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  1. problem with midi controller in FL studio
  2. Problems registering with Waves License Center
  3. [MsInstrumental] After Thanksgiving 50% OFF Specials at http://www.MsInstrumental.com
  4. FL Studio recording automation live, i.e. turning knobs, for the length of the song
  5. Damn CPU
  6. Low pass filter plugin?
  7. How can I use Logic & Pro Tools together?
  8. Announcing BitRate II & Monoboy - Retro 8-bit Drum Synth
  9. FL Studio Loading Up Wrong Sound Files??
  10. In Which VST Plugin to Find Such Low Saw Synth Presets?
  11. TheSoundRx.com Musical Medication Kit Vol. 1
  12. MPCc 2000 with old and usless equipment
  13. reorganizing or reinterpreting a sequence of midi notes
  14. FM4 is out! -- FM Synthesizer for iPad -- $0.99 in December!
  15. Help on programming this particular sound?
  16. pitch shift/stretch distortion?
  17. Pitch change when going from PC(PT11) to MAC(PT10). PLEASE HELP!
  18. (mixer track) Mixing issues in FL Studio (ASSIGNING TRACKS TO MIXER)
  19. Just got a iPad mini
  20. Last Day for Syntorial Christmas Sale!
  21. Logic Pro - EXS24 Sounds?
  22. Mastering in Reason 4.0/5.0
  23. Which WAV to MP3 Converter?
  24. What gear is everyone getting for Xmas?
  25. Which VST Plugins Do You Use For the Low Saw Synth?
  26. 44.1 kHZ / 16-bit
  27. NOOB: First time using SONAR X2
  28. Native Instruments X-Mas Gift
  29. Maschine 2 Setup Question
  30. Sampling from fl studio into Maschine Studio
  31. War of the software
  32. Cost to upgrade from Komplete 10 to komplete ultimate 10
  33. Maschine 2.2 problem
  34. Is Mixxx good software?
  35. is the Maschine studio targeted towards a certain genre of music?
  36. "This patch was generated by a newer version of the application."
  37. Fabfilter/cleverbridge won't authorize!
  38. 8DM has a Maschine and or Kontact TRY PACK for free!
  39. Mainstage 3 in Fl Studio
  40. Tricks tips and questions about maschine mikro
  41. FL Studio SLICEX stumble
  42. Installing komplete ultimate 10 from hard drive
  43. ableton live 9 recording
  44. what recording software do you use?
  45. Garageband Users?
  46. Some FL Studio questions...
  47. Starting with production - Renoise of FLStudio
  48. Where to get hard samples like theses? (Gambino)
  49. Kontakt Setup Error - "Installation is not possible since the full version of Kontak-
  50. USB Mic with Studio One? (Mac)
  51. Tractor pro 2
  52. "Street Smart Sounds". Free pack of 64 Firebird patches. Needs MP3 demo.
  53. music sounds different in sonar
  54. FL Studio still getting underruns and cpu spikes..
  55. New Product "OVO RNB Virtual Instrument" Inspired by Drake/The Weekend
  56. Avid releases a free Pro Tools
  57. Fl Studio 11 Producer Edition crackling issues
  58. Best tutorials for Ableton Live 9?
  59. Drum Kits? The 808 Mafia Sound?
  60. Safely/Properly back up Massive Patches. Which folder to copy?
  61. looking for a Lead Chord Sound
  62. Buying Cubase Artist/educational 7
  63. Which Drum Kits for the South Tracks?
  64. 180 patches for U-He Hive. Free download.
  65. Please help!!! FL Studio freezes with ASIO4ALL!
  66. Sample libraries with multiple instruments?
  67. Waves Renaissance Maxx at 57% OFF !!
  68. vst's and preset
  69. Looking to program this atmospheric synth
  70. The final product: What CD burning programs work best for MAC
  71. Dr dre synth "Lay Low" effect
  72. How to layer drums on one pad in Logic Pro 9
  73. Help with Cubase Pro 8 please
  74. Best software for Mac?
  75. I Need studiolinkedvst hiphopbrass combinator refill for reason
  76. Kontakt instruments DEMO???
  77. Izotope Ozone 6
  78. FREE Ableton Live Rack - Prophet 08
  79. Can Massive create any sound ?
  80. fl studio midi problem
  81. Controlling midi & soft/hard synths & multiple computers SEVERAL QUESTIONS SORRY
  82. Need help with sample rates configuring.
  83. Serum and FL Studio 11 MIDI problems, help?
  84. cubase 7.5 mixing console
  85. Exporting/mixer/channel problem in fl studio
  86. Plug-ins
  87. Is it legal to rip music from YouTube
  88. Fl Studio 11/ Nexus Problem
  89. Kontakt 5 samples disappearing
  90. Not sure why FL Studio is doing this... It must be a quick fix but I can't figure it!
  91. Is VSTBuzz legitimate? (free or phony)
  92. FL Studio and Reason (How do I find out what Bit Version I'm running?)
  93. VST synthesizer with audio input
  94. Best sidechain software?
  95. I Have Been Asked to Perform Live
  96. Chord MIDI Effect in Ableton Live
  97. 'Future Retro Beats' preview for U-He Hive. Free download.
  98. Effect name and how to create it?
  99. Software or tool to calculate tempo deviations of a recording?
  100. Is Final Cut Worth it?
  101. PLEASE HELP! PLEASE, FL Studio & ASIO4ALL Trouble!!
  102. Free and Legal VST Plugins
  103. Zeta+2 SALE
  104. FL Studio 11 issue: Project recovery
  105. Looking to hire someone for a demo track (U-He Hive synth).
  106. rare sample pack vol.2
  107. About Pads/Synths that don't hold using the Pedal
  108. Anyone know where to get Nexus XP Dance Vol 1?
  109. Vst's with cubase 7.5
  110. Best Free Ambient & Lounge VST Plugins
  111. 'Future Retro Beats' for Hive official release. 100+ patches. Low intro price.
  112. Working with linux
  113. FL Studio (2 Mixer Questions)
  114. Fader - DAW Control Surface iOS App
  115. Fl studio mac will not start from 0:00.
  116. FL11 - Which compressors do you use?
  117. Reeverb and delays plugins
  118. Searching beat making software
  119. Reason Vs. Other DAW...Thoughts?
  120. Session Horns - Performance keeps freezing on me!!! :/
  121. A Question About Installing EZ Drummer Products
  122. Help Pls. Kontact 5 not working with FL studio
  123. Fl Studio 32bit OR 64bit
  124. Desperately seeking Schallkraft Reason Refill
  125. FL Studio -> Access violation at address...
  126. Missing Samples for Kontakt 5 (re-batch not working for me)
  127. Need a quick and efficient way to convert 96 kHz -> 44.1 kHz
  128. My interface slows down FL Playback (How do I replicate that sound?)
  129. Rapture Pro Out
  130. Need a pitch up/down plugin
  131. Logic 9 "Sample Memory Not Available"
  132. New online music production studio
  133. Help with Machine and Logic pro x
  134. FL Studio 12
  135. Attention REASON users!!! QUICK TIP
  136. is it possible to add effect to certain note on fl studio 11 ?
  137. Any way to create "Smart Controls" in Logic 9?
  138. How do I control the pitch bend in Kontakt?
  139. Need some Midi help, please.....................
  140. Seeking producers/vocalists for new free music creation and collaboration app
  141. instances of VSTi in Reaper
  142. The Reason Sound
  143. midi channels in REAPER
  144. Reaper - drums / midi ?
  145. Reaktor Synths how are they created? Why do all Reaktor synths sound similar?
  146. ableton help
  147. Switch From Cubase Logic or Pro Tools
  148. MuLab & Catanya/Cthulhu (Midi In/Out)
  149. Not able to pan inside of FLS 12?
  150. spctrum analyzer with note info
  151. Fruity and Ableton EQ question in regards to sectioned bands?
  152. Flstudio 12 nightmare/plugins issues
  153. Losing Samples In Logic
  154. How to create the Future High PItched Rising Synth at 27/28 mark
  155. Antares Autotune EFX
  156. Guitar Rig 5 (preset abbreviation)
  157. Looking for beta testers for our new mastering suite
  158. Error code - File Not Found - Result Code 43 when I try to import a loop in Logic Pro
  159. Fruity Loops 9 right channel crashing
  160. New Drum VST out now Koncreete Drum VST from TheMaschineWarehouse.com
  161. FL Studio 11 and Nebula Performance issues! Help!
  162. How to speed up synth
  163. Best website to purchase VST's
  164. Need help with maschine and FL studio
  165. Ableton 9 and Maschine mk2 HELP
  166. Best Software
  167. Any idea what these synths are?
  168. voice key correction software
  169. Zeta+2 sale
  170. when i switch the track mode on fl studio it just plays fl slayer as solo . any idea
  171. Shout out to REAPER users: using reacomp
  172. Problems with Sylenth1
  173. How is FL studio 12
  174. Question About Reason 7/8 and Mac OS requirements
  175. Are amp modellers better than tube amps?
  176. Logic Bus - Sidechain Latency
  177. FL Studio: Only play keys "Louder Than"?
  178. Reassigning where kontakt/battery/reaktor look for samples
  179. Nexus2 wont show up on Fl Studio
  180. Sustaining MIDI Notes in Logic when connected to Hardware Workstation
  181. HELP Can't find piece of software to clip video containing vocals
  182. LFO tool starts spacing
  183. Nexus Error Help (.NXP File Error)
  184. X and Y Modulation?
  185. wtfreak is up with Reason 8?
  186. 7 free string vst plugins for fl studio
  187. Good Drum Sampler
  188. Fl studio automation clip
  189. Market Research: Building a New Platform for Producers
  190. Need help - problem with some of my VST plugins (FL Studio)
  191. In search of a perfect DAW
  192. Vocal FX VST Plugins ?
  193. Great 3rd party VST's
  194. [HELP] FL Studio rewire from Cubase
  195. New to Pro Tools
  196. Is this type of "Mapping" possible in FL Studio (stay in key)
  197. Any trumpet sample libraries that sound like this?
  198. Film Scoring in Propellerhead Reason?
  199. Extreme Sample Converter - Hold value
  200. Problems with Windows 10
  201. Help using downloaded Drum Kits in Logic Pro X
  202. Recommend Soundfonts or expansion packs similar to kontakt & omnisphere choir
  203. Logic Pro X vs FL STUDIO 12 for Rap/Hip Hop
  204. AI software for improvisation
  205. Reason vs. FL Studio? What Sounds Better?
  206. How to install a Drums Samples and Loops pack into Logic Pro X?
  207. Mac and PC as your workstation
  208. Best way to use Ableton Lite in two scenarios-for novice-newbie DAW user
  209. Exporting MP3 FL Studio 11
  210. Ableton Live and Reaktor snapshots overwrite
  211. Ableton Tempo Changing
  212. Cheapest DAW to use Rewire so I can use Reason 7 to score a film! Will buy you gifts!
  213. Can you help me identify this plugin?
  214. Ableton Live convolution reverb dry/wet knob problem...
  215. FL 12 vs Cubase
  216. Help me out with this step sequencer problem (FL Studio 10)
  217. Anyone know of any free vocal sounds like this?
  218. Bass getting distorted by what seems like nothing
  219. Pro Tools drum machine?
  220. Maschine 2 Database Constantly Updating
  221. Internal routing in Studio One 3?
  222. Fl on mac help
  223. How can I add this effect to the end of a track?
  224. Good DAW to use?
  225. Where Can I Get Nexus?
  226. Suggested VST's?
  227. Guitar rig and Ableton bug?
  228. FL 12 Question
  229. Snippet Tape for New Drum Sample Pack (used by Pusha T, Ghostface Killah, The Lox et)
  230. Ableton live crashing...
  231. FL Studio 12 linear workflow
  232. VST Plugin Help? (Ableton)
  233. FL 12 How to lock Vertical Drag?
  234. Ableton or FL Studio? Friends have been saying bad stuff about FL Studio.
  235. FL Studio 12 mixer question.
  236. DAW Suggestions?
  237. FL Studio 12 hardware bundles?
  238. Suggestion for Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate ?
  239. How to move projects from a PC to another one ?
  240. SSL Preamp?
  241. Best VST For making Hip hop
  242. Drake Back to Back moody bass
  243. How to configure FL Studio with Hardware to use MIDI
  244. Trouble with NI Massive
  245. if all u know is FL STUDIO
  246. Logic
  247. Brighter Sound Presents Ableton Live Courses
  248. We interviewed a super producer from IKMultimedia About iOS music creation.
  249. Free preset pack for Diversion
  250. Looking for a sound designer