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  1. 101 music contracts binder / CD
  2. Nearly everything you're ever gonna need to know about industy and legal issues
  3. Starting A Record Label ? . . . Article
  4. Producer\Production Points!!!
  5. nonexclusive beats?
  6. Music Publishing not the Plan...
  7. A&R Contact List
  8. How do you start and establish your own Music Production Company?
  9. **The Ultimate Marketing And Promotion Idea**
  10. Lowdown on how to protect and sell beats
  11. Get your beats on tv shows?
  12. paypal sign up as business or personal for online beats selling???
  13. Music Business 101 - Copyright Registration
  14. Music Business 101 - Licensing
  15. Music Business 101 - Publishing
  16. Lets trade contacts! urban
  17. 7 Ways to Connect with Your Fans
  18. Clearing Interpolations
  19. Free E-book: Online Promotion of New Musical Content
  20. Music Promotional Schemes
  21. Podcasts
  22. Music Industry = Blurry
  23. Blog Music Reviewers
  24. Knowledge for the Future Producer
  25. How to Release and Market an Album in Today’s Music Business - Cambatta & DJ Nice
  26. Help Judge My Contract (Grade for my class)
  27. SubmitMusicNow.com?
  28. selling beats
  29. Question About Unpaid Internships in the USA
  30. Mixtape Help
  31. Why do producers do this?
  32. Emone six / b.w.m
  33. Beat prices? What do you charge? Lease or not?
  34. Live Off Beats Foreal??
  35. Promoting Online Album
  36. I feel like they're lubing me up... a publishing and distribution question
  37. To all ASCAP or BMI members
  38. Music Industry major
  39. Up and Coming Rappers Doing Shows/Getting Gigs?
  40. Promoting Via T-Shirt.. Mos DEf
  41. Making Your Soundclick your own domain name?
  42. Copyrighting Questions (Form SR & Form PA)
  43. Some Novice Music Biz Questions (Forgive Me)
  44. Music Promo Firms?
  45. Ten Grand To Release iTunes LP (GrindEFX)
  46. How you suppose to network with major artists when u in the middle of nowhere?
  47. Anyone know what the legal issues are regarding remixes??
  48. Advice for someone who doesn't have enough time
  49. Need Help On Beat Demo Kit.
  50. noob that needs advice pls
  51. Discounted music supplies for students?
  52. MakeTheMogul.com - interesting website
  53. Starting a music company need help!
  54. Code of Ethics for Audio Engineer or Producer...
  55. Promoting yourself as a musician
  56. 7 Ways Most Musicians Screw Up Big Time & How to Fix Them
  57. why pay for music engineering school
  58. Automated Selling on your site??
  59. Digital Music Distribution
  60. This is the most important document for producers
  61. Artist wants to use my songs. How much? Percentage
  62. Producers Selling Beats for 10, 25 Dollars...
  63. iStandard Producer Showcase in NYC
  64. Talking with the Camp | Are these mainstream mixtapes worth it?
  65. anyone familiar with berklee?
  66. Confused about copyrights.. needs some help
  67. Getting Out There
  68. All You Need to Know About the Music Business 7th Edition in stores today
  69. Ready to send demos - Now What?
  70. BMI/ sues local bar for playing music...
  71. Trap style beats!!!!!!!!!
  72. How to go about getting big name collabs?
  73. Breaking into the music industry, not as a musician
  74. advice on marketing in Japan?
  75. Donald Passman - The Do It Yourself Record Company
  76. copywritting my beats??
  77. Legal use of audio samples/loops
  78. I was contacted by local DJ, price point?
  79. Interesting article for studio owners
  80. Anybody know a good 4 year school that offers degrees in music business/industry?
  81. legal question
  82. ASCAP and ghostwriting.
  83. How Record Labels Love Their Artists
  84. Royalties: How Do I Assure an Artist that I'm Going to Pay Them Accurately?
  85. Royalty free music sites
  86. Using parody as a loophole for samples/remixes?
  87. How to split it?
  88. Looking for shopping cart for MP3's
  89. Is Leasing Beats A Good way to go?
  90. Anybody Licensing their music?
  91. starting a artist managament company
  92. Strategic move for Apple's iTunes business unit
  93. Help!!!
  94. management for producers?
  95. Random Questions on Contracts, Leasing, & Selling Beats.
  96. Selling beats on Rocbattle.com
  97. My Introduction
  98. Finding vocal talent
  99. so what's the deal with free beats
  100. Zimbalam Music Dist Service Review
  101. What type pf contract is this?
  102. Low cost CD Duplication?
  103. What's up guys?
  104. I'm new to the forum
  105. Best Production Magazine To Subscribe To
  106. Contracts
  107. Going up against Fox Music/Syco Music
  108. Selling Music
  109. What's up guys?
  110. Gamble & Huff Give Advice...
  111. New to the forum
  112. Best Production Magazine To Subscribe To
  113. Is there still money to be made selling Beats?
  114. Help with music business
  115. schnelles geld
  116. Doing/releasing a cover, legally
  117. Help
  118. Setting up an LLC
  119. Questions about forming an LLC
  120. Artist Management: When Do You Need It?
  121. The Process: From Your Beat Machine To The Radio
  122. Hey what's up?
  123. beat selling
  124. Getting your name known
  125. Where can i sell my songs to
  126. What to do?!?!?!
  127. looking to start a new agency
  128. Actualy profiting from a mixtape.
  129. Musician Income Streams
  130. LP release stragegy?
  131. Stolen song...help?
  132. Submit beats to particular emails
  133. Need some advice...
  134. which comes first when making.....
  135. Remixes Of Your Own Work
  136. Copy of a contract for sampled beats
  137. This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.
  138. soundclick for non-americans..?
  139. Email Marketing! Can someone assist me please!?
  140. Marketing Strategy/Idea __Thoughts?
  141. If things go well...
  142. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYa&r email directories
  143. contracts for indie producers
  144. producer mixtape fees
  145. Requesting Advice on Entertainment Attorneys
  146. Remixes
  147. music producer contract questions
  148. music producer contract questions
  149. posting beats on myspace
  150. Why not start a FP Producer Management Team
  151. Sell a beat with loops?
  152. How many of you guys have turned your production hobby into profit???
  153. Music industry contacts
  154. how do i rights protect my new lp
  155. description of producer contracts
  156. Can I copyright a beat after I sell it???
  157. Limited use of sound samples??????!......
  158. Roc battle
  159. LLC Vs Inc
  160. what to do when a beat is made by yourself is getting alot of radio play..how do get
  161. Indie Musician Business - Online Teacher wanted
  162. Forget a Record Deal: 100 Digital Resources for the Indie “DIY” Musician
  163. How to Detect (And Avoid) Music Scams
  164. 5 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Personal Brand Online
  165. Legality of a Remix CD.
  166. Current State of Soundclick and Future Predictions
  167. Music Marketing Webinar on Monday!
  168. Jermaine Dupri Speaks on Music Marketing & Social Networking
  169. A Musicians Roadmap To Setting Goals for 2010
  170. Using College Radio to Gain Some Valuable Exposure
  171. Hector Fund Offers Finances To Struggling Indie Artists
  172. Why is it illegal for jay z?...
  173. VIDEO: The Importance of Community for Artists
  174. Social Network control panel program
  175. theBizmo launches Hit Or Not Facebook music app
  176. Question from a producer...
  177. How safe is it to put up things that have yet not been licensed?
  178. Need some guidance with this one !!
  179. Guide to tax considerations - Hobby to business
  180. Incorporate mySelf?
  181. Question about sampling?
  182. producer fee question
  183. Why "Untalented" People Make The Most Money In Music...
  184. Paying taxes for mixtape beats...
  185. buyback options
  186. Selling album on iTunes - splitting revenue
  187. Sampled Beats
  188. American Idol Contestants not that bad of a deal...
  189. HitLab
  190. tracking cd or download sales
  191. Producer supposed to pay the artist?!?
  192. Grindefx
  193. The Most Professional Way to Shop Your Beats Online?
  194. Is music publishing need if...
  195. Getting Out There
  196. Copyright
  197. What are today's steps in getting your name out locally and internationally? Hip-Hop
  198. iTunes and sampling
  199. iStandard Producer Showcase in Chicago - judges include producers for Lupe Fiasco, Ja
  200. Considering an Entertainment Lawyer
  201. beat battles and conferences
  202. Have a hit, money's tight-clear the sample first or push song
  203. Are you a new artist? Let us interview you
  204. PayPal?
  205. What/How should I negotiate this deal?
  206. Can (Not Cleared) Sampled Beats Be Copyrighted and Signed Up on ASCAP or BMI?
  207. Where yall been gettin your material pressed up at?
  208. Please vote for me on ryan leslie contest
  209. Sampled Songs and Digital Downloads
  210. How do you go about this while working with an artist?
  211. Ok how would I get a share of my money from this?
  212. few % questions?
  213. VIDEO: What the HELL is social media - in 2 minutes
  214. contacting a major artist booking agent but for beats.
  215. Music Seminar: How To Get Your Music Business Off The Ground
  216. US Artists Given Free Digital Distribution To ITunes
  217. Biggest Newbie Thread -- EVER. I promise.
  218. Free Album a Month Club
  219. For Rappers/Singers Only...
  220. The game has changed
  221. Beat Selling player/widget......please help
  222. What are the legal implications of using midi to sample instead of a sampler?
  223. Publishing/Distribution Question
  224. Do you think you need a website?
  225. Seeking Guidance From My fellow Producers
  226. what r the real rules of sampleing
  227. My hook has been jacked by major artist......
  228. Copyright Registration?
  229. Using choir in Reason then sell the track?
  230. I need to kno how 2 get started,pay pal ect..!!!!!!
  231. How Are Record Labels Handling Business Amidst The Download Free-for-All?
  232. Does Anbody Actually Make Custom Beats?
  233. Sample Contract?
  234. Contract Witness
  235. Selling cd's on the street?
  236. Beat Selling Advice For Producers
  237. It's tax time again!
  238. Mechanical Royalties
  239. You guys use auto friend requesters?
  240. Cormaga Accepting Beats From Producers
  241. The Runners are looking for new producers.
  242. Royalties?
  243. Couple Soundclick Questions
  244. Legality question (lyrics)
  245. I have a possible hit...
  246. Copyrights and working with other producers!
  247. Limitation of Copyright Claim Section: Disregard Instrumental
  248. how to talk to a manager for features
  249. Need Promo Help
  250. Copyrighting sampled beats?