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  1. Need some fresh beats !?
  2. For Artists looking for beats for promotional use!!!!
  3. *NEW Beat 'I want it all' Drake Type*
  4. Online Show case! Our House Brisbane online USTREAM event 22nd March
  5. Illustrations by Lean13
  6. Album Art for Producers/Rappers
  7. got 48 hours coupon , uploaded.net
  8. Looking for live guitar or bass on your tracks?
  9. Get 8 Beats Exclusive Rights With Trackout Files! Today!
  10. New Mix series wants to promote you! Will benefit A Lot! GREAT OPPORTUNITY!
  11. How much would you rappers pay for this, hypothetically
  12. 18 new Beats
  13. New site up now!! Beats and drum kits with soul!!!
  14. (Upcoming rappers who need beats.)
  15. any Jazz singers wanna collab on a hip hop beat?
  16. *NEW Beat Like No Other'
  17. New dxl. or leasing Trapbeat
  18. *NEW* Beat 'Dedication' Get any 5 beats here!
  19. Exciting new musical opportunity for Kontakt users
  20. Promotion Group willing to promote those Underground Beats! Dance & Bass
  21. Underground EDM Promotion
  22. Price for beats?
  23. My book: Smart Rappers Get Paid! Now on Amazon
  24. Attention artist: Submit music to new blog
  25. Buy 1 get 3 "Free" BEATS
  26. Looking for real Emcees up for a fun little challenge :)
  27. Beat producer from Switzerland - Beatshop online!
  28. Free Beat Monday! Week 1
  29. Lets work
  30. Looking for rappers to work with. Im a producer
  31. *NEW Beat 'Pretty Girl' 5 beats for $39.99
  32. Mixing & mastering needed/project
  33. Looking for Producers
  34. Pop singer looking for producer/co-writer
  35. Producer seeking producer for Trap-EDM collab
  36. Hip Hop Artist looking for new producers to Collab and Build with/Enter. long term wo
  37. Rap Artist Looking for producers/beat makers to work and collab with long term.
  38. Studio Giveaway on Instagram
  39. *NEW Beat 'Turn Up'
  40. Mixing/Mastering Services w/label consideration
  41. Looking for a serious "SICK" Beats?
  42. :ROLL CALL: Chi-town artists step up!!
  43. Producer seeking Engineer in LA
  44. Music Producers
  45. Forget My Past & Forget My Sins E.P [FREE DOWNLOAD] & Enq.
  46. Introducing myself
  47. Website Needs Producers
  48. Top industry christian songwriters for worship and praise music
  49. BOOM BAP producers?
  50. Rappers
  51. South africas biggest hip hop event
  52. Let me introduce myself
  53. Who is NASSAU....
  54. Great Opportunity/Introduction
  55. Can finally post links. I got beattttsssss -fr23sh
  56. Looking for Collaborations
  57. Any Producers/Artists in the DMV area trying to get some work in?
  58. Hey im new here im also looking for producers to work with
  59. Unique Music Producer for hip hop, pop and R&B, check me out
  60. *NEW* Beat 'So Good'
  61. FR23SH- New here. Looking to spread these beats out.
  62. Accepting collabs today!
  63. My Timeline
  64. Platinum Artists Development Music Production Company in Australia and Sweden
  65. Placement Opportunity
  66. Looking for a Boom Bap Type Producer
  67. Certified audio engineer/music producer
  68. Need Professional Logo's For Less ?
  69. Need rapper that likes trap!
  70. Need Hot Rap Beats ? I Got You ! (BoomBap ,Trap )
  71. Nice Acapella for Remix 138 bpm Female Vocals
  72. HD High Quality Mastering
  73. Producers/Artists/ & Engineers
  74. Looking for logo design
  75. FL Studio help chatroom. Live now.
  76. Audio engineers and producers
  77. Awesome Beat Deals!!!!
  78. Attn Unsigned Artists: 16 Bars Contest With DJ Low Cut
  79. Hip Hop artist looking for producers
  80. Producer Calling for Artists!
  81. Hip Hop Ny Style Beats for Artist
  82. Female Vocalist Available For Online Session Work
  83. 1 free mix & mastering session
  84. Looking for hip-hop/rap producer
  85. Free Vocal Tracking Mixing and Mastering
  86. 16 year old boy needs producer.
  87. Rap Artist, looking for producer
  88. *NEW* Beat 'On Fire'
  89. An indiegogo campaign: "Byron", an innovative organ synth
  90. Collab: My talk box vocals for your tracks
  91. Work 4 Work
  92. [[[BEAT 4 SALE]]] Summer Daze
  93. Looking for a good rapper to rap over my heavy dubstep track.
  94. Looking for a Creative Rapper (Rap Lyricist)
  95. Custom Beats
  96. Scandinavian label is paying 100$ per track upfront to new signed artists.
  97. *NEW Beat 'Focus'
  98. Soulful | Mellow | BoomBap Beats
  99. Free vocal and track mixing
  100. Exlusive Trapbeat for sale
  101. New Soundcloud Group
  102. Looking for artists to collab with
  103. Need a UNIQUE Beat? The Featured Track @ MAJORIS!!
  104. Looking for vocals
  105. Brand New' beat
  106. New Beats Just Added
  107. Christian songwriting , Composing. Vocal tuning mixing and mastering for all.
  108. Anyone want to collab with this beat I made?
  109. SERIOUS Artists looking for production! Im your guy!
  110. Mixing and mastering of your tracks for free
  111. (Looking for) collaboration/contacts
  112. Lyricist, Rappers, Mc's Wanted for Real HipHop
  113. Exclusive Beats for as low as $40
  114. Rappers, Singers! READ!
  115. Need Professional Mixing? Get at The Robotiks
  116. Production/Engineering Giveaway!!
  117. Looking for a sound engineer
  118. Networking With Online Producers?
  119. San Francisco Bay Area Recording Engineer & Producer Brad Dollar
  120. scuolasuono.it is looking payed collaborators
  121. looking for trance/progressive producers to possibly collab with
  122. Rapper looking for producers/Dj/ Collabs with other rappers
  123. Deal of the week!!
  124. ATTENTION: Pop/Electro/House/Progressive Produers in NJ/NYC
  125. Christian songwriting and Composing
  126. Attention rappers willing to do deals on beats in exchange for shoutouts / promotion
  127. making a theme/video intro for very popular battle rapper! graphics video come here
  128. Seeking a chopped & screwed dj! Will pay!
  129. New Book: A Composer's Guide to Game Music (The MIT Press)
  130. Rappers come here!
  131. I will master your track. For free. <3
  132. Looking for audio engineer!!!
  133. Christian songwriting and Composing
  134. Looking for Producer for Alternative Hip Hop Mixtape Project
  135. Get your next banger here. *NEW Beats up
  136. New Lablel Seeking Electronic Artists/ Producers
  137. Looking for tv placements!
  138. New artist looking to hook up with hot producers...
  139. Big Room/Electro House collabo
  140. Calling ALL Singers, Recording Artists, and Songwriters!
  141. Looking for solid producers
  142. Spot open for collab on upcoming EP 'Unami'
  143. Dc/dmv area video prod co new to forum! Over 400 videos!
  144. Anyone want to collab on a beat for a decent opportunity?
  145. Looking for beats for a mixtape
  146. *NEW* Beat Studio Lovin'
  147. Female voice tags!?
  148. Looking for a singer/singers
  149. Looking for a variety of Smooth, deep beatz! will pay
  150. Free Custom Beats
  151. *NEW beat 'Good Life'
  152. male singer looking to collab with techno/house/dance producer
  153. Collab with artist/producer for a song/instrumental
  154. Street Execs Management Looking For Intern
  155. I need advice, should I use Soundclick?
  156. Looking for artists willing to pay for beats?
  157. free beats
  158. Looking for a beat "partner"
  159. Any 3 beats only $34.99
  160. Lets try this again I need beats
  161. Artist/Producer looking for EDM-Trap producers to collaborate with.
  162. Riot control (4 sale)!!!!!
  163. Into The Wild
  164. Looking for female vocals
  165. Singer looking to collaborate
  166. Mixing/Mastering Engineer
  167. Upcoming UK artist looking to collaborate on a few songs, perhaps release a music vid
  168. ***Seeking established EDM collaborators/writers $$$***
  169. I need vocal
  170. Free Mixing
  171. Online Mixing
  172. Lifted Mind Productions: Hip-Hop Instrumentals
  173. Just Started A New Soundclick Page
  174. Looking for a hip hop producer to work on a project , any one interested ?
  175. For Irish forum users only!
  176. free mix & mastering!!
  177. Rap on my beats for free ! Producer looking for collab.
  178. Here's How to Sell More Beats
  179. Who wants to help me make a tag for my beats?
  181. Funk Grooves Wanted Buy or Lease
  182. new website
  183. Would Love to Collaborate with a Fellow Producer or Singer
  184. Looking for LOGO Design ASAP!!!
  185. Need Producers/Rappers/Singers/GFX Designers/Business-Minded People
  186. New Baltimore hip hop . Hello (hi) im Vans_Westly
  187. Get Free Massive Soundbank By Being Active on DAHTrump.com
  189. Any producer want to add a bass line to this beat?
  190. *NEW Beat 'Faded'
  191. who wants to help
  192. Midwest Producers
  193. Looking for vocal artists to sing/rap on dubstep tracks
  194. Edm Producer Mixer Man looking for remixing work
  195. I'm interested in working with female singers Pacha,hed kandi vocals
  196. Affordable Mixing Services
  197. I got that trunk knocker you need to complete your album!!!
  198. Got a hot new beat, letting this one go for free!! Rappers, its worth having a look!
  199. Meek Mill Trapstyle Beat for sale
  200. Looking for producers to start a music group.
  201. New to this
  202. New Website Looking to Spotlight Producers
  203. Need FRESH Beats? The Latest Tracks @ the MAJORIS Beat Store!!!!!
  204. Let make an OFFICIAL Team...**Serious Inquiries ONLY**
  205. Still working on debut album universal/famous/illigentmusic! Need specific beats,
  206. Hey guys vote for me
  207. Free beats for you!
  208. Show me what you can do with this beat and (Win)!!
  209. Looking for a rapper to work with
  210. My single made coast to coasttop 50 indie street album
  211. Im a Producerlooking to Collab w/ a serious Rapper or Producer
  212. Attention Rappers, producers, etc.
  213. All my beats get leased for $20!!! Im even down to negotiate. *Trap/HipHop Producer*
  214. looking for a dope artist to kill this beat
  215. Hey, i'm looking for a New Orleans Bounce producer
  216. Wanna collab with me? (Looking 4 mc)
  217. guitarist
  218. beats of all kinds/styles /experimental/Unique
  219. Official all original beats!!!!!!!get em now for as low as $5.00 or free!!!!!
  220. Follow Meeee
  221. How would a artist get they're music to the right LABEL?
  222. Free kits (rap, rnb, rock, pop,...)
  223. Mixing and Mastering PLEASE!
  224. Free Music Promotion
  225. need your help clean diy acapella
  226. Getting back into making music.
  227. NEW Beat 'Good Thoughts'
  228. Check Out This Hip-Hop Beat Facebook Page *DONT FORGET TO SHARE ;)*
  229. Looking for a Rapper!!!
  230. Searching for a Engineer to be my partner .. Read more please
  231. Looking for Childish Gambino/Kanye West beats?
  232. Looking for rappers to spit some verses on my mixtape
  233. Looking for producers to make some beats
  234. Attention all producers please read!
  235. Producer Looking For A Beat Tag
  236. I got some hot beats for some artists to jump on, anyone wanna colab just hit me up
  237. Need Beats? Trap Hip Hop Alternatvie Soul etc
  238. Any hot producers looking to collab on a hiphop beat
  239. Hans Zimmer competition
  240. I need a song for commercial.
  241. Im in need of a Rapper to hop on this beat!
  242. Free Mixing and Mastering
  243. How to Start a Record Label - Business Structure
  244. FREE Mixing Service
  245. Do you rap ? Then check my beat out so we can collab !
  246. New Track!
  247. Collab/ Will pay for drum programmer and more
  248. Looking for artists to work with! REEEAADD!!!
  249. 10 song mixtape
  250. How to Start a Record Label - Creating a Business Plan