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  1. Anyone feeling this verse?
  2. New song peep it
  3. New Track Donavin James Stick Up First POST!!!
  4. Laura (Prod. by: Freddy Finger)
  5. SnowFlake Bedding (prod.by:Afro Jonez)
  6. creative block
  7. I need artist for my mixtape
  8. Producer looking for an MC to rap on this track....
  9. The movement
  10. Something i wrote...
  11. something me and my friend wrote let me know what you think
  12. needs a couple more verses
  13. *new here* A song I'm working on
  14. The Proof [Johncyz ft. BobTheStoryteller]
  15. Do u try to come up with
  16. Anybody?
  17. haha we just freestyled this..i had to write it down and share!!
  18. Ok, so now what?
  19. Feedback...
  20. Perfectionism and Creativity (article)
  21. me and my dude have been busy freestylin some crazy stuff
  22. Beat is simple but i need a lyricist that would maybe do something fresh to bright!!!
  23. $20 dollar exclusives!
  24. Intelligent Emcees'
  25. song writing critique please!
  26. come criticize me
  27. Y'all ain't ever heard anything like this...
  28. Josh waters
  29. Critique these lyrics
  30. Great interview w/ Claude Kelly on How to Write Hits
  31. need talented mc's to collab on this track
  32. Why YOU Aren't Getting Paid For YOUR Beats
  33. Make It Right Verse 1
  34. need a rapper to make this beat bounce!!!
  35. All The Lonely People
  36. Need a rapper for this beat!!!!
  37. Any rapper who want that Hip Hop with and R&B Vibe, Check this one out!!!
  38. Old beat that i need a rapper on!!!
  39. Simple Electric Piano Beat!!!
  40. Need rapper on this smooth track!!!!
  41. Need rapper on this smooth track!!!!
  42. YOU CAN check it
  43. Pretty sweet beat!!!!Anyone wanna take a hit?
  44. I like this one!!!New york gangsta ass beat that i made!!!Need Rapper
  45. New Video/Song for MIXTAPE! Check it out!
  46. Without Wings and Radar (Prod. by: Artie)
  47. Organic Robots
  48. New Mixtape
  49. Feedback on track & video
  50. Need rapper for this one!!!!
  51. New here...
  52. Credentials.... Let's Make it Happen
  53. check some of my material
  54. new beat tape, feedback would be great
  55. Suburban Gangstaz New LP--Check it out!!!--
  56. Beat is simple and smooth/Guitar !!!Who want it!!!!!
  57. Hop on this track anybody!!!!
  58. The Evils
  59. Electric Piano Beat!!!Rappers?
  60. Any lyricist ??need some free beats???
  61. Sunshine sampled beat!!!!Anyone Lyricist wanna rap over this one?
  62. Looking for MC's to appear on my Beatmixtape!
  63. Modern Ideas
  64. The movement needs a beat
  65. getting there but not quiet
  66. Producers, Agents, Tutors, Coaches - Get in here
  67. I'm liking this one!!!!
  68. quickie i wrote in about 25 mins..critique?
  69. Freestyle over '93 'Til Infinity (Lyrics Included)(Feedback Returned)
  70. Knowledge
  71. Just a quick little verse I wrote- need some feedback
  72. Beat has a Different type of sound (emcee needed)!!!!!
  73. J.A.S.I.N.E. ( two tracks inside ! )
  74. 85 BPM- What can you do with this? Westcoast sound perhaps?
  75. The Movement-we make crap videos too!!
  76. New Audio. ET - Tango
  77. Upcoming Show: need assistance
  78. Need some inspiration, your instrumental, please.....
  79. New Old School type beat! Need Rapper!
  80. Need rapper! for a nice east coast beat!
  81. Me performing slam poetry
  82. Find my flow 101
  83. Is rap music dying?
  84. Open their minds
  85. Whos got the tightest punchlines in rap?
  86. !!!NEW AUDIO!!! ET - Bottom of the Bottle
  87. Some rap I just wrote.
  88. tell me what you think
  89. Take a hit at this MJ Sample
  90. Mismanaged
  91. Jazz on the Twilight (New Track)
  92. Drum n bass mc lyrics
  93. Looking For Rappers/Singers/Songwriters
  94. Whose lines are BETTER
  95. aussie hiphop.. what YOU reckon?
  96. I need inspiration to write lyrics
  97. PROFFESIONAL LEVEL song writing CHEAP a MUST for your artist.
  98. Delario & Area - The Extras (Mixtape)
  99. Lyricist/Songwriter For Alternative Rock Song
  100. Let's have a battle
  101. lookign for rappers for some of my beats
  102. Zero Gravity Room Ft. Tre.G (new song)
  103. i need a free hiphop writer
  104. Sleepy Hollow Verse (Lyrics and Audio)
  105. I need of a ghost writer or three, lol
  106. DonChronVanDamme Time To Wake Em Up feat. Sharoyce
  107. Check It Out... Need Feedback!!
  108. Kid Twist Presents-Shadow Company Mixtape
  109. Dope Swag Beat
  110. Short verse I just wrote in 2 minutes
  111. lyricist writer
  112. New verses written in 10 minutes
  113. In Need Of Writers
  114. site slow as hell
  115. "Fantasies End"
  116. Check out these lyrics.
  117. Arkham Asylum (by John P. Cyzyck)
  118. B-U-D-D-Y and Dont Wanna Go Back
  119. Telling stories with verses
  120. Caravan of Ivory Frames (New Track)
  121. Adult Swim prod. by JV Beats (My Flash Cartoon's intro)
  122. The Garden Dance *5 to 9 mix*
  123. One way ticket to paradise (song) Need a chorus help?
  124. Crazy New White Rapper LiteSkin kills this video!!
  125. move of the day-RESPECT OUR GRIND!
  126. Jam session
  127. new music
  128. 5 Exciting Songs
  129. Sampled beat for anyone who wants to **** with it!!!
  130. need more lines complete the verse
  131. Spit through the tears
  132. Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast prod. by JV Beats
  133. New Track, River Card (Prod. by: GunStar Greene)
  134. Parental Advisory :posters beware:
  135. J.A.S.I.N.E. - Trek nen numero
  136. First verses i've wrote ever
  137. How to get better?
  138. just made a few beats...
  139. New song plz check out the lyrics
  140. The Cure For Life
  141. DnB Productions, Taking Music Where You Wana Go
  142. A Verse im workin on
  143. Tell me What u think
  144. Books to help songwriting?
  145. God The Recordion
  146. quick rhymes from a norwegian dude
  147. Help with writing!!
  148. need some hip hop fans opinion.....
  149. Free Beat Mixtapes
  150. how ya feel about this???
  151. www.myspace.com/DBaseproduction
  152. Street Sermon (lyrics)
  153. The Movement-Big News Coming Soon
  154. Some tips about writing rap and rhyme
  155. New track. "Thrill of the Hunt"
  156. Exhibit C ( Dead on Arrival ) - Royce Ross
  157. LoveLove-ZealtheMC (Prod Dj-Rod-Nee)--add chorus??
  158. help! :o
  159. R&W Vol.1
  160. does it matter how many bars a verse is?
  161. Hooks, Bridges & Choruses
  162. Own it
  163. Let Me Know If I'm Any Good...
  164. I'd Rather Be With You
  165. Calling all rappers and lyricist!!!!! Drop some bars!!!! Gotta be fresh tho!!!!!
  166. Structure and Bars for a pop song?
  167. track worthy ?
  168. first time posting a track
  169. Its funkn crazy!
  170. I need beats
  171. newcomer
  172. Spit crazy...GET LOOSE!!!
  173. Just started writing
  174. My "what if" song lyrics.
  175. ThisIsFink.com
  176. First lyrics in English I wrote
  177. Need Suscribers !
  178. Roger that freestyle Aylee'N dropped last week
  179. A downtempo dreamy melodic piece!
  180. How do you like writin it???
  181. New music from the UK feat Ty Hann
  182. Angels to Some Devils to Others (A.D.) Needs you opinion
  183. Write On Bars?
  184. The Unemployment Project
  185. Party Demo!
  186. I still can't write a hook :(
  187. The sickness
  188. Looking for talented rappers
  189. Freewriting
  190. Attn: Members of the Movement
  191. Ghostwriter seeking clients.
  192. The KFC Ballad
  193. Looking for serious songwriters!!!asap!!!
  194. First Song I ever made, Tell me what you think.
  195. We Got A Dolla! (Hey Hey Hey Hey)prod by. B.Lett
  196. The movement website
  197. Without Wings and Radar (Haywire Mix)
  198. miko lxd
  199. Tru ****in Massacre feat. L!VE
  200. Need Hip Hop Song Writers For Website
  201. Cypher
  202. I Will Never Top feat. jk_wake_an_bak_shining_knight_Sharoyce
  203. Rise up
  204. Flowers in Fall (Prod.R&W)
  205. Help Please
  206. This Projectů
  207. Another Shot Down (Ft.ShaRoyce, BigRed)
  208. I need help with hooks?
  209. heyo
  210. RAP help pls..
  211. bringin the cypher back
  212. Freestyle vid..
  213. Looking for artist!
  214. Quick Verse I Dropped Recently
  215. Need help!!
  216. Update on My New Mixtape "Split Personality"
  217. lessions?
  218. Anyone from Atlanta?
  219. Whats the difference between a songwriter and a topliner (if any)?
  220. how do you form out your verses? (hip-hop)
  221. Do you feel your lyrics improve over time?
  222. wrong thread
  223. The Greatest Rhyme Ever Written!
  224. My first mixtape check me out
  225. when some ones says "freestyle" in one of their tracks, do you believe them?
  226. Looking to collab with a producer
  227. Anyone wanna rap over this...Made this beat so i can kill time before work...
  228. Best Punchline You Ever Heardd
  229. What do you think of my new song (FEEDBACK PLEASE)???
  230. Chorus's On The General.
  231. Schools Out!
  232. Attn rappers/urban artists ...What do look for when choosing an instrumentals?
  233. R&W Vol.2 (Free Webtape)
  234. Those lost
  235. Pop artist songwriting
  236. Freeverse/Freestyle over "Blakroc - Ain't Nothing Like You" Feedback Returned!
  237. Looking to purchase beats?
  238. Best rapper alive ?
  239. Subscribe and Receive Monthly Instrumentals
  240. New songs from John Cyzycki
  241. Strawberry Tree (Prod.by:Bojangles)
  242. any tips on making funner music?
  243. Ok this is the wackest mc/lyricist u have ever heard in your life!!!trust me!!!
  244. Looking for ATL Songwriters/Vocalists
  245. Maybe
  246. Anybody need custom beats?
  247. 8 Bars or 12 bar Hooks
  248. Looking for a ghostwriter
  249. Any bad ass Rapper can kill this beat....
  250. How to become a "good" rapper