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  1. Home Studio NewB Questions
  2. My "Custom" Akai Controller
  3. Speaker shelfs
  4. Whats the difference between reference monitors and nearfield monitors??
  5. what is the best sound proofing wood/materials for building a vocal booth?
  6. Speakers / underrepresented frequencies
  7. building studio
  8. KRK Vs. Studiophile BX8a
  9. Does anyone Know how the Novation x station performs as a Preamp??????
  10. $200
  11. Studio Question (Cheap)
  12. Studio Room Treatment and Suggestions
  13. Small deep bass monitors for room?
  14. Foam and room temp
  15. Most Common Setup
  16. Storch Melodies
  17. alesis m1 active 620
  18. should i get these speakers? my old ones blew
  19. About sound isolation
  20. Moved my setup.. acoustics are waaayyy different
  21. Monitor Placement?
  22. Monitors List, Which Would You Buy?
  23. Reflexion Filter - anyone try it?
  24. Placement of subwoofer w/ krk rp5 monitor?(pic included.)
  25. Studio Set up
  26. cooling vocal booth fan recomendations?
  27. Whats the best way to connect my monitors to my computer....
  28. Building a studio and i'm down to my last problem
  29. Off the wall question about car stereo
  30. Building a desk for my studio
  31. Absorbsion vs. Diffusion
  32. soundproof
  33. Do I really need more?
  34. 2 Pc's in audio setup
  35. Describe how your equipment syncs up together
  36. PC or Mac
  37. Ayo
  38. Best PC software with MPC???
  39. Placing my KRK's
  40. How to deal with electrocution problems in my studio
  41. Just bought KRK-RP6s. Need clarification on setup....
  42. Headphones
  43. Mineral Wool for Bass Panels
  44. Which of these 3 Professional Vocal Booths?
  45. how to setup a mic
  46. Would these acoustic panels work???
  47. low ceiling in a studio
  48. E, Bb and B on my bass guitar sound "boomy"
  49. M-Audio BX8a - no bass? or just the room?
  50. Check Out My Beats
  51. what are egg cartons good for again?
  52. Need to soundproof a apartment
  53. So now I have My mineral wool...
  54. Is plexi glass good for anything????
  55. Need advise about a setup
  56. Buying a rubbermaid shed to use as vocal booth?
  57. Sennheiser HD280 vs. Sony 7506
  58. taking suggestions on hardware to go with what i have so far
  59. Reverb Hell... (In control room)
  60. Soundproof ?
  61. Start from scratch studio NEED HELP!
  62. Tips on Bass Trapping, and high freq. trapping
  63. KRK RP8s?
  64. Help me expand my home studio
  65. what i should get to add to my current studio...
  66. Need help building a studio, no experience so please HELP!!
  67. Hi everyone
  68. Can't get no sound output in MAC configuration
  69. My Recording Home Studio Equipments- NEED ADVICE!
  70. Help With Creating Semi-Booth
  71. Pro Recording Studio Help
  72. Room Physics
  73. setup suggestionz.....
  74. What can smoking due to your equipment?
  75. Adobe Help
  76. humming in my monitors?
  77. yo! i need a desk!!! can someone reccomend me some desks? or places to i should look?
  78. What Studio Equipment Do I Need?
  79. Need Help Mounting my Bass Traps
  80. cable for connecting mixer to audio interface
  81. URGENT MONITORS Question
  82. Studio workstation Desk - Help needed
  83. Patch Bays?
  84. problems with MBOX2
  85. Monitoring Sound
  86. Neumann TLM 103
  87. Behringer DDX3216 Mixer
  88. Way to raise my monitors?
  89. ive got a decent audio system. useable as monitors?
  90. Soundproofing an apartment
  91. Whats the difference...
  92. DIY Room treatment/bass trapping
  93. $5000 budget
  94. Roland VM-3100Pro Mixer...?
  95. Owens Corning 703 Material
  96. water jug experiment
  97. Vocal Booth/Closet
  98. 13k for Startup Project/Semi Pro Studio. PLZ Help!!!
  99. ID this cable! 56k beware!
  100. Event SP vs TR? and TR6 vs KRK v6 and KRK v6 vs v6 II
  101. Almost Finished Builing My Small (Pro) Project Studio w Booth (pics inside)
  102. Problems with my condenser mic and/or pre amp. PLEASE HELP!
  103. 10x10 studio with recording area??
  104. Where to buy???
  105. Matress padding??
  106. Sub monitor freq. ?
  107. what typez of equipment needed 4 an home studio
  108. Event TR8XL
  109. Transforming Garage into a studio
  110. Studio Foam Fix Question
  111. Making professional music
  112. Playing Drums
  113. ideas for sound treating my bedroom
  114. Acoustic Confidence???
  115. Good Studio Setup
  116. Xclusive! .....inside Prince's studio
  117. m-audio BX5a
  118. alternative to studio monitors
  119. Auralex Foam
  120. This game is stressful
  121. Is this good enough for Sound acoustics?
  122. buying a single monitor speaker?
  123. Event TR5 Studio Monitors on Ebay
  124. help sound treating room
  125. What I Need TO Start Recording?
  126. Too small for mixing and recording??
  127. Studio Prices..
  128. Hit me up if anyone has any gigs or shows I can perform in!! Bay Area Rap.
  129. Looking for some cheap monitors.
  130. Need Monitors! Suggestion?
  131. can i do the acoustics myself? or do i hire a proffessional?
  132. This is My ROOM....
  133. O/C 703 Bass Traps and Aurolex Wedgies?
  134. new commercial studio - a dream come true
  135. how can i know if my amp works linear?
  136. I Have An Odd Request But Need Someone Who Can Design A Top Dollar Studio
  137. My "Underground" Studio (pics)
  138. My Ghetto Mic Setup
  139. what's a good nonexpensive compressor
  140. Would This Set-Up Work?
  141. closet booth
  142. Fairly new at recording,need advice/suggestions
  143. Studio Desk Design
  144. Ground Loop!!!!!!!!
  145. dont have much $
  146. Speaker Positioning
  147. Why do a lota people got the monitors turned sideways instead of standin up straight?
  148. building vocal booth
  149. Desk placement
  150. tryna rebuild my booth
  151. What to add to studio setup
  152. Question on Absorbers and Vocalbooth
  153. help me out with a easy setup
  154. Studio Question
  155. Vocal Booth
  156. How are the Behringer B2031A Truth Monitors??
  157. Question on the listening position
  158. MIDI KEyboard
  159. vocal booth help!
  160. Your Dream Setup
  161. yo..
  162. Ideas for this room
  163. Bx5a monitors? Sub recommendations?
  164. How much will it cost to build a decent studio?
  165. $2500 for room-treatment?
  166. best vst plug-ins
  167. Bass Foams!!!!
  168. Have some questions about OC 703 and mineral wool???
  169. My Room Acoustics
  170. What is the cheap configuration for a studio
  171. way to install Foam
  172. tips on bedroom studio set up???
  173. Can anyone give me some advise on what to put under my Monitors?
  174. Midfield/main monitors
  175. Headphone amp
  176. Diffusion Question
  177. Has anyone used Studio Projects C1 condencer?
  178. Genelec and Sound Card
  179. sound proofing blankets
  180. if i hear the term "ghetto"..anything..I'mah AAAAAAHHH!!!
  181. Bass traps and room acoustics
  182. Monitors suitable for soffit mounting?
  183. HEY MASSIVE some advice needed....
  184. Awkward room
  185. help on building a new vocal booth
  186. Projectmix I/o Desk!
  187. Bass Traps
  188. Starting over ....Again
  189. My Studio setup :)
  190. Two Monitors????
  191. Instrument stands/workstation
  192. sound foam? question for massive mastering or who ever
  193. Studio Desk Help
  194. Stereo Imaging issues.
  195. What Needed to Start Home Studio????
  196. Would this work as a vocal booth?
  197. VST System Link
  198. What do you do with all the wires????
  199. Is this Setup good for beatmaking and recording.
  200. Dimensions for music studio. Need input
  201. My new room :(
  202. Small Studio Owners unite
  203. A Video Of My Equipment
  204. Hip/Hop studio pics
  205. WHAT IS THE BEST DIY Bass trap (list in here)
  206. do I make recordng worst?
  207. So help out with a vocal booth
  208. $$How much invested$$
  209. Waves -IR-1 vs SE - Reflexion Filter
  210. My "studio"
  211. Some Advice please??
  212. Is my booth legit ?
  213. Help Setting Up my Set-Up!!
  214. Can it bring some income?
  215. monitors: sideways or upright?
  216. here's my room. best place to set up monitors?
  217. Monitor Subwoofer
  218. Bleeding sound card
  219. Homemade Desks Anyone?
  220. Acoustics: Why take care of the low end...
  221. ACTUAL eggcartons - don't laugh
  222. FL Studio VS Reason
  223. Please help me get into hardware!
  224. Portable Recording - Without putting up bass traps or anything
  225. Mics and vocal booth
  226. Acoustic Sweet Spot??
  227. Where should I put my panels???
  228. For those looking for a inexpensive mic isolation solution
  229. Good speakers
  230. Monitor Isolation pads???
  231. Ev Pa Speakers In My Studio
  232. New Preamp Decision
  233. Undaground Soundz Studio - New & Improoved!!
  234. established v. growing
  235. KRK Rokit 6 Monitors/ RP10S Sub Woofer?
  236. What studio monitors? Budget $200
  237. Power Daisy Chain
  238. Not the first, nor the last basement involved in music:)
  239. What is a good power amp for monitoring?
  240. Should I corner the mic, or place foam on the door?
  241. Placement of mixing area in attic
  242. Whats a good mixer for a small time studio
  243. Upgrading my studio... Imput requested!!!!
  244. mic pre up graded from home
  245. i need a pa setup
  246. Acoustic control (Foam) but i cant glue to the walls???
  247. My room QUESTIONS! pics included
  248. "MASSIVE" help pleaze!!
  249. Sound Proofing a home studio
  250. Carpet or Wood Floor