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  1. better final prouct
  2. ***Studio on a Budget***
  3. weird shaped room for my studio. need treatment advice.
  4. SE reflection filter?
  5. Help With Sound Through Monitors ?
  6. aurlaex kit
  7. What is the DJ Premier Setup?
  8. new to pre-amps and sound design
  9. help on connecting my new gear together plz
  10. Help with Monitors!!
  11. New to the forum, building a studio $250K-500K is the budget.
  12. Natural Reverb
  13. Need help with Acoustic Treatment
  14. What Do You Think It Is?
  15. can someebody reccomend a good/affordable studio desk?
  16. Quick Monitor Question
  17. How does my vocal booth sound? (sound clip inside)
  18. I you were to make a studio what you would buy first?
  19. Best Monitors under $600???
  20. Acoustics Help! (Pics Included)
  21. Want your studio to be "DEAD" silent? Check this out.
  22. Attention!!! Help Needed With Building my first Studio
  23. Connecting Monitors to Mixer/Interface
  24. significant differences in volume between left and right side
  25. What's Better
  26. cheap soundproof
  27. Finally got some new monitors!!
  28. Question about mixer+DAW and about big studios
  29. can you help
  30. monitor amp
  31. Please help - Yamaha HS50 M monitors - In My New Studio!
  32. Monitors break-in time?
  33. Popular Famous Studios
  34. Upgrading Monitors - M-Audio BX8A or Yamaha HS50M? plz help me decide
  35. ::I need some advice on soundproofing::
  36. question on monitors
  37. Advice on buying equipment
  38. Small room mix
  39. Yamaha HS80M
  40. MPD24 & Axiom 49 Stand Help
  41. Thanks
  42. Room treating
  43. This might help a few people... Acoustic Treatment info.
  44. i need talkback
  45. Cost of basic recording studio equipment
  46. SSL AWS 900 or Digi D-Control with SSL Super Analogue outboard...
  47. Dual Monitor Help PLZ!
  48. What do you think of this Mixing desk and mic?!
  49. How to build a home studio - video....
  50. 5Gs for a home studio
  51. Monitor Headphones help please...
  52. Monitor Placement and optimal listening position
  53. Whats Wrong With This Set Up
  54. does this look like a commercial quilty studio
  55. Most Interesting Studio Design
  56. Building Hip-Hop Studio...What do you recomend?
  57. Advanced Room Correction System (ARC)
  58. Bootsy Collins
  59. metallic ring
  60. Cheap passive monitor suggestions
  61. room treatment
  62. routing question - roland space echo
  63. Gear Suggestions<Noob>
  64. Studio Idea - Please give comments on pitfalls etc.
  65. Building a Recording Studio...
  66. Building a Recording Studio...
  67. Planning To Rent Space- Need Advice!
  68. Silence a Vocal Booth
  69. sE Electronics Reflexion Filter
  70. Bedroom Vocal Recording/ Portable/Temp Booth
  71. Studio Design
  72. Need Help with Acoustics, setup and placement with Pictures included
  73. Need Help with Acoustics, setup and placement with Pictures included
  74. NEED HELP: 1ST TIME setting up Home Studio
  75. Soundprof or room treatment
  76. Best type of standard blankets for room treatment
  77. Sound Proofing
  78. What's a good heavy-duty stand for the SE Reflexion filter?
  79. soundproofing my stu with eggcartons
  80. -Sighs- Kalm Kids Studio
  81. My Vocal Booth...?
  82. What's The Avg. Size Of A Vocal Booth
  83. just switched up my equipment looking for advice
  84. drum, recording, mixing, advice criticism
  85. recordin in m romm please jump in and give me an advice
  86. Placements in my room
  87. About cables
  88. Need help killing room reverb
  89. RP5's on their side
  90. Record Shelves Acoustic Value
  91. Room test
  92. Recording Chain
  93. What kind of door is good for soundproofing a Studio
  94. Only 1 Monitor Works!??
  95. Monitoring?
  96. Studio Networking
  97. Help On Sound Absortion Foam Or W.e!
  98. Would this make a good combination?
  99. **Sony's glass speaker**
  100. will mattress foam do the job in a closet?
  101. Questions about Monitor Placement, Room Size, Room Treatment etc...
  102. Aurelex Foam - Does it work??
  103. sound design and creating patches advice
  104. Another monitor question
  105. Studio Set Up Idea: Can I do This?
  106. mic question
  107. Studio Seating
  108. reducing noise, will this work?
  109. Adding a Subwoofer to my studio.
  110. Albert Fox Propellerheads Interview
  111. 1 Huge monitor or Dual Monitors?
  112. I need advice.. where i do i go from here?
  113. General room treatment... terrible room I think
  114. good speaker for music production and film sound production
  115. trying to reduce sound escaping
  116. IM soo sad sum1 help this if it can be fixed...
  117. making a studio
  118. i need some professional advice on softwares
  119. Music&FilmSound Production
  120. a couple questions about monitors and sound cards etc..
  121. DIY bass traps unhealthy?
  122. sound insulation
  123. Anyone know how to...
  124. .CommonGround Studio Setup.
  125. Mpd32
  126. College Dorm STUDIO
  127. Is there any DVD's on room treatment?
  128. mpc problem plz help
  129. home made monitor stands
  130. Harmonic Series
  131. Acoustic Room Treatment Help
  132. yet another question a bout bass traps.
  133. What equipment will I need ?
  134. the difrrence betwwen a bass trap and an acoustic pannel?
  135. fixing mid and high range frequency problems in your room.
  136. Does anyone make music in an apartment???
  137. What do you think of my studio?
  138. Studio Headphones
  139. Inside Peter Gabriel's Real World
  140. Windows and acoustics
  141. getting a new room built need advice.
  142. MPC 5000 plus Roland Sonic Cell connectivity
  143. how should I set up
  144. yamaha hs50m vs mackie mr5
  145. What should a beginning producer get?
  146. Need Advice on Sound Art Project
  147. Need help Wall Mounting my Synth and MPC
  148. M-AUDIO BX5a OR bX8A
  149. Need Help! What Do I Need To Get To Start Up
  150. What Else Should I Get.
  151. Please respond to this!!! mid-high freq. fix in the room!?
  152. Need Help Taking My Studio To The Next Step...
  153. Building Monitor Stands
  154. Does anyone use wireless headphones to make music???
  155. Is it even possible to....
  156. What the hell.....
  157. how do i set up my outboard rack !?!?
  158. Any electricians in the house? (garage studio dilemma for someone who knows jack)
  159. 150ish to spend on monitors!
  160. Studio, SoFL
  161. Transformation Advice: Walkout Basement Into Project (please Advise)
  162. Which sounds are used in this beat?
  163. studio cieling options??? anyone?
  164. KRK Rokit 10 SUB / hip-hop low pass settings
  165. Does anyone know about the Reflexion Filter?
  166. help me set up my studio
  167. salesman told me
  168. Studio RTA Producer Station?
  169. Bedroom Studio Acoustics
  170. Studio Help!! Benefits Are Valuable Read This
  171. Adam A7 Active Nearfield Monitors
  172. Standard PC Speakers + USB Studio Monitors... Possible?
  173. **Studio Lighting**
  174. sound proofing
  175. (official)need help settin up my studio!!!
  176. Fantom
  177. Open Labs
  178. What Are The Best Monitors For Under $1350
  179. need help with acoustics
  180. Room shape or not enough foam.. sumthing messing with my frequencies...
  181. Setting up the dream studio!
  182. evolution of the studio
  183. Please help...static issue !!
  184. Mattress Recording Booth
  185. Wow...Etahn....Realtraps....Wow...
  186. Motu Midi Timepiece
  187. Making the most outta what I got
  188. Which software should I get?
  189. Sound proofing a small basement in a semi detached house?
  190. Possibly THE MOST AFFORDABLE Studio set up KNOWN 2 MAN!!
  191. Please Help
  192. check out the screen in this studio.......
  193. A Future Beatmaker Needs Help...
  194. Vinyl Storage
  195. Plan on getting a Mo 'Phatt - advice please
  196. complement to MPC 1000
  197. Room Treatment Report from Weez (GIK)
  198. Advice For My Work Area
  199. Rules In The Studio
  200. as long as i've been on FP i've never noticed this section!!
  201. How Do I Keep Noise Out
  202. What's The Best Setup For A Studio?
  203. Microphone Placement Issue
  204. **Low frequency active reference monitor (SUB)**
  205. A little help guys
  206. Studio setup for a n00b
  207. E-MU 1212 / recording problem
  208. Setting up a studio (need advice)!!!
  209. What do you guys think of this setup?
  210. Subwoofer Question.
  211. room treatment
  212. I'm in desperate need of help.
  213. FL Studio midi keyboard problem......
  214. [video] My Home Studio
  215. Auralex Grammas
  216. i know the section is for studio design/acustics
  217. what's the smallest room you would....
  218. Expanding "studio" with new equipment [need feedback]
  219. vocal booth
  220. How to make a recording studio
  221. MPC1000 and korg triton LE
  222. For all of you out there with the messy studios...
  223. Moving from downtown studio to home studio....
  224. Experiences on the Vicoustic Flexi Sreen Light
  225. Are these good for $250?
  226. yo frank
  227. MPC 1000 v 1.12 update problem
  228. Making A String/violin Patch
  229. Making A String/violin Patch
  230. Floating a floor DIY, Any tips???
  231. carpets and studios ?!
  232. pc noise
  233. Hypersonic 2
  234. President Barack Obama!!!!
  235. Decent Headphones
  236. Selling Everything In Studio!!!!
  237. Studio build - Sliding glass doors between iso booth & ctrl room. Good or bad idea?
  238. What would you upgrade/add first?
  239. what i wish i knew before building...
  240. Studio Pictures website
  241. Relaxing on DJ'ing, Entering the world of Production.....
  242. Keyboard to purchase
  243. Acoustimac
  244. Building a Basic Studio?Advice?
  245. keyboard midi controller?
  246. Studio Monitors?
  247. so confused
  248. Hooking Up Monitors and Subwoofer
  249. room acoustics
  250. Setting it all up - need some help