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  1. Colaars
  2. post your soundcloud if u got heat Rock Etc Edition
  3. One of The hottest rappers in chicago drops a new hit Chi Smurf-Pop a Band
  4. (WIP) 3 New Beats (1 trap , 2 Pop) , Check em Out! (F4F)
  5. DaSt - Progressive Instrumental Metal ... in FL Studio
  6. JayWorstProductions - "Anger Management" NeW Rock/Metal Type Banger
  7. Hello Guys I'm New and a Pop Beat
  8. Rihanna- Diamonds REMIX ! Synth Pop :)
  9. 12 o'clock - New Untitled Track (Rock)
  10. [Glitch Rock] Mineral Sounds - Zama
  11. New pop beat Katy Perry would do! ChefBoyRBeez !
  12. Who's looking for a Pop beat ?!?!? ChefBoyRBeez Beats
  13. First attempt with a Pop Beat x Need Feedback!!!
  14. Rock 'n Pop Beat [f4f]
  15. Pop/Country song I wrote and produced.. Gianna - You
  16. Rock And Roll Anyone?
  17. NEW Beat instrumental - Pop Commercial F4F
  18. Seeking Feedback For A Pop/Rock Instrumental I'm, Working On
  19. Post-Hardcore Rock Demo
  20. Check out my Pop production!
  21. Cinematic/Symphonic Action, Metal, and Electronic music w/ K9U. Feedback please!
  22. New pop beat with changeup
  23. New Track - EDM/ Electronic Rock (f4f)
  24. Techno and Some Pop Rock - Check out and give some feedback
  25. New POP song, demo version! Check it out and tell me what yall think.
  26. Rock Sh*T and Brick City
  27. Review my pop beat please
  28. Rock Beat (can be used Rap Beat) [F4F] -Free Beat-
  29. Rock On (Fight Musik)
  30. Need feedback on a pop/commercial beat!
  31. PSychedelIC rock Experimental
  32. NEW Alt synth & rock/metal track to check OUT >
  33. Wrayth: New heavy metal band from Mcallen, TX!
  34. Hiatus M ( synth rock band from Transylvania )
  35. My experiment in chillwave, hard rock, fast rapping and the occult
  36. Post-Hardcore Rock
  37. The Key Key - Follow The Light [Indie/Pop/Saxophone]
  38. A pop remix of mine
  39. Got a new song from my band! Lofi psych rock
  40. (F4F) *New* Cruising Forward, upbeat jazzy/pop sound
  41. Feedback for my Futuristic Pop Beat
  42. Critique my mix! Psych/folk rock
  43. Your Eyes [Pop, 2014 Release]
  44. Pop Culture
  45. Brand new Orchestral/electro/rock Instrumental - Rockfall
  46. New {Electro/Lo-Fi/Rock/I don't really know} track "Fifth"
  47. Recover: Thrashy, Metal, Hip-Hop Boom Bap Rawness!!
  48. Urban Pop track produced by 5th Legend called "Royalty" by Antonio Vincente
  49. My new song, Quiet Rock beat.
  50. NEW urban pop track Antonio Vincente - Royalty (Prod by 5th Legend) available for D/L
  51. New Track - Dark, Upbeat, Electro/Rock - Please listen! :)
  52. Pop Smash!
  53. electro-acoustic "Hollywood" indie rock track (F4F) need mixing feedback
  54. What happens when you combine rock and dubstep with hip hop?
  55. New Song, quiet rock, hope you will like it :)
  56. "For You" Stoner rock/Desert rock original!
  57. *New* Pop Banger Called "When I Find You"
  58. #1 Pop Hit Called "Maximum"
  59. Heavy Metal Kings Remix
  60. New Alt. Rock Album
  61. Septura Beats & Music - Checkout my music and stuff. [Hiphop/Metal/Dubstep/EDM]
  62. New lucky one remix for the UK rock band Silvertin
  63. Pop/Orchestra Type Track (Feedback Returned)
  64. A remix of a pop-ish, singer/songwriter song...all feedback returned
  65. my electro rock sound "3mptiness"
  66. Feedback on this grunge / metal demo??
  67. Nu-Metal / Alternative / Punk
  68. GRooVY Alt Rock Solo Jam
  69. Funny old rock demo "Still a rock and roller" f4f ofc :)
  70. Chart Pop Material - Looking for Good/Bad Feedback *Feedback Returned*
  71. New house track "Pop" CHECK IT OUT! :)
  72. Pop Beat - "Changez" F4F
  73. Pop Summer Mashup 2014
  74. "AMYGDALA" - Iranian Metal Band
  75. Pop+Remix :)
  76. pop beat for right singer check it
  77. Pop That
  78. Selfie Metal Remix (F4F)
  79. When your having a good day. Rock to this. f4f?
  80. Rock Music Is Not Dead!
  81. First single Beta! hype pop
  82. Passenger - Let Her Go (Yesterday live street show in Israel)
  83. Time of Day "Cher lloyd Pop Type Beat" F4F
  84. Orchestral Pop (feedback appreciated)
  85. Heavy Metal Instrumental Album, Written, Performed & Recorded by me. 4f4
  86. Anyone know how to get a bass/808 like AlunaGeorge or Jessie Ware?
  87. What Do You guys think of this mix? All real instruments. F4F
  88. How to Get Feedback on Your Music: READ!
  89. Indie Pop Song - I Hope This is Love (F4F)
  90. New songa
  91. Pop goes hip hop F4F
  92. Put it together (not putting in the oven until all ingredients are in)
  93. Lily Allen - Sheezus - Beat - Manufaktur Potsdam - Remix
  94. Good directions?
  95. My bands new track (My.) , feedback welcome ( Indie rock, alternative, experimental)
  96. New progressive/experimental tune, ( what do you guys think of the mix? )
  97. So I videotaped this band Live
  98. Led zep inspired song. No Q
  99. Evoco - Wrangler feat. David Wright (ROCK-SYNTH)
  100. Sam Hagenisck /Flower Crown/ SS*2014
  101. Making a pop track for childish gambino!
  102. Seven Sisters - fat tune made fatter?
  103. Sound too full? Mixing techniuques.
  104. The Drafts - Band EP - free download
  105. Heavy / Thrash / Melodic Death Metal Instrumental (F4F)
  106. A new song "Sacred ground"
  107. Paruna: Afuera feat. Bea
  108. New MV shot with 600D ,just to show a pretty model! haha
  109. New song "Silk road"
  110. Instrumental Progressive rock - Endless Torture
  111. progressive riff + glitchy processed guitar- listen pls
  112. Emotional pop/rock track - No Angels [F4F]
  113. Mainly acoustic music, but some pop in there..
  114. New Insrumental Album Rock Influences
  115. Where to take this beat next?
  116. F4F: Latest *Everyday* – Pop/R&B Track
  117. Okay Guys I'm Kind of New. Tear Apart My Song
  118. Rajdulari - Natural - Beat-Manufaktur Potsdam Remix
  119. Here's To You - First Release
  120. Here's To You - First Release
  121. Eccentric metal. thrash.edm bluegrass.extremecore
  122. Hello, I am Wild Dinosaur
  123. Hey guys!! Can I get some opinions on my newest song?? Thanx
  124. Jennifer Lopez - Booty Remix (F4F)
  125. "I Got it Bad" Top 40 Pop track (full reference)
  126. Sabaton 7734 Acoustic Cover
  127. Worth continuing to sing? Any pointers?
  128. ELECTRONIC ROCK - ALTERNATIVE POP SONG - Feedback welcome!!
  129. Maroon 5 - Animals (Instrumental/Karaoke Remake)
  130. Is this a song worth working on?
  131. Illuminating Fire - (First collaboration between RadioActivity and JAWS Productions)
  132. live recording - mixed and mastered :)
  133. Music from Jonnes, brazilian singer/songwriter!
  134. [Folk] song about Sebastião
  135. My New Acoustic Pop Song
  136. New song, Check it out!
  137. New symphonic/progressive metal song - 'Monophysite'
  138. Taylor Swift - Shake it Off Remix
  139. Electrifying Power Pop Remix - MAGIC! - Rude (Paralax Remix)
  140. New pop/rock instrumental. Will return all feedback
  141. New song by Fischer, with vocals. F4F
  142. Rock Music from George Lugatt
  143. Wrecking Ball - E.T Remix, Do I need to fix something with the mixing and mastering?
  144. Holly Drummond - Fade (Iven Remix)
  145. every night you haunt me in my dreams
  146. Thank You by Gwendolyn LJ with Shugga White
  147. Electro hip pop? I guess
  148. Comments on Concept 7's latest releases?
  149. Different Gods (Industrial Metal EDM)
  150. Piano Love Instrumental "Snow Angels" - 2014/2015 RnB/Pop Beat
  151. Psychedelic Pop Song. Would Love Feedback, Will Definitely Give In Return Upon Reques
  152. New Indie Rock Song - She Has No Idea That I'm High - Check It Out Please
  153. Lorde-Team-Remix-BcWarlock-(Not sure where to post this)
  154. New song "Dolphin song"
  155. "Carry you Home" Modern Metal cover (pop song)
  156. Hiatus M - Living for a dream
  157. Zero Beats Production
  158. FREE DOWNLOADS - UK heavy bands Tricore, An Entire Legion, & Rind Skank mail drive
  159. New Summer Pop Beat *T-Normous Beats* (F4F)
  160. Man and Woman
  161. Check out this song I produced. I'll return the favor if you leave me some feedback
  162. New song! The Crude Charmers - It's a Holiday [post-punk, indie pop rock]
  163. Restrained
  164. Help critique my mix (creative feedback needed)
  165. sara bareilles Wish she made this!
  166. Black wolf F4F
  167. Cult Classic (Soundtrack)
  168. Just released my first single! CeaseTone - Hey You (Iceland) pop/rock/electronic/folk
  169. Varaydein-Stingz
  170. New Piano Pop/R&B Song! [F4F]
  171. Looking for some feedback
  172. Sonata Arctica Irish Folk Inspired Acoustic Cover (Rate my Mix)
  173. My New Metal/Progressive ala Meshuggah song, "The Reflection"
  174. how is this track FP's
  175. LEND ME YOUR EARS!! Give Me Your Professional Feedback!
  176. Electronic rock song (kind of)
  177. Getting Tired (Will give feedback)
  178. Tide of Fears - Insane Driver
  179. Showcasing my latest album
  180. Samples from album in the works
  181. **HIT**Rap/Rock F4F!!!
  182. Music Notes for I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen (Video)
  183. Music notes for One Last Time by Ariana Grande (Video)
  184. **RAPE ME COVER***(Nirvana) F4F!!!
  185. Music Notes for Sugar by Maroon 5 (Video)
  186. Music Notes for Crazy In Love by Sofia Karlberg (Beyonce Cover) Video
  187. The Slough and The Ghost Album Showcase
  188. Music Notes for "Believe" by Mumford & Sons (Video)
  189. Music Notes for "Let It Go" by James Bay (Video)
  190. Music Notes for "Animals" by Maroon 5 (Video)
  191. Interesting pop Song. Please give feedback on the mix and i will do the same
  192. Varaydein-Stingz (This a classic in the making)
  193. New song "Salamander"
  194. World Premiere Of STINGZ (MUSIC VIDEO)
  195. Music Notes for "Maps" by Maroon 5 (Video)
  196. Music Notes for "Goodbye" by Who Is Fancy (video)
  197. Music Notes for "Stockholm Syndrome" by One Direction (video)
  198. New Track-Real Deal Holifield
  199. The new EarlyRise song
  200. Gaash Ninari - Where I Belong || Heavy Alternative Rock / Alt Metal(?)
  201. New Beat by Digital Beatz
  202. NEW GRUNGE METAL BAND - "TERNE" - heavy groovy melodic "Rock Role" Song
  203. Michael Law - The Prowler (Original Song)
  204. BRAND NEW ROCK/POP BEAT F4F & Collbaoration wanted
  205. Rust On a Statue | Music inspired by Muse, Metallica, AWOLNATION
  206. CULT CLASSIC THE ALBUM is available now!!!!
  207. Non-Japanese band in Japan
  208. First time mixing guitar and drums, how is it?
  209. My Killer Ex Boyfriend
  210. Nu Metal Song from upcoming 2015 Heavy Rock album - Like the miix???? Grunge rap...
  211. Sad R&B Piano Love Beat {F4F}
  212. Pop/Dance/Radio Beats Available Here - Thank You Everyone!
  213. First attempt at Creating Electric guitar Solo :)
  214. Zedi Forder debut EP (Heavy rock)
  215. Varaydein-Stranger To Society
  216. New song off of my upcoming project (Melostalgia)
  217. Get Back to Rock ( First Rock instrumental )
  218. Feedback on new darn epic track - Celebrate
  219. Putting together pop remix showreel need some suggestions for the 3rd
  220. "A Boy Without a Girl"
  221. Ryan Ramon - West Virginia (Original)
  222. News song: "For the sacrifice of the magic man"
  223. New song " Pathway to the universe"
  224. The Lunar Effect - Getting To Grips With You
  225. Song: One Dream Away
  226. Falling in Love
  227. Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing Bootleg remix
  228. 1st single from my experimental funk EP "Melostalgia"
  229. Falling in Love (Full Track)
  230. Check out my new single?
  231. New song Sunshine in Blue.
  232. Cover of "Omen" by Disclosure & Sam Smith
  233. Check out one of my bands on Sound Cloud.
  234. Michael Law's Flashbacks - Episode 1
  235. Cover: "Come Home" Feedback
  236. Burntfield- Cold Heat EP - live
  237. New Real Deal Holifield!!
  238. feedback on popish track
  239. Cul De Sac. The album from 2012.
  240. Concerned about Dynamic Range on this track. Thoughts?
  241. German Dream- Pop- Song by paruna
  242. Startng a new studio - I NEED A FEEDBACK (METAL)
  243. Nicholas Dante - "Waiting Room"
  244. http://soundcloud.com/corey-low/uphill-battle-remaster-wav
  245. Chart Busting Beat!! POP SENSATION MUSIC
  246. Theres This Band That Makes Music Out Of Canada, Their Music Sound Is Garage Pop
  247. My New Rock Instrumental.
  248. Rock/Hiphop Type Beat
  249. Some old school Black Metal covers...
  250. Our new song - "Safe Department"