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  1. Tutorial: How to chop samples
  2. Tutorials and practice - how to mix and where to find stems to practice
  3. Reading/viewing - additional places to learn about recording, mixing and mastering
  4. The Beat Selling Bible: Top 21 Ways To Sell Beats Online Like a Pro
  5. How to prepare songs to send to a mix engineer
  6. Music tools and links.
  7. READ THIS before posting here
  8. Starting things off with an EQ chart that's really helped me out
  9. free guides for learning an instrument, songwriting, the music business, etc
  10. A little bit old, but good read: Izotope's free mixing guide
  11. FL's Patcher
  12. setting Up a Template - Film Scoring and General Users
  13. FREE Fl Studio Skin And Tutorial how to install skins in Fl Studio
  14. Software Essentials for Fine Tuning your Studio PC
  15. Inspirational words from Paul Auster (VIDEO)
  16. Sample Paradise
  17. Tutorial How To Get Cool Skins In Fruity Loops
  18. Difference Between this & "Tutorials, Gear Reviews & Beatmaking Videos!" Section?
  19. tip for Ableton users
  20. virtual audio cabling for Windows
  21. "Donation" Based Courses
  22. A Solid FL Studio Tutorial Collection.
  23. Proffesional Graphic Design For Producers,Dj,and Muscians
  24. EDM Combo Generator
  25. Chop and play samples in Ableton like a pro!!
  26. Mastering your Music with Plug-ins
  27. Speaker Blessings (DrumHype EXCLUSIVE Drumkit)
  28. FL Studio Step by Step
  29. Touring TIP 1: So your music is ready? Visualize your Local music community.
  30. An easy way to make money by giving away your music for free.
  31. 5 common mistakes you can easily avoid when going into a recording studio
  32. Something Motivational
  33. artists not to sample
  34. But my mixtape is free so it's legal !
  35. Some tips for recording vocals
  36. Entering The Business - The Solution
  37. Compression isn't what you think
  38. 16 slammin hip-hop production tips
  39. Psyself Radio - EDM Player - Android / iPhone app for electronic music lovers
  40. Reason users : A 40 Part Tutorial series from Propellerhead
  41. The Five Levels of Mix Quality - Weiss sound
  42. How to record any instrument - video series
  43. Reality Of Producing Full Time / Not starting off by selling beats
  44. How streaming services change the dynamic range of your music
  45. Quick mixing tip - simple but hugely effective.
  46. Classic Rock Star Rhett May Has A Story To Tell In His New Song The Violence Of Ice
  47. Risers
  48. Searching for Sam Bruno - Search Party remake and samples used
  49. Question about sending a record to a mixing engineer
  50. How to record perfect audio from your keyboard
  51. We want to publish your tracks
  52. Looking for a specific beat
  53. Quick Tip, Beat Clip (QTBC) "DO YOU" "Meditate Medicate"
  54. Getting to know people
  55. high pitched sample
  56. A New (EDM) Track
  57. new subreddit for critique (that actually woks so far)
  58. What kind of bassline is this ????
  59. free online mini course - intro to beat making
  60. 5 Freeware VSTs I can't live without
  61. Best freeware vsts out there?
  62. Bassadelic samples - electronic/edm/hip hop/ trap/electroswing samples, some free
  63. Intro to synths?
  64. new song - what do y'all think?
  65. Underruns in FL Studio/Freezing
  66. Here's a FREE drum pack of over 500 Kicks, Snares, Percs, & More
  67. Website Idea
  68. Helping the FP Community
  69. Help with software
  70. I need help (lofi boombap/hip hop)
  71. Mixing an EDM song with no recorded Audio
  72. Promotional SoundCloud channel to showcase your tracks!
  73. FL Studio users
  74. FL Studio MID/Side EQ tutorial
  75. Fl Studio 12 High Hat rolls
  76. where can I find samples and plugins?
  77. Performing Live, pre-recorded music but live drums?
  78. Golden Week Free Music Promotion
  79. 808 Mafia, Southside & Metro Boomin Style 808's (How To)
  80. Keep Your 808's Boomin (808 Mafia Style)
  81. Sidechaining tricks
  82. Fl Studio Tutorial : How To Make a Trap Beat
  83. Importance of useing a Keyboard for making beats
  84. Massive 101
  85. Massive Modulation Oscillator
  86. Ableton 101
  87. I need to Get Professional Sounding Drums on a Budget
  88. Production Survey. (PLEASE HELP!)
  89. Some very inspiring piece of insight on loudness
  90. Synth Layering
  91. 5 tips for ALL beatmakers
  92. 20 Sweeping effects
  93. Removing vocals from a drum sample??
  94. Are You Interested In Free Giveaways??
  95. Rap vocal technique
  96. What Will You Do Once SoundCloud Becomes a Paid Service?
  97. How to effectively mix on headphones!
  98. Making a BIG Drop
  99. General advice, beat attached.
  100. when is soundcloud become a paid service.
  101. Getting a Loud Mix
  102. Speed Run Dem Chunes! Humboldt Bass scene artists EACH make 3 new tracks in 24 hours.
  103. Simple tricks for Sampling
  104. Fl studio Peak Controller Modulation , Expression
  105. FL Studio questions answered.
  106. Interview w/ Songwriter/Producer Jenny Gerdts on 3D Mix Placement
  107. Fl Studio Modwheel without a Modwheel
  108. Beatmakers Getting Started
  109. Win 51/$57 worth of HQ samples by Loopbased (Good chance of winning!)
  110. If you're a producer you NEED this FREE Gmail Extension
  111. Best place for royalty free video
  112. FL Studio Tutorial: How to MIX and MASTER a TRAP beat 2016
  113. how do i make drop from the melody/same as the melody
  114. Advanced Mixing Technique
  115. Looking for up and coming artists to work with
  116. How did you come up with your Producer Name
  117. How to prevent loosing projects in FL Studio
  118. Midi to use / song help
  119. newbie help with solo piano
  120. Sound Design 101: NI Massive
  121. Low End Theory
  122. The One Thing That Destroys Most Rappers Career
  123. Some great mastering insight for online platforms
  124. Complextro Drop Tutorial
  125. Starting an EDM promotion youtube channel for interested producers
  126. [Tips] How to mix rap vocals : 5 steps to success
  127. Produced Nipsey Hussle's Artists' single. Made no noise. feedback?
  128. Advise please- Production house website
  129. The Beatbox Club - Resources for the Music Production Industry
  130. Free Kick Drum Pack from Axwell and more !!!
  131. how to do a vocal build up with Fl studio
  132. Reason Tutorial : Making a Spacey Synth Sound with Thor.
  133. Logic Pro X Tutorial Series (Season 2)
  134. No More SOundcloud Groups!
  135. How To Record High Quality Rap Vocals
  136. 3 Main focuses I have when producing rap instrumentals.
  137. Sharecube is a helpful site for realtime feedback
  138. An easy technique to make the 808 more spicy
  139. If you're trying to gain attention as a producer, check this out.
  140. [UNPAID] Commissioned instrumentals for an anime concert on September 4th
  141. dope group that has free vst and sounds and other stuff
  142. How to chop samples correctly in any DAW walkthrough
  143. New some advice/help
  144. Exclusive Beats vs. Leasing Beats
  145. How To Make Great Music For Your Audience
  146. For those wondering about which DAW to choose READ THIS
  147. Redrum to ableton drum racks template - free download
  148. Go for the Goal
  149. 513 Free Analogue Tube Drum Samples! from Samplephonics
  150. How To Create Your Own Beatselling Website (For Newbies)
  151. How To Past Writer's Block
  152. From musician to studio owner?
  153. Uplifting Trance online listening study - win a 25 voucher for participating!
  154. Massive Sub Bass Preset?
  155. Tool for making cool music video in minutes
  156. How to make your video go viral.
  157. I will make you a proffesional website (seo friendly)
  158. struggling to get your music noticed? check this out
  159. my first remix Bone thugs East 1999
  160. Lo-Fi drums
  161. Quick question...
  162. Can you make any voice sound good w/ flstudio stock plugins
  163. Looking for a specific instrument I do not know the name of
  164. Any projects that can teach one about
  165. Do you ever get embarrassed to tell people what you produce with? [FL STUDIO]
  166. Having trouble starting or finishing your tracks? Use the 80/20 rule.
  167. Feedback on this idea?
  168. Fixing VST's Size
  169. FL Mobile app
  170. Stop sounds from blending in FL Studio 12
  171. WordPress Hosting and Sample Packs Monthly
  172. Getting back at production after a year
  173. Royalty free acapellas for producer sampling
  174. Sytrus
  175. How old were you when you got into producing?
  176. VanillaAUDIO - I can tune/mix your audio for you for better sound
  177. Free vocal samples
  178. 24 Free Trap Chants (Royalty Free Samples)
  179. Migos Sound
  180. [ MIXING ] 3 Easy Tips for Acheiving a Cleaner Mix [ MIXING ]
  181. Need help with picking up my Mic on Reaper
  182. Need help with picking up my mic on reaper
  183. Vocal Resynthesis in Beat making
  184. Why free is important and my first ever online sell
  185. What I have learned from my first attempt in Content Marketing
  186. good fx plugins logic pro x
  187. Hip Hop Trap Sample pack + 300 Sylenth1 presets for any genre
  188. How To Scratch Like DJ Premier In Any DAW No Turntables, No VST's Needed Easy Method
  189. Epsilon-144 shows the song writing and production of Electronic Music
  190. Vocal Synthesizers?
  191. Auditory: Auditory, pagingg FP members that actually got deals
  192. YouTube Tutorials
  193. How to send a Beat Pack in 2017
  194. Please help me with fl studio 12
  195. Chopping Samples in Fruity Loops Studio w/ Edison and FPC
  196. Answers to FAQs and best of user contributions
  197. (FL STUDIO) How to make higher pitch sounds, sound less harsh
  198. Ch 1-2: Major Scales - Amusing Music Theory
  199. Please help with Spotify Followers!!
  200. QUESTION - How Long Does It Take you to Write/Record a record?
  201. need your guys help
  202. New user here! Would appreciate some help!
  203. WordPress hosting
  204. FP Member Mentions
  205. New User, can someone assist me?
  206. Sidechain compression
  207. FL Studio Help Requested
  208. Can someone help me please
  209. I need some help mixing vocals. Is this the place to ask that?
  210. What are YOUR best tips?
  211. Checking dB Levels When Recording, Mixing, Mastering
  212. Welcome to the forum, this is surfingthenoise and Warren Thompson
  213. Soundcloud Statistics
  214. changing soundcloud url
  215. How do you guys organize your sample database?
  216. i got a boom bap drum kit.. 45 essential 24-bit wavs for only $5 bucks.
  217. Glossary of all music production words, EDM and DJ terms, and sound engineering termi
  218. Your Funniest Genre Hashtag Generated by SoundCloud?
  219. Production Tips
  220. Can You Help Me Define This Sub-Genre?
  221. How to get started making electronic music
  222. How to layer
  223. Mastering
  224. Instead of compressing to level audio... why not envelope?
  225. my creation of the soul
  226. Sending Music to College / University Radio Stations
  227. Resonance ft Shaiq its dope check it out.
  228. Resonance ft Shaiq
  229. Very useful content for music producers, audio and acoustic engineers, and DJs.
  230. How do you tune synths to be in sync?
  231. Tips and techniques for beginners
  232. Looking for places to get critique on my work
  233. Printing Custom Windscreen for Microphones
  234. FREE Horn Stacks
  235. Remixing classical music
  236. How can I achieve strange fappy rippy Tipper like percussion sounds in Ableton?
  237. Song BPM
  238. Free FL Studio Template Download: Labelled Tracks + Structured Mixer for Easy Flow
  239. PANNING: underestimated but very important!
  240. 6 months in, what I wish I knew back then
  241. Keeping an Unreleased Catalog of Your Songs
  242. Getting a better quality recording?
  243. The New Era of Virtual Reality Shows
  244. Turntables Through Computer
  245. Im confused
  246. snippet compilations vs full beats
  247. ABLETON: Losing Snare Punch - Master Limiter
  248. Free custom drum kit!
  249. Part-Time Jobs while working as a Music Producer
  250. Share your tips for collabs