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  1. The bass in this song is RIDICULOUS.Can someone please steer me towards it?Waka song.
  2. What are the best studio headphones?
  3. NT1-A vs. AKG 420 (First Big Purchase)
  4. monitors for vinil
  5. F/s Yamaha Motif XS7 Synthesizer - 76 Key ====$1200usd(inquiriesonelects@gmail.com)
  6. How the F^&$K can i get a good mix with the bass muddy M AUDIO BX8As
  7. I need studio monitors help asap!!!!! Please help!!!!!!
  8. Vocal Booth Alternative ?
  9. Connecting KRK's to Computer
  10. building new studio, could use some pointers.
  11. Studio Monitors
  12. Monitor advice
  13. reverb in my room
  14. Question about the DM- 4800 (Real Studio)
  15. Mic Around Shoebox...
  16. Recording in apartments?
  17. I have a budget of 450 what's the best monitors I can get used?
  18. Eltax Monitor III OR KRK RP5 G2??
  19. Recording Booth having Heat Issues
  20. Windows windows
  21. A good set of monitor stands
  22. Textile shops of Manchester
  23. Is 450 a good price for genelec ht205
  24. How Can I improve my monitor positioning?
  25. Do I have enough soundproofing foam???!!
  26. Which monitors should I choose Behringer TRUTH B3031A Or Yamaha hs80m
  27. KRK -5 rokit Mount to wall?
  28. Studio setup suggestions
  29. If I get a pair of Adam a7s the first generation for $500 is it a good deal?
  30. Blue Yeti or Samson c03u microphone ?
  31. Do you recommend portable studios?
  32. Ideal Recording Studio for Hip Hop
  33. What's the best mic placement for a bedroom booth?
  34. Ideal Recording Studio for Hip Hop
  35. next piece of equipment
  36. treating tracking (recording) and control room
  37. KRK 8 G2 vs Behringer Truth B2031A
  38. acoustical design help
  39. Studio monitor or hifi boxes?
  40. PC computer configuration recommendation
  41. foam adhesive.
  42. Upgrading my studio, help?
  43. Has anyone tried the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface yet ?
  44. Akai LPK mini or Miditech GarageKey mini?
  45. TIPS NEEDED - Building a New Studio/Chill Room 13 ft x 26 ft
  46. MicroKorg XL midi question
  47. apogee duet 2 or solo 610
  48. Is this a possible setup ?
  49. How do i set up a basic home studio?
  50. How much reverb should i be applying?
  51. New to producing, need help picking a mic? (PLEASE HELP :P)
  52. Investing in a home studio
  53. New to producing, need some help with studio equipment please! (Will return help)
  54. foam panel/ sound treatment help
  55. need help(have questions about a micrphone and other studio equipment)
  56. 4 Reference Monitors Better than 2??
  57. [Bedroom Studio] KRK RP5s or KRK RP8s
  58. I play piano and I'm about to start rapping, what mic should I use? BEST ANSWER $10
  59. Take a look in my cart and critics welcome
  60. Strange room questions
  61. what size monitors to buy for my room?
  62. Moniter help.
  63. What's the use of all these buttons?
  64. How do I find my Room Acoustics? and how to treat it?
  65. best options for sound treating my room?
  66. Treating the wall behind speakers
  67. Home Recorded EP. How to set up to record at home?
  68. Audioline DJ controller pack
  69. Is it possible to make a hit song by using PODCASTUDIO?
  70. Need help connecting my krk rokit 6's to my imac 21.5in!
  71. Building studio in basement
  72. Seeking alternative solutions to keep noise in and noise out
  73. How to set up my Auralex Studiofoam Designer Kit in my studio
  74. Question about a Long room
  75. Is it possible to get a good drum recording in a small room, any tips techniques
  76. mpc, need pc?
  77. Whats better?
  78. Are gen2 krks too much for a regular 8x8 semitreated room?
  79. KRK RP8 Rokit Vs ????????
  80. Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite Microphone Isolation Panel
  81. Acoustic treatment on the cheap?
  82. My first home studio.
  83. what type of headphones do u have?
  84. "studio"/hardware arrangement, not enough space
  85. MPC 1000 stand?
  86. Acoustic Treating Help!
  87. How small is too small for a mixing environment?
  88. Monitor Problem/Question
  89. BM6A or HS80M / HS50M + Sub?
  90. Good Condenser Mic?
  91. Free Room Analysis
  92. Home Studio - Glasgow Tenement Flat
  93. Trying to record my first song... Am I on the right start?
  94. Reflection filters? Closet booths?
  95. Studio ROom
  96. Autotune
  97. Logo Help
  98. Audio-technica ATM61HE Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone, anybody know about it?
  99. Need monitor help with new studio!
  100. Official boi-1da drum kit
  101. Ghetto soundproofing....diy techniques
  102. where do you set the dials on the back of monitors (volume and hf adjust)
  103. Can everyone who's used it, Rate The MXL 990 !
  104. how should i set up an area for vocal recording?
  105. Passive Subwoofer to my new Active Monitor Set Up
  106. Setting up a studio in an apartment building? (Headphones or monitors?)
  107. Cost ?
  108. cost ?
  109. Closet vocal booth setup vs open room w/ reflection
  110. Few questions about my first home studio
  111. Do you think these portable acoustic panels would work?
  112. cheap portable bedroom voacl booth
  113. question about piano roll in fl studio
  114. A good velocity sensitive midi keyboard? ($150-200)
  115. Need help with recording setup
  116. please evaluate my acoustic treatment plan
  117. How much studio foam do I need?
  118. Cable, cables everywhere but I can't find any of them
  119. some advive
  120. Mixing
  121. Home studio advice
  122. acoustic treatment
  123. Mapping MPD to Logic
  124. Ms. Instrumental: A look at an inexpensive Studio Desk
  125. Studio time motivation
  126. Help with my first studio?
  127. About to have a lot of equipment/instruments - Need suggestions on studio setup
  128. iKey Audio M808v2 Leap of Faith
  129. Foam Alternatives?
  130. Is this any good?
  131. need help asap! fl studio suddenly stopped playing the music
  132. Need help on equipment purchases
  133. Monitoring: To sub or not to sub?
  134. Virtual set for video production
  135. whats missing?
  136. What Should i get next?
  137. setting up a home studio
  138. studio equipment with cold room in winter and really hot/humid room in summer???
  139. condensor mics???
  140. Hanging Studio Foam
  141. Filling a box room completely with acoustic treatment
  142. Monitor Choice.. please help!!
  143. GOOOD Sub Bass For Cheap
  144. Assembly question!
  145. Advice for a Basic Studio Setup
  146. Monitors or headphones?
  147. Home Studio
  148. Looking for some field reports regarding the Yamaha HS50m monitors
  149. ACOUSTIC EXPERTS: Tell me if you think my acoustic mods will help!
  150. Smaller room sound treatment - tips needed!
  151. My Dead Tracking Room
  153. EZ Hang Acoustic Blankets
  154. Need Help with setup and all my gear. What am I missing?
  155. Looking for small studio help/suggestions
  156. Custom Microphone Stands!! Want one??
  157. Can I damage my monitors/speakers ?
  158. Do I need to elevate my speakers?
  159. first monitors
  160. Homemade reflexion filter question
  161. Help in room treatment/reorganisation before buying monitors
  162. Is my monitors position bad ?
  163. Creating a Recording Dead Zone
  164. Studio Table
  165. Listening position/ Monitor height
  166. Making A Home Studio Need HELP!!!
  167. Connecting KRK Rokit's to PreSonus USB Audio Interface
  168. Getting quality vocal recordings w/out room treatment/reflexion filter?
  169. Building Music Production Studio - 500 Budget - Help & Advice Greatly Appreciated!
  170. Adam A5x or A7x?
  171. New Studio Room will have 3 concrete walls...suggestions for acoustics??
  172. Budget Bedroom Studio Help
  173. Just ordered a pair of Adam A5X - now treatment
  174. What size speakers should i get with my new room?
  175. What to do if you can't properly treat a room?
  176. How do make the Chorus synth in Wiz Khalifa's Work hard play hard?
  177. How do you create this sort of transition?
  178. Audio interface problem
  179. Are windows bad for acoustics?
  180. Best material for cheap for basstraps?
  181. Bass synthesis
  182. Beats by Dre for producing good?
  183. Need help w Auralex Foam mounting w/o Wall/Paint Damage
  184. Mixing Room Treatment suggestions
  185. Bethroom studio acoustic (PHOTO)
  186. Empty Room. Advice on turning it into a home studio? On a limited budget?
  187. M-Audio Studio Monitors recommended for first monitors?
  188. Keyboard stand for small keyboard
  189. Need Help Getting Everything Working Together
  190. Are Yamaha HS80m monitors good with the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 AI?
  191. Acoustics Question
  192. New to the whole home studio scene
  193. cables for studio monitors
  194. Home-Studio Overhaul
  195. Can anyone recommend me good speakers?
  196. Good Studio Moniters
  197. Big problem with new monitors !
  198. SQ-80 as a controller
  199. Help! Am building a studio.
  200. Any recommended reflection filters?
  201. laminate floor ??!!
  202. Question about DIY bass traps !
  203. synth lead up samples?
  204. How can I get a job at a studio as a producer?
  205. Subwoofers
  206. Do you have office space for your studio/business.
  207. Question about midi keyboards !
  208. setting up studio
  209. firewire solo vs fast track pro vs mbox mini 2
  210. cheap alternatives to soundproofing
  211. This Mic?
  212. Beatstruggles Home Studio Renovations COMPLETE! (Video + Pics)
  213. building isolation booth for recording vocals
  214. Software for calibrating speakers?
  215. My Home Studio.
  216. Need some help on acoustic sound proofing for a 3x5 room.
  217. Studio setup
  218. Trapezoids
  219. Monitors against wall
  220. best way to treat a 12x 12 room.
  221. Alesis MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 ??
  222. Help Me! I need tips please!
  223. thinking of trading in my krk8s for yamahas hm80s,should i?
  224. How would you treat this room???
  225. What headphones and speakers do you guys reccomend for mixing???
  226. My studio
  227. how can i put up foam without using glue or nails?
  228. My home studio :) in my front room behind the settee lol
  229. Acoustics Question
  230. Studio Layout - what comes next?
  231. Upgrading my home studio, am I forgetting anything?
  232. best moniter setup for my situation?
  233. Dream studio
  234. How should i set up my studio for recording vocals?
  235. Software Based Hip Hop Studio Rig
  236. Design question about DJ mixer / audio interface
  237. Building your own production desk...
  238. My Setup / getting rid of some gear.
  239. Dorm Room Acoustics?
  240. Humming getting picked up by my mic
  241. S DJ vs Rockit ?
  242. KRK Rokit 5 which cable TRS or RCA
  243. Farfield Monitors
  244. Need some advice on speakers for home studio!!!
  245. Need Speaker Advice ASAP
  246. Breathing problems in the booth?
  247. I'm building a one person booth in my room. Have Questions.
  248. are reflection filters worth it?
  249. My Studio!
  250. New StudioMonitors - 3 Options...