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  1. What would you classify this as? (Synchronix 125bpm, Electronic)
  2. TOYOU - Clouds ft. Laura James
  3. New house track "Lights". Check it out! CHEERS :)
  4. [Dark Ambient] Trônes de l'Obscurité - Running Through My Veins
  5. DJ Ocean Vibes - Purple Bee
  6. Vote For My New Track
  7. Evil Bean....
  8. Banks - Warm Water remix
  9. EDM Bro's. i've been posting my track twice before here, please have a listen to.....
  10. My first song (ambient progressive house) in Ableton Live
  11. Jamaican Dubstep/ Electro Reggae New genre!
  12. Psy-trance "Glacia"
  13. Glass Ankle-'Unlike You' (Rockonin Remix) (Brostep/Electro)
  14. Bologna - (Prod. By VladBeatz)
  15. New Melody EDM track with vocal
  16. My EDM production!
  17. [EDM/Electro Pop] Bomb Voyage! - Leave With Me
  18. Foggytrack
  19. Ariana Grande Love Me Harder Remix
  20. Newbie with my first finished track
  21. Halo (Original Mix) - F4F
  22. Ambient Project
  23. A "produced" sound versus MY sound...PLEASE HELP.
  24. First EDM/Hip Hop track looking for feedback!!
  25. [LeporcMusic] (EDM) New Release - Stardust Frenzy
  26. [House] Be Happy (Original mix)
  27. [jungle/drill&bass] JTPE - Segment II EP (upitup)
  28. Deep House Production
  29. [Progressive House] I Worked A Lot On This One :) F4F Guaranteed
  30. I remixed my own band - Feedback for feedback guaranteed! :)
  31. Hey just posted a new progressive trip hop track. Want to get some feedback on it!
  32. Deep Tech house track looking for feedback/people to colab with
  33. It's friday, new release Drivers MELBOURNE BOUNCE.
  34. New Electro House track, feedback for feedback!!!!
  35. New prog house tune, Felix Affectu - 'Cause
  36. Recently Signed! [All Night EP] OC & AF
  37. new song here :D
  38. What do you think? I think it's worth to listen!
  39. Livin' Joy - Dreamer (Intrigued Remix)
  40. Ranny feat. Jipsta - Body Pop [ConstantZ Remix]
  41. [Trance Ambient] Dreaming of other Worlds in other Worlds of my Dreams
  42. "Press Play" Progressive House. *F4F*
  43. [Trance] Aley&Oshay - Blue Lines
  44. [Trance] My new track, F4F
  45. New deep tech song
  46. New Trance/Progressive Track - F4F
  47. New track 'Marble Shrine' + New Beat Tape announced
  48. PARSER DEMON: amateur experimental synth album (unsure of genre)
  49. [Liquid Dubstep] Alan Walker - Fade (Mich Remix)
  50. My first progressive track! Let me know what you think:)
  51. New track (Walter White tribute)
  52. New track this time with vocals
  53. Redlight - 9TS (Jåck Ward Bootleg)
  54. Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Jackin House / Future House Remix)
  55. What genre of music can I classify my productions into?
  56. Free Download!!! - Electro Track with First Time Vocals- Looking For Feedback!
  57. Goodvibes!
  58. Flume Inspired beat
  59. 6 million ways - bass house - Track review 4 review
  60. Preview of my track (EDM)
  61. Soul Brother - Electro House
  62. Rise - O kuwra
  63. help make this song better
  64. Xander Joyce - First Light (demo, electronica, dub trance)
  65. Into The Underwold New tech house song i made and would love some feedback on it
  66. Total Freedom 20 By Silvio Carrano
  67. Too hard? Help.
  68. Static Movement - Inner Voice (Sero & Audiodact Remix) - Teaser
  69. Arcadia Remix
  70. Experimental/Chill Remix
  71. Hardwell & joey dale feat. Luciana - arcadia (mike chino remix)
  72. One Republic - If I Lose Myself (Equinox & Bami Remix)
  73. Progressive House, FL Studio, Best Tutorial?
  74. Ambient EDM Japanese Style Beat
  75. Anyone want to colab???
  76. new dance track ( need feedback)
  77. Supremes - stop in the name of love remax, f4f yao
  78. Here is my new track! what do you guys think?
  79. My chill out work, check it! TEACH INK - FLOWERS
  80. Feedback
  81. Clarity (Coloring With Sounds Remix Revisted)
  82. Gully Dnb F4F as always.
  83. radasK - Tone Drops [Dubstep] +1 chillout (Fable OST Remix)
  84. Ambient Electronic/orchestral Track - Please give a listen F4F
  85. My Latest track, realy wondering!
  86. Let Me Love You-Remix? Feedback Returned!
  87. Dark/Futuristic/Agressive Trance F4F
  88. House song! Feedback (promise :3)
  89. What do you think? worth to continue?
  90. Dubstep song.. f4f
  91. Low Steppa / Shadow Child-ish track: RoastJob - Down The Drain [jackin'//uk bass]
  92. +++Drake Remix+++ F4F 100%
  93. Thoughts on my first original track (with vocals)
  94. Made my first Hardcore Techno track!! will gladly return the feed !!
  95. prog House feedback on mix plz
  96. [Progressive House/Trance] Deus Ex (Original Mix) - F4F
  97. Preview of my tack, really wondering about your thoughts. Would you play it?
  98. Feedback to the MIX (!) (EDM / Groove )
  99. New Track
  100. [Free Download] Maor Levi f. Daphne - Beautiful Disaster (Randy Seidman Remix)
  101. Need reviews, really important!!! Check out new project, what do YOU think?
  102. The Chainsmokers - Kanye Ft. SirenXX (H. Soares Remix)
  103. Looking for an honest review of my song 'Rush' (Upbeat Progressive House)
  104. Glitch Hop & Drum n Bass F4F
  105. Ambient/chilled [First Beat]
  106. My new house
  107. Blue
  108. New deep/dark Dubstep Track 'Dark ones'
  109. What do you think about this drop?
  110. Aley&Oshay - Point Blank
  111. Some Nights EDM remix, need some feedback!
  112. Expert Feedback Required Please - New Work In Progress (Funky Jazz Deep House)
  113. I remixed Hardwell, any opinions? (F4F)
  114. Bad Girls Need Love Too, New song piano VS sax lead would love feedback
  115. Chill House Track
  116. Would love some feedback on this one! (Progressive House)
  117. A new beat. vibe out. enjoy. peace. [Feed4Feed100%]
  118. Guys is it worth to continue YOU decide!
  119. I made a downtempo kinda song. Looking for some feedbacks! (F4F)
  120. Listen my first progresive house collaboration! :)
  121. Sweater Weather (Feat. karsen grace)(Dreadwolf edit)
  122. [Funky House] WiP - Husgutt (needs a vocal)
  123. New bouncy track. Feedback appreciated!
  124. Breakbeat Jazz: Rendition of Miles Davis' "Milestones" 100% F4F as always
  125. Progressive House - Salect F4F
  126. NEW // Anders - Intimate
  127. For the wanderers and ponderers! Free ep!
  128. Janet Jackson's nipple
  129. Combining the melodies... Carmelite!
  130. My 2nd track: Progressive House with Piano - happy about feedback
  131. Remix I'm Working On - Feedback Wanted
  132. EDM PROJECT * NEW *Electronic Music*, I'm Back, Have a Listen, Comments? ITM
  133. Chill Trap Beat, Enjoy.
  134. new techno track hope you guys like it :)
  135. Eletric Light Orchestra - Last Train To London (Pavo Edit) :::FREE DOWNLOAD :::
  136. Over'em - Bogota (Original Mix)
  137. New beat. What do you think? Deep house
  138. Mariachi Dubstep Beat EDM 2014
  139. Fly (Original Mix) - DEEP HOUSE - what do you think ?
  140. new project, stuck, need help
  141. New Experimental Track...Goth Trap/Witch House...?
  142. New MOZAIC remix of HEARTBEAT by PANAMA!! Enjoy,much love and feed back always welcom
  143. BattleteK - Cooper [Drum 'n Bass]
  144. Best I've done Check it out (INTRO) What do YOU think should I continue?
  145. new track :) let me know what you think
  146. HeyHou check out my new TRACK not done yet, but I think it's WORTH to hear it :)
  147. Cresce - Good Intentions (Free Download) [Chillout]
  148. New tropical house track!
  149. preview of prog house feedback needed on mix
  150. progressive house track F4F
  151. new house track!
  152. Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer (DJ Ocean Vibes deep mix)
  153. Working on the drop, feedback appreciated
  154. Tale I (ありがとう、日本。) Feat. 初音ミク DEMO
  155. New Chill Track F4F
  156. Redlight - 9TS (Jåck Ward Bootleg) [House]
  157. Facebook music page
  158. new house track, should be great with some feedback :)
  159. Twitch - Vehicular Speed
  160. GunFight - Dead Celebrities EP [Free Download]
  161. Melodic Dubstep (Female Vocal by ShAi Dawn) Need feedback [F4F]
  162. I dont even know what you would call this, but I would love some feedback!
  163. First attempt of progressive!
  164. Melodic Dub / Chillstep track. F/4/F please.
  165. The Chainsmokers Kanye Remix
  166. Hello guys! Want do you think?
  167. French house - old daft punk style
  168. Our first ever deep house track [Feed4Feed]
  170. Verace - Funky Dank! (glitch/trap/breaks)
  172. dark dubstep-ish tune
  173. [Dark Ambient/Industrial] Trônes de l'Obscurité - In Death's Embrace OFFICIAL RELEASE
  174. What do you all think of my first remix??
  175. Feedback please: Tiësto- Take me bootleg
  176. 4 to the floor melodic 2 step in the making, Feedback wanted!
  177. ☞ TRAP//EDM ▶ opinions much appreciated
  178. New ChillOut track - thoughts please?
  179. Vocal REmix looking for feedback!
  180. house?
  181. THIS IS THE ISH RIGHT HERE (Prog House) brand new!
  182. HeyHou Check out my DeepHouse intro what do YOU think? Need feedback, please :)
  183. I bet you will scroll Right past this.
  184. HeyHou! My Deep House Track (Demo) undone, need FEEDBACK or ADVICES, please!! :)
  185. Here is a Live instrument Remix of Deadmau5's Strobe I just released, any Feedback?
  186. New track that turned out nice, name didnt tho :P F4F
  187. New Progressive Trance Song! Any feedback? c:
  188. Destroyer (Monster Mix) F4F!!!
  189. Downtemp F4F
  190. [Ambient] Sleep Frequency
  191. Need some serious feedback! (I will re-give feedback as well)
  192. Did you know ? Kim Kardashian has been married more times than...
  193. TalarProductions-Extazy (Breakbeat)
  194. My entry for Electric Oasis Indaba Music Comp
  195. Dark Ambient Dub Tune, Feed4Feed
  196. any mixing tips on this prog house track??
  197. any tips on mix prog house???
  198. [Progressive House] New Track!! F4F
  199. Mindstorm's New Big Room/Progressive House Release
  200. our Adventure club remix. Also our first "dubsteppy" track really. F4F :)
  201. Objects sound experiment
  202. Electric Pop House Remix of MAGIC's Rude (by Paralax)
  203. Made this Electronic track called Quit!! please give some feedback ill return it :)
  204. [House] "Feel Alive" ft Becca Rose
  205. Doss - The Way I Feel (Life Sim Remix)(Zenojim 1hundred ReEdit) [Free DL]
  206. New A$AP Rocky X Skrillex - Wild for the night remix !
  207. i was wonder if anyone would like to check some of my acid, and give me some feedback
  208. A Wavey Mix For The Upcoming Weekend [For the Trappers!]
  209. [Deep House] 4ngus - Night Talk (Original Mix) (Need feedback, i give feed if u need)
  210. Would Really Appreciate some Feedback on my first remix...
  211. New Electro House track F4F
  212. Fade Into Darkness Remix F4F
  213. My latest track! Check it out...Always open for any type of feedback! Cheers
  214. 808 acid (using rebirth)
  215. Deep House (demo) need Feedback
  216. Created a Hardcore Electronic Track called Doomsday, Pls give feed i will return it!!
  217. EDM from a total newbie
  218. This track won me a release offer! (125 bpm progressive)
  219. New Track and first youtube attempt.
  220. Check out my latest EP (Dubstep, Electro House)
  221. Aura [オーラ] - an ep inspired by japanese culture
  222. .:Phantom and Friends:. Massive Electro Funk/Breakbeat Track! First Master Draft F4F!
  223. [Progressive House] 6th Sayonara (Original Mix) - F4F
  224. [Ambient/Atmosphere] Fog, A convolver experiment.
  225. New track "Undertones" {Chillstep/Chillout with hip hop influences}
  226. [EDM ish] Wasnt serious from start but i got the vibes :P (Returning all the feed)
  227. any feedback on any of my tracks would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  228. First Track Need Feedback [Dream Trap]
  229. "Better Now, Than Never" ... progressive ??? what is the genre? :)
  230. Big Thanks to the Community + Chill Deep House Project
  231. First Ever Remix - Tigerlily & The Only – Daylight (CryWulf Remix)
  232. [ambient/halloween] Kill The Brain
  233. Vote for my track and il give you feedback
  234. party capella
  235. [Melodic Drum and Bass] Minev ft. Amber Johar - Halcyon Days
  236. BRYAN GREEN - TEAR IT UP (EDM MIX - Electro Trap Hardstyle) F4F 100%
  237. Deep House Cover of Jimmi Hendrix ''Watchtower''+ vocal
  238. Tech House / House F4F
  239. Opinions about this trance track?
  240. [Trance]|Uplifting Trance sketch
  241. EDM - 1st place spinnin records talent pool
  243. Future garage intro, need YOUR Feedback.
  244. Totem of Fire [Feedback for feedback]
  245. Newest Creation F4F
  246. First Complextro Track - F4F
  247. Feedback on my first Supersaw Dubstep track please? (Will return)
  248. Need feedback on my futuregarage track, also giving RE-FEEDBACK!
  249. What do you think of this remix?
  250. (downtempo, Trip-hop, ambient) Empty submergence