords and progressions
  190. (TRAP BEATS) how to get these chord progressions?
  191. EQ'ing separate notes in a sub bass
  192. Couple of questions about acapellas and effects
  193. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this mangling sound....?
  194. If you snares are on the 2's and 4's can the kick be a little off?
  195. How to make a dubstep drop sound well together
  196. 5 Quick Tips To Overcome "Producer's Block"
  197. Kaytranada arppeggios
  198. this keyboard sound?
  199. Can you help me figure out what chords are used?
  200. What is this synth????
  201. Tempo/BPM in DAW and Beat Making...???
  202. Future Synth Bass Pitch bend
  203. synth sounds used in i'm good by clipse?
  204. What is that arp/melody sequence?
  205. I dont understand the difference in these two pitch knobs in Fl Studio
  206. How to get this popular "sound"
  207. Is there a way to minimize reverb though EQ?
  208. where can i find this bass sound?
  209. Electro-house Big-Room course
  210. Genres and Composition....???
  211. Kick from "Can't Feel My Face" by the Weeknd
  212. Genre of Hip/Hop, Type of sound?
  213. What is this? (shlohmo prod)
  214. Distortion Guitar Timbre from IV Play by The-Dream
  215. Snare from "Michael" by the Dream
  216. VST's fot Almighity So/Bang2 Beats
  217. EQ Filter Help - Serum Filter
  218. Creating sounds from unconventional acoustical sources
  219. Key Signature and Root Note....???
  220. Sound Design VS Music Theory/Composition...???
  221. Time Signatures...???
  222. How are this sounds made?
  223. question about a scale or chord progression
  224. ASAP Ferg / SD Riser...
  225. Tape Stop Effect Question
  226. Trying to confirm which note doesn't fit with the others.
  227. Travis Scott -Antidote Hat roll
  228. How to make distorted aggressive 808 sub bass.
  229. converting audio
  230. Chill, singing sounds
  231. How to make this Chorus Bass!?
  232. What sound is this?
  233. How does fox stevenson do his sub bass?
  234. How to make this Dre Synth?
  235. Kanye West I Am a God
  236. Knxwledge effect
  237. Brass
  238. What Are Formants?
  239. Boss Guitar Pedals
  240. What type of automation is this?
  241. What are the cons of collaborating using .wav files?
  242. Texture and fx
  243. How do i get this chord sound? Please help.
  244. How to give your instrumentals a 'natural' feel ?
  245. CALLING ALL SOUND DESIGN/SFX GURUS!........... identify this vybe beatz sfx?
  246. Synth and piano
  247. how to play piano chords advanced
  248. How did they do this EFFECT/Sound?
  249. how to achieve this drums sound
  250. [EDM] Sound Design - Jewelz & Sparks (Motor)