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  1. How to Get Feedback on Your Music: READ!
  2. post your soundcloud if u got heat Other Genres Edition
  3. what donaldcrunk has made since his exodus
  4. Waltz in Bm for Guitar.
  5. My 15 Minute Mix for the Bass Coast Mutiny Tour Contest
  6. Xandor - ThebSuper Dank Mixtape
  7. Have you heard ‘Take Him To School (Produced By Mozart Jones) Club Beat 2015
  8. Punchy Instrumental with some Odd Time (F4F)
  9. instrumentals
  10. are you a fan of genres, or are you against labeling music?
  11. Wild Wes Mixes
  12. Goddamn this chick is gonna blow up the DJ scene!!!
  13. Into the Void (First Release)
  14. Ain't Bout That Life / N.O.L.Y x YoungQueenz (Prod.FloydCheung)【PV】
  15. Classical made under trap pretext
  16. A 8 bit Track!
  17. Latest Track: Experimental HipHop/R&B
  18. Chill Lounge Beat
  19. Demo/Preview - I Said God Damn
  20. Feedback on my current mastering technique.
  21. Anyone into Jungle/DnB?
  22. What did your summer sound like? This was mine.
  23. dmi6 - Compact Bass (Drum&Bass)
  24. My new Album 'Leviosa'- some of the most beautiful music you have ever heard
  25. Blue Frequency - Bloodline (Drum & Bass)
  26. "Motus in Rebus", an EP entirely based on sound design of unconventional sources
  27. First ever remix thoughts please?
  28. Title funky track off of my upcoming album
  29. Drum&Bass / Neurofunk Track, feedback appreciated
  30. Drum&Bass, let me know your opinions
  31. I'm new here
  32. Blue Frequency - New Beginning (Drum and Bass)
  33. "bitter days" by c.
  34. Smokepop.
  35. Relaxing Ambient/Hip-hop-inspired/Chillout/Electronic Set in Progress
  36. On Mooring (a tape)
  37. Neurofunk -- Feedback?
  38. Freqax - After G6 EP (Free Download)
  39. Hi, I'm LoopKid.
  40. Dubstep remix to Above and Beyond's Counting Down The Days
  41. Moons. - the way i feel
  42. Mix of different genres in this one beat
  43. New single "Far side of the sun" Chillstep
  44. Rihanna- Pour it up (Dubstep remix)
  45. Death Valley
  46. Album Release: Purrpuss
  47. Alien alart!! Fbi warring
  48. GRIME BEAT CIPE MUSIC!! Hard fast paced bass beat
  49. Chill Smoking Beat
  50. New AfroBeat/ Dancehall Music Listen and give feedback
  51. First EP -
  52. Alan Walker - Faded (Tmd Productions remix) dubstep....
  53. [Electro-Industrial Chill-Step] Master Class Benign Remix (free download)
  54. New Funk Instrumental from my upcoming project
  55. Blaine P Instrumentals and Beats (Open for collaboration or sale via bandcamp)
  56. This song is a mix of genres, freaky beat, rapping, singing.... WHATEVER WORKS
  57. Promote
  58. [CHILLSTEP] VTS - Train
  59. Lowkey vibey IDM Glitch track (100BPM) F4F
  60. [dubstep] Serum Operator 150bpm - new ableton track 4f4
  61. First dubstep
  62. First attempt at D&B
  63. workin on some neuro
  64. Need some feedback on my latest track, I will mention you in the description!
  65. Tratoz - Chained (Mixed genres) Feedback for feedback
  66. Broken Heart For Orchestra Lovers...!!! Feedback Plz...!!!
  67. Classical/Hip Hop Fusion
  68. Check this shit out
  69. A short classical piece.
  70. Interesting Shit
  71. Do yourself a favor
  72. New beats checkout me out.
  73. Hello world
  74. Looking for feedback on my debut album
  75. 5 tracks up for feedback! triphop/ hiphop like beats
  76. Sounds from the space age
  77. Help What's the Genre?
  78. MrGman - Fear Soundcloud album
  79. drum & bass, bassline (mix) test
  80. Duet between 2 female singers
  81. another world; dnb, drumstep, bassline
  82. First vide from Uncle Ade
  83. Singularity - Life (Chill Proggresive Beat) (Budding Artist) All feedback Appretiated
  84. Into The Depths (Preview) [Dubstep] [F4F]
  85. you shouldn't let poets lie to you {chill out/spoken word)
  86. glacial f4f - kind of a mishmash of genres
  87. Filthy Dubstep Sound Design Practice
  88. Has a go at Bassline!
  89. Would love some Feedback. New to this Genre. Thank you.
  90. New song, would really apreciate some feed back and any advice [Dubstep] #F4F
  91. New PsyBass Track 4f4
  92. First Beattape ( Trap, Electro, ECT)
  93. Original Piano Composition II
  94. Sennheiser or Bose?
  95. JAretro - Psyche [Electronic] (2016)
  96. Experimental mixtape ART
  97. What genre would you class this?
  98. Some shit to shake-up the music scene.
  99. Reworked an old song
  100. New free downloadable 4 track EP
  101. I Just Want to Improve (Newbie)
  102. Sheep in the Big City
  103. Sun Ra+Reverb+Pitch Shifting= Crazy Song
  104. I need feedback on a cover
  105. Future funk
  106. "Measures of the Eternal" by Souled Out [Liquid Drum & Bass]
  107. the a's
  108. my first piano cover
  109. Listen2me-new facebook social group....
  110. What you think about VAPORWAVE?
  111. $Young Thrive$ Production
  112. *NEW* Beat Coming Soon!!
  113. FINALLY *NEW* Beat "Imaculent" $Young Thrive$ Production!!
  114. My first piano song and I would love some feedback :)
  115. Feed back for an Indian Remix song
  116. I'm Having a Seizure(Comedy)
  117. EP preview by 3M [Chill]
  118. This is a song. It has a sine wave.
  119. Cash cash money
  120. I'd rather have cancer(Original Song)
  121. New experimental grime x jersey club x baile funk club music.
  122. Rorschach - Better (Liquid DNB)
  123. After a very long time, I decided to publish this work...
  124. Heny Envy x TiTi - What Do You Know [Experimental 100bpm ClubMusic] 2017
  125. Eastern inspired music with sitar, flute and tabla
  126. Chill 3 song mix/playlist
  127. [Drum & Bass] Darius - Espoir (Souled Out Remix) - FEEDBACK/CRITICISM welcome!
  128. Kenan - Baby
  129. Halo Never Forget Cover
  130. Road 2 Darkness
  131. Searching - Orchestral
  132. we're all dead here for a reason...
  133. ~ I hate life's cousin ~
  134. The Message
  135. New song on Spotify called Ocean, me singing
  136. Glitchy and dancy
  137. Not sure what you'd call this, messing with glitch/distortion/delay on bad equipment
  138. My lastest track, hope you guys love it!
  139. [Ambient] Forward Days EP by Souled Out
  140. The World. Eldritch spoken word.
  141. I don't know what to call this.... emotional i guess lol
  142. Seven Lions, Illenium, Said the Sky- Rush Over Me (Orchestral Version)
  143. Synesthesia - Forest of Life (From Upcoming E.P)
  144. is anyone into lofi hiphop here?
  145. Commodores - Easy remix, had a play with some cutoff filters on this oldie
  146. Planet sunrise
  147. chillhop reggae dub skratch instrumental
  148. Hyperactive but Low Slung
  149. What genre
  150. Audio DOpe
  151. Audio DOpe
  152. Not Your Nephew Nor Grandfathers Hiphop {Empuls}
  153. rainy afternoon ☁ need mixing tips plz (:
  154. Aberrant Objective - I Just Want To Die Already
  155. Instrumental Trip-Hop (Feedback returned)
  156. Painting Pictures with Hooch McAllister
  157. Have you heard this kind of instrument before ? .....
  158. I shall not DIE, but LIVE
  159. Looking for harsh criticism - Harp House
  160. Disko/Funk Mixtape
  161. [Orchestral] The Detectives
  162. Relaxing Backing Track Jam in Am
  163. DBZ type beat 2018
  164. [Dark Ambient] I Can't See
  165. Plink Rock is Born.
  166. [Other] Sacred Place of the Stone
  167. Could someone tell me what song this is?
  168. A trashy Little Number to listen to.
  169. Not sure what genre this is
  170. Love In A Space Station - BeautifulAsCanBe [Lofi, Boombap]
  171. WTF is this? -F4F
  172. [Tech House/Techno] Feedback on my remix for Spartaque? Will return!
  173. sunsets ad relapses || Monday || IndieCryTunes
  174. Devil mountain
  175. Don't click on this, we don't want feedback
  176. Situation is Blinding Light! (by Protozone) [genrecide]
  177. Basiator de Coronatus - Introduction
  178. Feedback on 170+ tune
  179. [F4F] Grime Instrumental - Stormzy x AJ Tracey x Chip x Dave Type Beat [F4F]
  180. Hooch McAllister - Hooch McAllister Presents:
  181. New home
  182. Melody One (single) - Oedema5
  183. More Chords (single) - Oedema5
  184. Four short stories for piano (suite)
  185. My neighbour's dog is an alien (children exercise 1)
  186. Magma - Instrumental Track
  187. Chill Melody - Yours for 10$ (Oedema5)
  188. ZenZ-Music
  189. Strange Antiquark Music- Free to download
  190. Xenophilia Rec. looking for the Unknown - FREE music download
  191. [Breakbeat] Mission 11 - RuzzyRuz
  192. [Breakbeat / Electro] Electro Muffin - RuzzyRuz
  193. [Drumstep/Dark Ambient/Atmospheric/Breaks/Beats and Bass] The Witch in the Forest
  194. [Drum and Bass] Forest Witch - RuzzyRuz
  195. [Drum and Bass] Winter Frost - RuzzyRuz
  196. [Hard Industrial/Darkwave] Round two knockout
  197. AllDay.fm - free radio without ads
  198. [Unknown genre] My sinister songs with "serial killer vibe", strange yet normal?
  199. Tips for a begginer beat
  200. I have made a few songs... but am I good at all !!
  201. Experimental Folk
  202. Woodwindsong for mental asylum lobby
  203. Piano test
  204. Synthpop - Oldschool, where to start?
  205. Can You Hear It? - Oedema5
  206. Chill/Downtempo
  207. The Oedema5 Experience #1 - Oedema5 Podcast
  208. The Night Lucy Wants to Forget
  209. Miroslav strings: Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings
  210. Khatchaturian Toccata
  211. Bach Preludium #6 in Dm
  212. Kheyra - Move Over (Single); New Experimental Contemporary Gospel
  213. It's good to get back to my rig after almost a year. Anathemia. Orchestral Metal
  214. Freakazoid! (prod. Hooch McAllister)
  215. alternative song
  216. Our new trap album
  217. Song of Night
  218. A vocal cover done with my heart! (Someone You Loved)
  219. A "Many Genres" album is on the line
  220. Night Lovell x Bones x $uicideboy$ x Pouya type beat
  221. DaBaby x Lil Tecca x Lil Skies x Lil Mosey type beat 'colorado nights' (prod.daneyyx
  222. Lil Peep Benz Truck Type Beat
  223. Post Malone x Club Music x Drake x Alternative Rock type beat (prod.daneyyx)
  224. night lovell x bones x suicideboys x underground rap type beat
  226. Dababy x Lil Tecca x Lil mosey type beat "sunny day i heaven"(prod.daneyyx)
  227. Erik Jäger - U&I (Synthwave, Retrowave)
  228. Roddy Rich x lil tjay type beat by daneyyx.
  229. Erik Jaeger - Woolly (Synthwave / Retrowave)
  230. Underground Trap x Bones x Night Lovell type beat "fairytale" (prod.daneyyx)
  231. LIL WOP - GOBLIN (prod. ItsVyro)
  232. Road to darkness
  233. Asap Rocky x Lil Uzi Vert x Gunna type beat "undiscovered truth" (prod.daneyyx)
  234. Looking for feedback on new Electronic Ballad
  235. Ambient Rock music
  236. Oldskool Drum & Bass vibe
  237. Pandemic
  238. Soundtrack-Inspired Producer looking for Feedback
  239. Experimental - [Make Noise vs Noise Engineering] Eurorack Dark Iteritas Jam
  240. [Synthwave] JINX - VIRTUAL SOUL
  241. How hard does this hit?
  242. Doing Vivaldi for Electric Instruments
  243. Basically the first thing I've ever made, any suggestions?
  244. TwentyTwenty