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  1. New StudioMonitors - 3 Options...
  2. Isolation Pads
  3. Help hooking up my monitors...
  4. Do you need a on screen tool?
  5. Audio interface for around $500?
  6. What's the best plugin to have that realistic piano's sound?
  7. Finally building my home studio (I want to involve you in creating it)
  8. advice Blue Sky Media desk 2.1 vs Audioengine A5+ & S8 sub vs Adam F5 & Adam SubF
  9. Mic Placement
  10. School me on condenser mics
  11. The 'Must Haves' For a Home Studio?
  12. Any experts on west coast hip hop? Specifically with integra 7
  13. I need help on purchasing monitors, audio interface?
  14. Building a studio -> ROOM measurements (Looking for help)
  15. Basic Materials For A Home Studio?
  16. Computer Speakers
  17. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro .. 80 ohm or 250 ohm with amp?
  18. Monitors: TRS Cables
  19. Should I get a Soundkitz AE-F for my room?
  20. What are the best monitors for a home studio
  21. Which one of these locations should I position my studio desk?
  22. Looking to Build Custom Studio Desk?
  23. Acoustic Treatment for Vocals Help
  24. New Computer - Laptop for good audio
  25. Are extension outlet cords a good idea?
  26. Mic and External Soundcard Opinions?
  27. Studio Design Huge Studio 1 Booth
  28. Studio Inside My Room
  29. calibrating studio monitors for dummies
  30. HELP : Monitor Speakers +EXT soundcard
  31. HELP Need information about Monitor Studio Speakers
  32. Pro tools Control Desk Alternatives (Equipment Advice)
  33. Brand new studio. Info needed.
  34. Studio desk from Ableton site
  35. I want to make a mixtape. (Quality I need?)
  36. A fan & a television?
  37. Subwoof low pass filter?
  38. Studio Cost
  39. Building my first home studio
  40. Are these good as acoustic panels?
  41. Sound tiles, tips & advice
  42. Hep me by reviewing my studio setup befor i buy it :-s
  43. Need Help Give Me insight on studio monitors from the Macki series
  44. workstation for midi keyboard and laptop
  45. Which monitor is better suited for my room?
  46. My editing service
  47. My Itty Bitty Studio
  48. When is the rite time to start getting equipment ?? New to producing .
  49. KRK RP6.. Muddy?
  50. What should my studio consist of?
  51. Shed as studio?
  52. Good studio speakers?
  53. Sound proofing or mic dampener
  54. Which monitors should I get?
  55. Headphone Amp.. How does it all connect up?!
  56. Loud noises!
  57. My Studio
  58. No sound proofing
  59. Looking for a "Spectrum Analyzer"
  60. Temporary sound solution for apartment?
  61. Help Needed xD
  62. how much are mixers to hoook up to a macbook
  63. building a digital only studio?
  64. my desk is really shaky
  65. HOW do you make/BUILD a CHEAP but NICE recording BOOTH??? HELPPPPPPP!!?!?
  66. Designing a studio
  67. What are a good set of monitors that are under $200?
  68. Lighting for Studio
  69. Bass Trap Question(s)
  70. Will the adhesive that came with my studio foam mess up my walls?
  71. Studio Equipment...Please Help
  72. Acoustic treatment basics....
  73. What room treatment do i need?
  74. 'Studio' Setup with Floor Plans (Help)
  75. Need Help Eliminating Outside Noise
  76. mic stands and vocal isolators
  77. Rubber mat = Soundproof floor?
  78. THE TRUTH: DIY Vocal Booth VS Reflection Filter (+ Video)
  79. Which home studio would you use?
  80. help with acoustics for oddly shaped room
  81. Installed auralex room designer kit.
  82. Brand New Studio
  83. Sound Absorption
  84. hello
  85. JBL LSR 2328P vs M Audio BX8 vs Pioneer S-DJ08
  86. Best soft/hardware for Minimal/Tech House
  87. tricky room studio
  88. Would this be a nice set up for a home studio ? and what acoustics would work best?
  89. How do i get clear recording tracks?
  90. My Studio Acoustic Build/Pics Inside
  91. Midi out - Fl studio
  92. New MIDI Keyboard advice
  93. Help with treating room: OC703 Fiberglass or Auralex
  94. How to design a church's acoustic treatment?
  95. New studio build
  96. My Producing Center
  97. Best Temporary Solution 4 Bass Problems? 12x12 room, hardwood floors
  98. Which studio desks are the best "bang for the buck?"
  99. Building a New PC!!!
  100. mixer help. popping sound krk rokit.
  101. Positioning/Treatment for my awkward studio room
  102. Mic. stands
  103. Charlie'z productions - rap/hiphop beats (chek it out)
  104. Best mic for rap vocals.
  105. Work-station in an apartment
  106. Mic Placement - Small Closet Or Open Room?
  107. Best version of the MPC
  108. best studio equipment
  109. Question about mic placement in my room (picture) and acoustics...
  110. How should I spend my tax return?
  111. Finding a private room/space (to rent) to use as a studio
  112. Questions about recording vocals/area set up/mics
  113. Help choosing interface under $500. Thoughts...
  114. My studio | my life |
  115. Monitor Help!
  116. Monitors, Headphones?
  117. My Begginer Producer Setup
  118. bass
  119. My cheap studio..lol
  120. Low Freq. problem!
  121. Roxul Insulation
  122. Ipad for home recordings
  123. Need monitor/speaker help!
  124. question about speakers
  125. I've been told auralex sucks...
  126. My lil studio!!!
  127. Need advice for rap vocal booth
  128. Need Help With Studio Layout...
  129. Cheap, Affordable, Well-Designed Studio Workstations
  130. Up and coming producer/small home studio
  131. 180
  132. Multiple Monitors??
  133. How to build an acoustic studio wall?
  134. Monitor Positioning
  135. Cheap soundproofing
  136. Could there speakers do the work?
  137. Quick question about where to put my upright piano
  138. Monitor Speaker placement in an asymetrical room
  139. Why your bass traps don't work
  140. Want to soundproof bedroom studio - Is acoustic foam going to work well?
  141. Is this bedroom setup up to scratch?
  142. FS:New Pioneer XDJ-R1,Pioneer DDJ SX + Free Case..$500
  143. Analog Or Digital...Or A Combination Of Both
  144. Noob question about sound proofing and acoustical foam
  145. Should I Build a Wall to Make My Studio Smaller?
  146. How Do You Think Hip Hop or R&b is going to sound in Ten More Years from now?
  147. KRK -Vxt 6
  148. Acoustic setup for 8" amplified studio monitors
  149. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II - Thoughts?
  150. mpc sequencing equipment advice
  151. name the instruments please
  152. Need the best Vst. Name em'
  153. acoustic issues
  154. Need some help with acoustics
  155. need help with room treatment
  156. Is this a bad place 2 set up a home studio?
  157. Where can I get a proper Music Production Desk?
  158. Speakers
  159. Need a green screen?
  160. what speakers are that
  161. New Apple Mac Pro Internal Bay Expandability vs. External Ports
  162. Best way to isolate a studio?
  163. best Vsti for hip hop ?
  164. Auralex
  165. Make a home vocal booth or pay for studio time ?
  166. My Studio Setup
  167. First studio experiences:
  168. Studio face [ real way]
  169. General Acoustics Information and Studio Design
  170. Buying a studio workstation/desk
  171. Really good recording studios in Chicago?
  172. AKAI Professional MPD 26 For Sale
  173. Which audio interface is better?
  174. First Post/ Production Rig
  175. My Studio Setup- Rockonin
  176. Sub Lowpass Cutoff (KRK 10s)
  177. Window Question
  178. OC 703 coming tomorrow, best places to put it in my room?
  179. Microphone Noise
  180. 2 options to position my panels:
  181. Sounds better outside booth
  182. Bike parade best sound
  183. sound card?
  184. Good Equipment To Start Home Studio?
  185. Recording
  186. How Quiet Should I be Listening Through My Monitors?
  187. Workstation/Desk
  188. monitor placement question
  189. Advice please?
  190. Room Acoustics - Bass
  191. Professional Studio Design.
  192. Studio Business
  193. hotel studio?
  194. Audio interface for Bedroom Producer
  195. looking for a ready built sound proofed 'wall'
  196. Need Digital to audiot converters (maybe more?) Playback issues
  197. Questions about making my first home studio
  198. Rp8's do i need reference speakers?
  199. Can someone help me build a home studio for $300
  200. Setting Up Acoustic Panels.
  201. Speaker noise.
  202. How to properly sound proof a drum room for a good price?
  203. Replacing AKG k77 headphones
  204. Recommend speaker stands to purchase in the UK online?
  205. Frame Auralex?
  206. I need help with my room please!
  207. KRK 8s G2 vs G3
  208. Will it be possible to soundproof a room with hollow? walls..?
  209. Sound proofing versus sound treatment
  210. Studio Set up help - mixer, audio interface
  211. which quality high-end REPLACEMENT TWEETERS for MACKIE HR 624s? / custom/modify
  212. Condenser stand from the ceiling? Possible?
  213. Lets go underground.
  214. Foam Acoustic Tiles placement
  215. Monitors and/or floorstanders
  216. How to properly shutdown my monitors
  217. Patchbay setup suggestions
  218. Purchase Advise Needed!
  219. What is the name of this device?
  220. Producers with hearing loss?
  221. Monitors not working
  222. I want all new stuff!!! $5,000 Budget! SUGGESTIONS??
  223. Auralex
  224. Foam Tiles placing
  225. Getting started with vocals
  226. Front and Center! Which of your devices earns the privilege?
  227. HR824 - Treated room yet still hard to hear sub.
  228. What Kind of Screen is Being Used in this Video?
  229. Dual monitor setup for Macbook Pro 13inch ???
  230. Never heard a true mixing enviroment
  231. Why does my voice sound tired?
  232. tascam not working with mac need help!
  233. Building a Studio With No Walls
  234. grounding for extension cord
  235. Can just a few bass traps and first reflector points go a long way?
  236. Can I turn these into make shift bass traps?
  237. Studio isolation
  238. Redoing my studio, Final thread
  239. book recommenders
  240. REcording Live Guitar
  241. I heard that broadband bass traps are ineffective below 100 hz?
  242. Professional Studio
  243. Help building a "Mobile Studio"
  244. Buying a drum kit.
  245. Room Acoustics
  246. Sound Deadening Board
  247. Need help with room treatment
  248. Are auralex x11 studio foam panels Reflectors or Absorbers?
  249. Auralex behind speakers, bad advice on box?
  250. help me get my room more stable so I can mix