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  1. post your soundcloud if u got heat Film Etc Edition
  2. Hip Hop For Horror movies and Video Games
  3. Inspired by Final Fantasy series
  4. Adventure movie trailer composition
  5. Cartoony beat.
  6. The palace of dreams
  7. Rough Draft for Film/Videogame Need Feedback
  8. African Bongo/Tribal Music
  9. Film Score
  10. How to Get Feedback on Your Music: READ!
  11. TommyV - Compiler(cinematic)
  12. My Film Soundtracks in 2014 (opinions and tips needed)
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA) music, remake
  14. Super Mario (Nintendo) music, remake
  15. How its sounds FP Bros ?
  16. Orchestral film score inspired by the winter
  17. 80s Pop Rock song for short film soundtrack
  18. Shadow of the Beast for PS4 (Trailer)_Alternative Score
  19. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Genesis), HydroCity Zone act 2
  20. Video Game Beat Zelda-like Music
  21. Game Concept Themes
  22. Feedback for some film tracks!
  23. Tortured On LSD (Suitable for Explicit Horrors)
  24. Sad soundtrack free to use
  25. Cinematic Orchestra for a thrilling scene
  26. Soundtrack suitable for romantic drama movies
  27. Resurrection (Epic Film Strings Style)
  28. His Last Words (Orchestral BGM unfinished)
  29. Music Inside Us (Instrumental album)
  30. Guitar recorded and edited free to use
  31. Unconventional piano track free to use
  32. Track suitable for PC games (mario style)
  33. Drunk In Persia (Middle-East Instrumental Madness)
  34. Horror Lullaby - Oneirodynia (Restless Sleep)
  35. FILM SCORES - Trap/DubStep/Original Hook by my awesome GF ..
  36. Bloodborne Rap Beat
  37. Chill beat-piano-could be used for a sequence
  38. October Coincidence
  39. Super Dark Back Alley Murder Type Beat
  40. Felicitas Rabidus (Synthetic Composition)
  41. Cinematic Piece - Mercia
  42. The Droid Army - Epic Action Track
  43. New instrumental - perfect for movies or games - background
  44. The Chocobo Song and Prelude (both Final Fantasy) merged
  45. Music for Animation, Cartoon, Funny, etc
  46. Epic Piano Music
  47. Witnessing Dark Satanic Ritual (Bloodborne like)
  48. My track (Space) for Film
  49. Shadow's theme (FF VI) merged with the prelude (Final Fantasy)
  50. Mass Effect - Leaving Earth REPRODUCED [F4F]
  51. Halo Theme Trap Bootleg - Unto Dawn, feedback welcome!
  52. Webisode Series: Good Cop?- Scored by McLovin Beatz
  53. Phoenix - Rome Orchestral.
  54. where would I go to learn how to make film scores?
  55. Anthem Type Beat - Choir/brass/strings/organs
  56. Pawel Andrzejuk - Chinese Mansion
  57. lost hope of a hero
  58. Cygnus - Stars Align
  59. Tribute to 80`s TV series... the music videos!
  60. Can you tell I'm a Zelda Fan!?
  61. (Soundtrack) No country for old men, alternative end credits
  62. The Witcher :) Orchestral Cinematic Experimental - F4F
  63. Documentary Need Feedback
  64. Documentary Need Feedback
  65. Someone help get this composition to Ubisoft
  66. From Yang To Yin
  67. Dirty Bomb - Sunstone
  68. Lost in Space Filmscore Music
  69. Passion For Orient
  70. Free track
  71. Free Batman v Superman Type Instrumental - Feedback Appreciated
  72. New Track - Choir, Strings, Drums, Piano and Dirty bass
  73. Darkjazz / Experimental type soundtrack with piano in the second part
  74. [Experimental] Going In Circles
  75. Soundtrack for a drama
  76. A track I made for an indie horror film
  77. Inspired by the Matrix
  78. My highlight reel for 2015 (film composer)
  79. Dirty Bomb - Fallen
  80. Dirty Bomb - Risen - Epic Orchestral
  81. Land Of Gielinor - Epic Dramatic Music
  82. Soundtrack for the masses
  83. Zenith - Cinematic / Orchestral
  84. Film Track Action
  85. Call of duty zombies theme trap bootleg
  86. Alien alart!! Fbi warring
  87. arcade racing music
  88. Time to Smash (Super Smash Bros. Hip Hop w/ Lyrics)
  89. Dramatic soundtrack (Hans Zimmer, Dark Knight & Interstellar stuff)
  90. mebitek - new ambient electro cinematic track
  91. Streets of Rage fans...EDM remix to "Go Straight"
  92. Zero's Theme (Electro Remix) (from Megaman)
  93. Fairy Fountain (R&B Remix) (from Legend of Zelda)
  94. Stanley Kubrick inspired....
  95. Sonokinetic Media Composer Competition 2016 "Brothers of Hon
  96. After The Storm - CoDEAN " A Free, very strong & emotional Piano Loop (F4F)
  97. Very first attempt at making cinematic scoring type stuff, what y'all think?
  98. Ambient Guitar Tracks (Trailer, Game and Film inspired!) - Feedback Appreciated!
  99. new horror opening score
  100. make songs for film and television
  101. Groovitron Themes (EDM Remix) (Ratchet & Clank PS4)
  102. no Hope - filmmusic
  103. Palmtree Panic (Smooth Future) (from Sonic CD)
  104. New dark ambient track- Cudda Domu (this is kaos)
  105. Emmy Winning Soundtracks :)
  106. Eggman's Revenge (Original Boss Battle Music) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  107. New dark ambient track- Insunchiendi
  108. New track .. :)
  109. Begotten Dark Ambient Soundtrack - Aeternal
  110. Crystal Ocean Act 1 (Original Song) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  111. Looking for collab or criticism cinematic EDM (ableton/bitwig) :D
  112. The Slopes of Blessure (Orchestra + Hip Hop) (Witcher 3)
  113. Nocturne of Shadow (Cafe Jazz Remix) (Legend of Zelda)
  114. Grave Rave! (Beats from the Crypt): Volume One ~ Will return all feedback ASAP
  115. Underwater Cavern (Original Music) with lyrics! (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  116. Free To Use Track :)
  117. I added Lyrics to Sonic Unleashed (Sonic the Hedgehog fans)
  118. Logout
  119. Reflections
  120. Game of Thrones - Light of the Seven / Hear me Roar (Piano/Drum cover)
  121. Welcome to Eggmanland (Vocal Mix) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  122. Sonic Unleashed Lyrics! Windmill Isle (Vocal Remix)
  123. [Tower Unite Ball Race Song] Rolling The Track l Preview
  124. [Tower Unite Virus Song] Virtual Infection l INSTRUMENTAL
  125. Romantic Love Song <3 <3 <3
  126. Sinister Trailer Remix - 136 BPM horror dubstep house bass track
  127. Tower Unite Fan-Made Songs List
  128. Goodbye - emotional Pianoscore
  129. Track for Nature
  130. remade the soundtrack of TV Show Stranger Things
  131. samples from lord of rings chopped up and played different project beatz
  132. Boss Fighting Song
  133. Tracks for my Indie Game
  134. check out my film compose demo reel!
  135. Video from Uncle Ade
  136. Original Movie Theme Composition
  137. Sega Genesis sample: Streets of Rage 1
  138. Another song. Again, I'm not sure of the genre, but I'll return all feedback 100%.
  139. Original Piano Composition
  140. Is it fit for film or game?
  141. Original Film Composition
  142. Shadows - Cinematic Piano and Strings
  143. Original Film Composition II
  144. Rainy Car ride thru quiet & dark city
  145. Soundtrack Music - Rest At Long Last - FREE DOWNLOAD
  146. What plot structures exist for educational and popularized science videos?
  147. Strings on a leash ( movie/game music)
  148. Orchestral song
  149. Remember the Name (Team Skull Rap) (Pokemon Sun/Moon)
  150. Orchestral album, "METAMORPHOSIS"
  151. Cinematic Score *Rise of a Hero*
  152. Porter Robinson & Madeon- Shelter (Orchestral Cover ft. Gin)
  153. *cue spooky music
  154. Second half of the song could be in the score for a game.
  155. Original Piano Composition III
  156. Dalmatian Nights - Orchestral track- What do u think?
  157. Mark of The Griffin Web Series. Season 1 movie
  158. Orchestral track, "DRACO DORMIENS"!
  159. Video Game Music Demo Reel
  160. Original piano piece
  161. Violet Eyes (Siemens Commercial)
  162. Trace On (Piano Composition)
  163. creepy cinematic need feedback
  164. Cinematic/Calming/Epic Orchestral Piece Feed4Feed
  165. The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time - Gerudo Valley (Remake) (Soundtrack) 2017
  166. Hollywood Orchestral produced by Chris Shine (cprima)
  167. New Melodic Classical Piece - Feedback for Feedback 100%
  168. Original Piano Composition "Goodnight"
  169. Drifting - Ambient Orchestral
  170. Action Scene Music
  171. Epic Soundtrack
  172. Going for that Hybrid vibe.
  173. Symphobia
  174. Heroes Will Stand (Sonic Forces Main Theme Vocal Remix)
  175. Seven Lions x Illenium x Said the Sky- Rush Over Me (Orchestral Cover)
  176. Seven Lions x Illenium x Said the Sky- Rush Over Me (Orchestral Cover)
  177. BrunuhVille - Lumina Cover
  178. The Passage - Epic Orchestral
  179. Under Pursuit - Spy Music
  180. My Latest Epic Composition
  181. Soundtrack Music - Fallen Hero
  182. Chapter II
  183. Great Big Things - Far Away Places [Orchestral]
  184. Zelda - A Link To The Past - Name Entry Theme (Souled Out's Orchestral mix)
  185. Final Fantasy Video Game Soundtrack Beat F4F
  186. Age of Empires - HD Soundtrack Remakes
  187. Video Game Console Startup Sounds (Soulful Remixes)
  188. I shoot & edit music videos Can I get some shares of some of my work! MN IL WI $200
  189. LAST OF US | Style Soundtrack
  190. Epic Fantasy Tune
  191. Pixel blazer - chiptune
  192. Fallen heros
  193. My Live Orchestra Works! (PDF Scores Inside)
  194. Track on New Era skateboarding promo; prod Chef Goyar-D
  195. Trailer score called "Sopranos"
  196. Alon Hochma - A Single Thing | Emotional Epic Music - our original song
  197. Ennio Morricone style western tune
  198. Passion [ Cinematic Piano / Strings / Acoustic Percussion ]
  199. Original Video Game Music || JRPG
  200. Cinematic Ad Placement (PRACTICE)
  201. The End Of Everything (Funeral Movement)
  202. MARCH OF THE DEFEATED | Military Movie Soundtrack
  203. Cinematic Medieval Score (First time)
  204. Shades of Blue Type SoundTrack for TV or Movies
  205. Chrome Jungle - Soundtrack Music
  206. beat place on Samsung Galaxy S8 ad ; prod. Chef Goyar-D
  207. Thoughts on track?
  208. Equidon - The Last Stand (Cinematic track)
  209. Short piano piece
  210. Samsung Galaxy s8 beat placement! prod. Chef Goyar-D
  211. Dark Ancient Krell Music - AE0N.02 (Make Noise, Arturia, VCV Rack)
  212. Another Epic Composition of Mine
  213. [Orchestral] The Hero's Return
  214. Beat placed on NIKE SB promo! ; prod. Chef Goyar-D
  215. Composed 5 Songs in 5 Days
  216. [Orchestral] A Watchman Standing
  217. [Alternative] Wayfarer
  219. Fantasy/Gaming kind of a music
  220. The Savior's Final Stand [Epic Composition]
  221. Avicii Tribute Track
  222. [VIDEO GAME THEME] Metal Man Theme Arrangement from Mega Man 2
  223. My debut album
  224. -=Speaking Light=-
  225. Just an apocalypse track
  226. Short piano piece
  227. Silent Sage Media (Film/TV/Video Game Demo)
  228. -=Matel City=-
  229. My First Ever Video Game Cover Album: Mega Man X (Super Nintendo)
  230. Falling hero
  231. -=Without You There=-
  232. My track with drone footages
  233. EDM Remix of "BOY" from God of War
  234. -=Blue Flower=-
  235. Tips for Creating Ambient Songs?
  236. Epic Album Finale
  237. A Collection of Shorts that I Composed
  238. Original piano piece
  239. Original film composition
  240. "I'm No Longer Jason Bourne"- SoundTrack Entry for Theoretical New Bourne Series Film
  241. Oogway Ascends Arrangement
  242. Orchestral concept for a movie or game [work in progress]
  243. Epic/Cinematic Track
  244. The last track I'll get to write for a while :(
  245. My First Video-Game Soundtrack
  246. I have released an Album
  247. Flow
  248. Final Fantasy
  249. Promises of Deliverance [Electronic]
  250. New Track - Geneva Spur