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  1. Working with a Small Budget
  2. Future Studio help
  3. Triangle and Pyramid panels
  4. I did acoustic panels but dont know where to put them.
  5. How to raise monitor speakers up to ear level
  6. Monitors / Headphone Acustic Problem
  7. My first home studio
  8. New studio in the works
  9. Big question about acoustic monitor pads
  10. 2i2 output not working with jack cable, only with cinch
  11. Musik Messe and Prolight Sound 2014
  12. Tips for a young producer
  13. Low frequency resonance in left ear
  14. (How to design Chicago Bop Synths) Sicko Mobb/ Dj Nate
  15. Is acoustical foam a rip off?
  16. Home studio build
  17. What is the recommended distance from the monitors to the wall?
  18. Question about frequency response
  19. Home Studio Purchasing Guide for Beginners / what you need what you dont
  20. I think my speakers are to close?
  21. Speaker stands for Yamaha HS80m's
  22. Acoustics Problem..
  23. Are bed foam and acoustic foam the same?
  24. Time to upgrade... looking for advice
  25. Studio Monitor Setup
  26. Question about acoustic treatment
  27. Building A Studio - What Do I Need?
  28. Placing monitors against wall
  29. Build Your Bass Traps/ Sound Panels ASAP
  30. Home Studio Soundproofing
  31. Is an audio interface absolutely necessary?
  32. Pink Noise Sample?
  33. Building up your dream studio?
  34. Upgrade to new M-Audio Interface or go for something new?
  35. Multiple questions
  36. Studio Desks/tables?
  37. Ghetto acoustic treatment? lol
  38. Working on a DIY studio desk.
  39. Need Sound Treatment Advice
  40. Acoustic Solutions Research - HELP! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FKBZJS9
  41. Metal desk
  42. What do you think about the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6?
  43. Lighting in studio.
  44. Good hardware deals (jbl lsr308)
  45. Any drum kit for that early 2000s pop sound?
  46. Analog Studio Setup Help
  47. a.)About to treat my room and b.)Is a room ever 'hopeless?'
  48. Where to put my monitors in an unusual situation?
  49. Salem Beats Studio Gear List
  50. Feedback/Suggestions on Studio Acoustic Treament Idea
  51. Room/Studio
  52. New Studio- What to buy?
  53. Bought a new Studio.. got some issues
  54. Acoustic Treatment Suggestions?
  55. In need of the basics with acoustic foam.
  56. DESK POSTION ? (Room map Included)
  57. Inspirational Studio Pictures on tumblr
  58. New studio
  59. Acoustic Foam Placement?
  60. Auralex Studiofoam (Deal Alert)
  61. Need advice about how to make my massy room acoustin
  62. Room Set Up
  63. Monitor Question
  64. Studio Monitor Stands?
  65. What kind of sound is the melody
  66. Highly recommended Youtube Channel ( Acoustic Fields )
  67. Everything a Studio Should Have
  68. Studio upgrade
  69. How much and what kind of foam should I get for my room (Podcasting / Youtube videos)
  70. Question about common room treatmeant
  71. Different ways to install acoustic panels? Suggestions!
  72. what microphone is this?
  73. Experience and Knoledge of acoustics Survey!
  74. Mixing desk VS Apogee
  75. New Mixing Room But Too Much Reverb
  76. Mixer Stands
  77. What's your take on a Subwoofer
  78. My speakers keep chrunching
  79. Please Help with setup (pics inside)
  80. $500; want to get a nice Talkbox setup
  81. The Big Dilemma
  82. Room Treatment
  83. multiple ways to setup/route (MY SETUP)
  84. Help identifying Similar Plugin Synth To This!
  85. Whats it like going to a real studio?
  86. Need help deciding on "monitors"
  87. Does bed foam work as good as the other stuff?
  88. bedroom production studio
  89. Noise problems
  90. How To Make This Sound?
  91. What am I missing to get a professional sound?
  92. Mpd mpc dilemma
  93. Odd Shaped Room Bedroom Studio Acoustic Foam Placement
  94. How to fix room resonance?
  95. What kind of synth/vst do Cashmere Cat and Baauer use?
  96. Headphone problems
  97. what are some good CD burners?
  98. Fiberglass or cellulose?
  99. Studio Padding
  100. New subwoofer question
  101. Where is there find Inexpensive?
  102. best place to buy mackie 450's?
  103. Furniture suggestions
  104. How effective are portable sound booths?
  105. How to compare the sound of 2 different speakers ? (HS80M and HS8)
  106. Does anybody else have an area rug on their wall for soundproofing?
  107. Trap presets/ making it sound fat and loud
  108. Found my axial room nodes, but forgot how to graph it on paper. Anyone??
  109. Acoustic Issue, Reflection
  110. Pa monitoring suggestion
  111. How much ram do I need to run FL Studio 10 (11) + Nexus and Maschine
  112. Studio Monitors and Room Acoustics
  113. KRK Rokit 5 with KRK 10S setup help
  114. Synthesizer "phase" parameter?
  115. Optimize My Mic Setup (Vocals)
  116. Basement studio placement is really bad.. Would this help?
  117. Best method to hang studio foam?
  118. Tile Floors
  119. Acoustic Simulator
  120. Big Shot Studio Tour 2015
  121. Monitor Placement in an Un-Ideal Location
  122. Transferable Acoustic Treatment
  123. 3D Printed Acoustic Treatment
  124. DJ Front board project: Cloth or glass for DJ facade?
  125. Studio advise needed + which monitors should I take Yamaha HS7 or HS8
  126. What's the reason that we see many big producers making beats in untreated rooms?
  127. Building My own studio from ground up.
  128. Using egg boxes in the studio...
  129. What makes a track sound professional?
  130. A lot of questions about studio monitors...
  131. Advice on setting up a home studio
  132. Finally Finished my Acoustic Treatment Build!
  133. Outside Noise Reduction?
  134. Could I literally just put boxes of fiberglass in corners instead of taking them out?
  135. Can someone revise my setup please?
  136. Few basic questions about acoustics
  137. Anyone Rocking a studio in a condo?
  138. Need desperate advice on treating home studio
  139. when's the best time to find a good sales/deal?
  140. Just got 4 real traps, Barely hear the difference?
  141. Need help treating my room
  142. Best Speaker System For Producing?
  143. My new studio (pics inside!)
  144. Acoustic Treatment Help
  145. Seeking Advice For Bass Music/IDM Room
  146. Desk for studio
  147. Looking for an interface
  148. Can anyone tell me what equipment is necessary for home studio ?
  149. Basic acoustic questions
  150. what does an external soundcard do ?
  151. Front VS Rear Bass Port, Room Size and Acoustics....???
  152. The beauty of multiple screens
  153. New producer, need some tips
  154. Need Advice on Headphone Setup
  155. Difficulty securing burlap to fiberglass
  156. connecting JBL LSR305's to Imac?
  157. Help with building a producing/recording studio! Please help!
  158. Help me set up a studio in my room.
  159. HELP desing new bedroom studio
  160. Building my new homestudio...appreciate any advice:)
  161. help regarding connection of soundcard and mixer
  162. How to isolate a small room?
  163. Put stuff on top of monitors?
  164. School For Engineering
  165. Deciding on studio gear
  166. Sore ears having worked on a tune
  167. How do I get a bass sound like this?? Help is appreciated
  168. Speaker Placement
  169. Computer Processor Advice needed! Asap
  170. Recommendations for monitor placement with setup.
  171. Making 808's
  172. Adam f5 vs KRK RP5
  173. Help in sharing my work.
  174. How to eliminate contoller 'banging'?
  175. Building A Studio For Recording Drums
  176. Affordable Studio Monitors?
  177. IM LOSING MY MIND !! Studio help please !!!
  178. My mixing room
  179. Tannoy Reveal Passive ? Suggestions for passive monitors? Vintage Studio Monitors ?
  180. Please Help
  181. How do I make my 808 sound like this.
  182. small DIY vocal booth closet space
  183. Acustics
  184. Any Fl studio users that can help please?
  185. How to make the raiser like garrix?
  186. Are monitors useless without room treatment?
  187. Running-in(Breaking in monitors)
  188. Anyone can help me install Sylenth1 in FL12?
  189. Best soeakers/monitors for traveling producers?
  190. Small room with a small budget!
  191. Setting up studio in an apt room (advice plz)
  192. How to connect everything?
  193. Audio interface with headphone amp
  194. RME UCX vs Antelope Zen Tour
  195. how does a high ceiling affect sound ?
  196. How to create this kind of bubble techno sound
  197. apartment living, is there a personal vocal "booth" that's good to use?
  198. Making a studio for cheap - require soundproofing
  199. how to hook up krk's to audio interface
  200. Speaker Calibration using FL Studio
  201. Equipment for the begginers
  202. Can neighbours hear me sing? lmao
  203. Home Studio Creation Assistance
  204. How much should I charge for dorm studio sessions? Is my setup complete?
  205. Is sound treatment super necessary?
  206. Roomed-acoustics studio or Apartment Studio?
  207. what should I do with these foam boxes?
  208. Help design my bedroom studio
  209. Problem with hearing stereo
  210. ghfh
  211. Major advice alert ****!!
  212. How should I treat my room?
  213. I will Make Your Fantastic Album Cover
  214. Connecting studio speakers to a laptop
  215. Need help/advice with acoustic treatment 7 questions!
  216. Sennheiser vs Bose
  217. Which Professional Studio Monitors for Mixing And/Or Mastering Hip Hop?
  218. Linking Mulitple Computers
  219. Anybody here produce with nothing but a computer and headphones?
  220. how to get started in such a room?
  221. Acoustic foam from china --- Good?
  222. what is the cause of each frequency lack or excess?
  223. Interfaces/multi-track outputs
  224. my acoustic nightmare
  225. Acoustic Treatment: What do you use as an alternative?
  226. Who Really Respects The Equilateral Triangle Rule With Monitors? And how? If not?
  227. any pointers on making chords like deadmau5 ft chris james"the veldt"
  228. To which extent can this data about a room be trusted?
  229. URGENT - Using studio monitors in a huge room?
  230. Need assistance acoustically treating my bedroom!
  231. height of monitors
  232. surround sound system used for speakers?
  233. Studio Room Wall Colors...???
  234. Where is the best place to buy Acoustic Wall Panels?
  235. Poor Man's Studio: Is this Desktop good enough to act as a workstation?
  236. Here's My Studio. What do you think?
  237. Looking for Home Studio Speakers
  238. Where and how should i place acoustic foams in a cubic/square room?
  239. GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology (How to?)
  240. Where to buy eco friendly acoustic materials in Canada for cheap.
  241. Ordered KRK's RP5's | is this interface good enough ?
  242. Bedroom producer to studio producer
  243. Issues with equipment. Can anyone help?
  244. Monitor Frequency Range?
  245. So many corners...EQ treatment help
  246. Do I need bass traps with 5 inch monitors?
  247. 14 Tips for Bedroom Studio Mixing
  248. Which one of these DIY pannels works better ?
  249. JBL LSR305 vs Yamaha HS5 vs PreSonus Eris E5
  250. Playing guitar loud in a flat