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  1. Old School G-Funk
  2. "Dry Your Tears" Neo-Soul Track (Produced By King-Vis)
  3. post your soundcloud if u got heat R&B Etc Edition
  4. Last Night (Modern/Funk) F4F*
  5. RNB TYPE BEAT-"In The Deep"
  6. Delete this thread
  7. New Neo-Soul Sample beat like J Dilla!!F4F
  8. Sax Smooth Jazz track F4F
  9. Slum (L.A. Beat/Jazz Funk Instrumental)
  10. MPC500 Sample Beat "The Jazz"
  11. 18 Year-Old Jazz Fusion Producer/Rapper: PerSPECKtive (From Mars)
  12. RAnthony - *POP/R&B* BEAT F4F
  13. New RNB Beat - F4F
  14. R&B/Pop Producer Looking for Honest Feedback
  15. The Chef is back! New RnB Beat F4F !
  16. New beat: A lil' funk fo yo azz
  17. Neo Soul/ R&B Beat [Summer's Breeze] Prod. By "Grand Pappy"
  18. Dope RnB beat for the grown & sexy! F4F
  19. New Rnb type beat
  20. Neo Soul, R&B Groove {*Neo Soul Jam*} Produced By GraNd Pappy
  21. 80's style RnB stuff idk
  22. Aggressive Jazz Instrumental **F4F**
  23. Neo Soul/R&B Beat ["Grand Slam"] Produced By GraNd Pappy
  24. New Track: "Seriously Funk'ed Up"
  25. Put up my first few R&B/Pop beats!
  26. SpiderbitE - Halogenocide (Experimental funk)
  27. Road To Recovery - RnB/HipHop (Opinions please!)
  28. New, Rare NEO SOUL R&B
  29. R&B/Pop/Rap Instrumental - Beautiful (Prod by Lynx Mafia)
  30. ITS FUNKY!!!!!! New song FUNK/HIPHOP
  31. Smooth Instrumentals - Jazz and G-Funk
  32. New RnB Track [link me to get return feedback!]
  33. New beat with neo soul feel
  34. New Jazz beat
  35. ALL NEW HITZ UP!! Trap beatz, RNB, Club BANGERZ Check Em Out!!
  36. RnB/Soulful/Chill Joint- "Chasin' Princess" (Feed for Feed!)
  37. HipHop jazz project instrumentals
  38. L3O- Welcome To Los Santos (West Coast G-Funk)
  39. neo soul jazz beat
  40. Check Out My New R&B HIT *Sexy RNB* Hot and Wet
  41. The Weeknd type beat *Dark RnB* XXX F4F #BeatzOnMeth
  42. [Nu Jazz / TripHop / ElectroSoul] Jonistaken - Not My Fault
  43. Industry Ready R&B/Pop Instrumentals (Kelly Rowland Style)
  44. Smooth RnB track called Suicide
  45. New Rnb-Vibe Beat - "Slow Motion"
  46. Opinion on my new RnB Beat
  47. RnB Beat (Justin Timberlake/Lana Del Rey Style) F4F
  48. Sweet RNB Guitar Beat [F4F]
  49. **Sexy/Rnb** Precious F4F #BeatzOnMeth
  50. A little rnb neat with a smooth feeling lol. I need your opinions please.
  52. New beat like rnb now i posted it well. Please feedback. Djdorito.
  53. Darling, My Love Is Yours (Experimental Chill/Funk) + Remix
  54. RnB Remix trying something new tell me how it sounds
  55. New Jazz Beat
  56. RnB type beat (Feed for Feed)
  57. (F4F) 4 New Bangers , Variation in style ! Rnb , Trap Check em Out! (F4F)
  58. New RnB Beat - F*ck Fiend
  59. my DAFT FUNK (feedback please)
  60. Fresh RNB beat F4F
  61. All I Need (RnB beat) F4F
  62. New Hiphop/Jazz/Neo Soul Instrumental F4F Every time!
  63. Smooth jazz sample beat
  64. RnB NeYo/ChrisBrown/New! "How Are Hearts Look" -F4F!!!
  65. F4F New Experimental Rnb / Pop Hiphop Hit! Check it Out ! F4F
  66. Pop/R&B Ryan Leslie Type Beat (F4F)
  67. Smooth Jazz/Soul Type Instrumental (F4F As Always)
  68. Chill Flylo/Massive Attack/Neo Soul Kinda ting (FEEDBACK+COLLABS)
  69. Empou | Jazz + Hiphop | Discog
  70. ARK Jazz - Newish Producer/Singer
  71. Lingo RnB Beat **F4F**
  72. Tantan sort of jazz fusion
  73. 3/4 Outkast Sampled Jazz
  74. [Downtempo] Qatarsis - For The Love of Jazz
  75. A Good Time (Disco/Funk) F4F
  76. Griff Cowan - G Pops Bumped The Jazz (Mastered by Taylor Lacayo "Lacay")
  78. Show some gratitude! YEAHHHHHH - New Synchronix - 120 bpm Disco Funk
  79. Check out This RNB Track Gooney Tun3 "Body Scream" FT. Yung JC F4F
  80. RnB Beat - Rnb Instrumental - "We Feeling It" (Produced By AceBeatz)
  81. Free Rnb Beat - Free Rnb Instrumental - Produced by AceBeatz !!!
  82. RnB Beat - Rnb Instrumental - "Rnb Vybin" (Produced by AceBeatz) !!!
  83. Late Night | Prod. Double A | Hiphop funk soul original [FFF4444FFF100000%]
  84. 30 min mix Funk HipHop Jazz House Techno
  85. G-Funk producer here ! Check me out
  86. G-FUNK (FL Studio 20)
  87. G FUNK Attempt 2
  88. New song Big Sexxx.....feat Fatha Ryme F4F...future funk
  89. RnB / R&B Beat - "Be About It" (Produced by AceBeatz) !!!
  90. (F4F) *New* R&B/Pop Beat, Need Some Honest Opinions
  91. R&B Neo Soul Type Beat 'Its a Party' 'CentricBeats.com'
  92. Whoomp! there it is! (Funk Fiësta Rework)
  93. Synth based RNB beat
  94. honest feed needed...RNB TYPE BEAT F4F
  95. STUCK: G-Funk/ Jazz Type beat
  96. RnB / R&B Beat / Instrumental - "I Like Your Style" - Produced by AceBeatz !!!
  97. New POP/R&B beat can also be Hip Hop "I'm Free"
  98. Lost Wallet Blues - Original Jazz Song (music video)
  99. NEW SONG! That Jazz (Prod. By Radovan Surlak)
  100. [JAZZ BEAT] Last beat got a lot of good responses, back with a new one!
  102. RnB / R&B Beat - Love Is Crazy - Produced By AceBeatz !!!!!
  103. Neo-Soul Attemp
  104. New track 'Science', F4F and all that jazz...
  105. RnB is back! (UK RnB artist/producer)
  106. Anybody like Jazz? F4F 100%
  107. RnB track
  108. First G-Funk Beat Honest feed back F4F
  109. Beats and Raps. Strong lyricism over laidback jazz/world samples
  110. Something different! RnB/Hiphop
  111. *** NEW Beat: Coffee & Cigarettes (Neo-Soul Type Beat) ***
  112. Tried my hand at some RnB. Need Feedback!!
  113. New G-Funk Beat
  114. NEW NEO-SOUL TRACK-Let me know what you think!! - F4F
  115. F4f* New Rnb Beat "Grown&Sexy
  116. F4F RnB ish type track with vocalist - "Let Your Hair Down"
  117. NEW Westcoast Gangsta Funk, need FEED for FEED!
  118. F4F rnb type beat experimental
  119. New beat... SHOOTING STARS! R&B/Pop/Inspirational kind of track. Check it out!
  120. Maynard Ferguson Funk Flip F4F
  121. Neo Soul Sample beat (F4F)
  122. Chill RnB - Ciara Remix (Feedback Returned)
  123. New Sexy Rnb Beat FEED 4 FEED
  124. Ulysses - Jazz Sample and first beat going to digital and FL Studio (Always F4F)
  125. (NEED Some FEEDBACK)Ol' Skool 90's G-Funk/WestCoast/Funk/Retro
  126. New jazz sample beat
  127. "Oldfashioned" jazz beat [f4f]
  128. Poetry Man (New Jazz Sampled Beat)
  129. Russian RNB singer Katrin Mokko (sweet female vocal)
  130. Classic RnB Beat *Rainy Days* (Feed4Feed)
  131. Neo soul sample beat (always F4F)
  132. Uplifting neo soul r&b type beat (f4f)
  133. jazz type beat 'is Love' (f4f)
  134. New rnb beat f4f
  135. jazz session...
  136. F4F Futuristic RnB beat - Io /ˈaɪ.oʊ/ -the Moon- Plz check this!
  137. Jazz Neo Soul type Beat (f4f)
  138. Gangsta Funk - Cali Got More Bounce with Talkbox Hook
  139. New Feel good beat (Based of Norah Jones/Jesse Harris) F4F
  140. Rnb Instrumental (Unmastered) What should i add or change?
  141. F4F* Sweet Nothings *RnB
  142. Check out this Hot NeoSoul R&B Beat For Sale (f4f)
  143. Remix of Bruno Mars' Treasure
  144. R&B Hit Instrumental "Im In Love With You"
  145. ij - Fuse [jazz influenced beat music]
  146. Rnb Type of beat *An Angel* F4f
  147. Outside The Box - 100% F4F As Always - Nu Jazz Beat Interpretation of Blondie track
  148. Funk: The Lord of Lightning - Love Ain't a Guarantee
  149. funky fusion beat - sample work
  150. funk for ya souls (f4f)
  151. ! Jazz Sample Flip !
  152. The Weeknd Type Beat - Prod. By Ditty Beatz
  153. Jazzy boombap oldschool beat potatoes
  154. How to Get Feedback on Your Music: READ!
  155. F4F [French RNB Hop] T Pain Remix
  156. Chill Acid Jazz Song (hip hop+jazz)
  157. Life in a glass house!!!
  158. Check out my latest R&B beat - Jhene Aiko Type
  159. 'Something, perfect.' - downtempo RNB
  160. New R&B-ish Type Joint
  161. New Funk/R&B style beat, feedback most welcome and returned.
  162. Boom Bap Soul Hip Hop Instrumental S4S
  163. Jazzy beat w/ pulp fiction scene audio (tell me what you think)
  164. New jazz piano hip hop beat. feed for feed
  165. Making A Beat For Rihanna!
  166. New Drake/Weekend Type Beat
  167. Miguel - Adorn (Benny Liang Remix) (ALL FEEDBACK RETURNED!)
  168. New beat - "first time i saw you"
  169. Not sure if this fits the style of the board but tell me what you think.
  170. Very Raw and Unfinished- Desperation
  171. Atmospheric R&B Track
  172. New untitled piano beat
  173. Relax and enjoy this beautiful music, it may make you day better ^_^
  174. F4F Complicated
  175. Samples Michael Jackson Butterflies
  176. Trey Songz style type of beat available
  177. Amazing singer have a listen ! Me as a coproducer! F4F
  178. "NaNa" - Trey Songs beat Remix
  179. This music is very groovy but you will not be able to dance to it :)
  180. Dark Atmospheric R&B Instrumental
  181. Missed Calls ( jodeci sounding track)
  182. Looking for Feedback
  183. Interlude by Torch ft. Tia Gunz
  184. Listen to my new track.
  185. New Vibe Beat - "Lookin' Out" Snippet F4F
  186. Just released my first LP, Summer Bliss. Heavily influenced by Pharrell and 100% F4F
  187. Psychedelic soul - king cashmere debut (quality f4f)
  188. Aaliyah- if your girl only knew (im.sry remix] all feedback returned
  189. R&B Track - So Be In Love w/ Me
  190. Making a Neo-Soul/Rap Track For J.cole!
  191. Multitracking bass guitar in 7/4 + fx... take a listen
  192. Dedicated to Ferguson!
  193. R&B song - Queen prod. by KidAve
  194. Lauryn Hill / Curtis Mayfield / Anita Baker Type Song (F4F)
  195. Lost Dog(instrumental) RnB/Triphop/Neosoul *feedback please*
  196. Musiq Soulstar Sample: Its Something *feedback needed*
  197. Neo Soul R&B track using an Acapella from Looperman
  198. Need constructive criticism on 2 beats please ( : !!
  199. New Trip Hop / Ambience track - really excited about this one ( feedback appreciated)
  200. Expanding with something different
  201. J Dilla Changed My life... so now I make beats :D
  202. I apologize (jodeci, trey songz, august alsina ,next) influenced track*like and share
  203. Would appreciate some feedback! FBF August alsina type Beat
  204. Space Tonight [F4F]!!! See ya there
  205. Rek-lore - Outriders (feedback please)
  206. F4F: Latest "Preach" –Live Sounding
  207. Glass Table Girls - The Weeknd (cover)
  208. She Came in Through the Bedroom Window (R&B type of track)
  209. Live it up - analog (f4f, follow4follow)
  210. Putting some beats on Soundcloud, feedback are welcomed!
  211. Sam Cooke "Chain Gang" drum cover on Alesis SR 18
  212. Soulful Street Music
  213. another Jazzy boombap oldschool beat : OTIS
  214. F4F CHIRS BROWN - Drunk texting Remix
  215. Rate and common on my New Rnb Sound
  216. Some real slow R&B sexy time track, lol. FEED BACK?
  217. "Take The Wheel" (Slow The Weeknd Style Instrumental)
  218. F4F: Latest *Come With Me* – R&B/Pop Track
  219. F4f* Chasing The Sky
  220. "MERLOT&FRIENDS" (prod. Joel Venom) [ PARTYNEXTDOOR TYPE BEAT] F4F!!!!
  221. Round-up - first track from my new EP (can't disclose where it's coming out)
  222. DopeNew R&B -- NEW R&B - SEXY Trap
  223. HerWay (BEAT) PartyNextDoor Type ~~F4F
  224. "Settle For You" Instrumental (Prod. by Lambeau) *F4F*
  225. Live Forever (Prod. by Lambeau) (Jhene Aiko Style) *F4F*
  226. Slzzp - Double A | Smooth Neo Hop Hip Instrumental [F4F]
  228. F4F: Latest *Made of Stone*–R&B/Hip Hop/Pop Track
  229. Breakbeat Jazz: Rendition of Miles Davis' "Milestones" 100% F4F as always
  230. On todays show... jazzzz
  231. “masterfully envisioned”, “excites the mind and calms the soul" All About Jazz
  232. Ebola Be Like
  233. ...but who doesn't love the fall?
  234. Logic Pro X (first look)
  235. One Note Funk
  236. Neosoul goodness new beat 'Virgo Vibes'
  237. Jazzy new beat No Sunshine.
  238. Would really appreciate some feedback on my first piano piece...
  239. R&B Instrumental Beat
  240. Soulful, Feel Good, Chilled, Good Vibes Song (Feed for Feed. All Returned)
  241. Moments an original by Mark Styles
  242. Kolby Divine's Souliciting 8 [Genre-less Journey]
  243. "Learning Love" A.S X Miles Davis
  244. New track, Trip-Hop , give it a listen ( feedback welcome :) )
  245. New Track W/ Vocals produced by DO_
  246. Got all you need
  247. Cassie - me & u [ohwle. Remix]
  248. jAZZY bOOMBAP OlDschOol SpicY BEaT : "SAFRAN" made wiTH MPC
  249. industry-standard rnb instrumental?
  250. Need Her Prod. Rasol soul sampled beat