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  1. Anybody selling/making beat tags? i'll pay
  2. Looking for artists to jump on my beats!
  3. I can help you with your melodies
  4. Free Commercial use Material
  5. Small online sync opportunity...
  6. 784 Questions & Answers About Production with !llmind (Free PDF Download!)
  8. How to get your music heard!! MUST READ!!
  9. Song battle contest!!! Click for more info.
  10. FP Newbie Hip Hop Artist looking to Network and Collab
  11. New electronic hip-hop night in Manchester UK looking for producers music to play out
  12. *Looking For FEMALE VOCALIST For Hardwell/Zedd Dance-Type House Track*
  13. Looking for remixers
  14. I'm a female vocalist looking for collabs!
  15. $500 cash prize - rapper tourney
  16. Looking for MCs to rap over my beats
  17. Who's in Los Angeles?
  18. Air Planes
  19. Looking to start a producer group
  20. Rappers/Singers/Artists!!
  21. Need DIFFERENT Beats? The Latest Tracks @ MAJORIS (Cornell's store)
  22. Golden Ticket Ft. EmTheory & Undefeated
  23. Need someone to mix my tracks
  24. I need some hip hop beats
  25. Looking for something different?
  26. Trance Producer - Vocalist wanted....!!!!!
  27. Mixing and mastering cheap $50
  28. Singer/Songwriter needed for Major Label catolog/Opportunity
  29. Electronics, Audio, and DJ Equipment at Good Prices
  30. Studio Illegal
  31. Question about music..
  32. Beat Sale: This Week $50
  33. Collaborations anyone interested?
  34. Mixing & Mastering Sale!
  35. Cheap high quality beats for sale! Cheap lease for hq instrumentals!
  36. industry type Beats For sale-8 years of experience 19 years old
  37. Need a mix engineer?
  38. Looking for electronic music producers !!‏
  39. Tired of searching all over the internet for music production & video editing?
  40. Female vocalist needed for upcoming EP
  41. Hardstyle music demos wanted
  42. Music Producers and Sound Designers wanted/ Paid Work
  43. XCI Records is looking for new artist and bands
  44. Would like to remix a house song? then check this one please!
  45. Calling all Hip-Hop artists!
  46. Remix Opportunity for Producers!
  47. Buy FLP project
  48. Kanye West APC Inspired Custom Fit/Tailored Jumper Available on eBay
  49. *New Beat 'Closer' R&B
  50. Calling All Producers!
  51. Calling all producers!
  52. Ervest Music - Best Online Mixing & Mastering service
  53. Beats/ Records Needed for Major Artist
  54. LOOKING FOR Singers for rap hooks and R&B tracks !
  55. girl rapper looking for beats !!!
  56. Looking To Collab With Emcees and Film Makers
  57. Buy 1 beat Get 1 Free. $19.99
  58. Opportunity Producer Mixer Man - Very Talented Producer
  59. opportunity to be on HMV Beatportal and all major websites
  60. Looking to collaborate with producers for free
  61. EDM Engineer needed! Label interest
  62. beats for sale
  63. HELP Looking for someone Who is great with keys, synths, etc.. To Collab with me!
  64. Newish producer looking for collabs and criticism
  65. Need Some DIFFERENT Beats? The Latest Tracks @ MAJORIS [Dirty South/Trap + R&B]
  66. Looking For Collab With Producers!
  67. Pure Euphoria Album Demos wanted for Starlight Records UK
  68. Looking 4 several artist 4 project
  69. Collab FL 11 any of these genre's (EDM/DNB/Electro) (example of my work inside)
  70. Producer looking to collaborate!
  71. Selling all beats (Buy out the copyright)
  72. Help needed for band logo!
  73. This is so dope check it out!
  74. Looking for artists
  75. Lease High Quality Beats For $9.99 (credit card and paypal accepted)
  76. Dropping our first BeatTape??
  77. Online Mixing & Mastering Services
  78. Online Manager Boot Camp
  79. Free tracks from noisia, mr beatnick , four tet, joy orbison, kaytranada,harry fraud
  80. Free mixer needed!!
  81. Looking to collaborate with any producer or rapper!!
  82. Spring Sounds 2014 FP Beat Tape
  83. hip hop producer / Beat Mixtapes / selling exclusives / all types
  84. A Spring Sounds 2013 FP Beat Tape?
  85. Bangers Vol.10 beat tape
  86. i need eminem type beats that are powerful
  87. Need A Female Vocalist to Put a Hook on this track
  88. Looking for video game developers to produce music for
  89. #Offthentic....I have the Twitter world Buzzing...I HAVE TO DELIVER...
  90. BLACKASS production beat for sale if you need GOOD beat don't pay 300$ !!!!!
  91. New Beat 'Motivated' Lease 1 Get 2 Free $19.99
  92. anybody trying to collab?
  93. Looking For Artists
  94. need a professional engineer
  95. new website full of beats
  96. Need a dj for mixtape
  97. Worship song like Hill Songs and Jesus culture For sale.
  98. Need A TWERK Beat? The Latest Track @ MAJORIS [Party Hype]
  99. Online session drummer available
  100. Rap Ghostwriting Services
  101. Get your Beats on my Video blog
  102. *New Beat 'Remember Buy 1 Get 2 Free $19.99 Limited Time
  103. Producer looking for singers/songwriters and rappers to work with
  104. Open House 107 | Randy Seidman (Sound Nightclub - Monday Social, LA)
  105. To All Artists That Need Cheap/Free beats From An Experienced Producer
  106. Rubino Beats
  107. Indy record label for sale
  108. Talented and dedicated rapper looking for album beats
  109. Need help adding to my beat.
  110. Looking for Talented singer for Trance Album
  111. Need A Unique Beat? The Latest Track On MAJORIS [R&B]
  112. Looking for Talented Producers
  113. New Years sale!
  114. Looking for a piano player to collab with!
  115. Trance Music Project Female Vocalist wanted about 2 be released
  116. Free Mixing & Mastering.
  117. Looking for rapper(s) to collab
  118. I just need somebody to sing (not rap) :p
  119. EDM producer looking to Collaborate
  120. free 98BPM 4/4 live instrumental beat for singing/rapping over
  121. looking for dope beats to spit on
  122. who wants a rapper/singer on there beat or a unfinshed track?
  123. Rapper looking for producer/beats
  124. Need A Unique Beat? The Latest Track On MAJORIS [EDM Flow - Electro-Pop]
  125. 16 Bar Rap Contest
  126. Looking for Singers and Rappers!
  127. I can mix and master most stuff for free!
  128. New Producer/ Rapper Looking to collab
  129. Artists, this is for you, if you down to work, free beat inside
  130. Studio looking for beats
  131. North Hollywood Residents! California residents in general really...
  132. Female singer
  133. *NEW* Beat 'All Night Pop
  134. Need CHEAP beats? CHRISTMAS x NEW YEARS sale @ the MAJORIS beat store!
  135. Need A Unique Beat? The latest track on MAJORIS [EDM Flow - Electro-Pop]
  136. I can help you with your melodies and harmonies
  137. Looking for rappers to go mad over my beats
  138. Need Unique Beats? The newest tracks on MAJORIS by Cornell Younge!!!
  139. Anyone can send me piano loops. Will pay if necessary.
  140. Looking for Talented Rappers
  141. *NEW* Beat 'Desire
  142. Open collab for artists!!
  143. Vocalist want for new dance music
  144. Want To Break Into The Hip Hop Music Industry
  145. Free beat tape for everyone! [head above water 2]
  146. New beats on myFlashstore
  147. In need of a friend with mastering skills
  148. looking for somebody to mix vocals
  149. Producer Searching For Artists to Collab and / Sells Beats.../ All Styles Unique.
  150. Norwegian MC looking for underground hiphop beats.
  151. Collab? =]
  152. Need A Unique Beat? The Latest Track On MAJORIS [Dirty South/Trap]
  153. Female Vocalist want for new music projects 2014
  154. Violinist want for dubstep music
  155. Looking to work with artists!
  156. www.uniquecustombeats.com Music store is now open
  157. My Santa Baby xmas hip hop flip needs 2 verses rap asap!
  158. Lookin for a dope emcee to spit on THIS beat!
  159. Any Mixing Engineers? Please Read..
  160. I need a sound designer
  161. Need A Unique Beat? One Of Two New Tracks On MAJORIS [EDM Flow - Dubstep]
  162. Do you need help getting your name out there?
  163. Do you need beats and a studio to record NY ?
  164. Free Mixing!
  165. For Rappers: Help Us With Research In Exchange For Beats
  166. New producer looking to collab
  167. My Man YC Beatz is ready to collab with you dope producers...
  168. Instrumental/partner needed for my original song!
  169. Polyester The Saint - Dom Kennedy - ASAP Rocky Type Beat
  170. Searching Vocals for my new production !
  171. Any Producers looking to sell more Beats! I Can Help!
  172. HEY! Just looking for like minded producers...
  173. Collabs/solo work needed for upcoming mixtape
  174. Calling producers/rappers!!
  175. Looking to Purchase Exclusive Rights/Full Lease on Produced Beats
  176. Collab for winter break
  177. Music Producers Need To Hear This!! Join The Beat Selling Squad
  178. Win a Maschine Studio. Remix E-40, Juicy J & Ty Dolla $ign + $1000 more in cash
  179. put your music on my website
  180. Need A Unique Beat? The Latest Track On MAJORIS [EDM Flow - Dubstep]
  181. Landed a offer from universal records/famous records Lookin for original production !
  182. 2 Beats only $19.99
  183. Anyone here in Los Angeles?
  184. New on the block...
  185. House / Moombahton / Trap Producers Read This!
  186. Iso: Soundclick vip page artist
  187. "black" rap song collab 2 verse
  188. In Need Of A Music Engeneer.. Please read
  189. 50 Euro-complete musical arrangements and production-studio online
  190. Need Voice Over For Small Script (listen to my attempt)
  191. exl. deep piano/stringbeat for sale
  192. Production Question...
  193. FREE music Promotion!!
  194. Any audio engineers out there?
  195. How To Advertise With Google Keyword Planner
  196. Build A custom Facebook Landing page
  197. Optimizing youtube for google
  198. Producer Seeking Vocal Talent. Serious Inquries Only Please.
  199. TransEuropean Collaboration
  200. Any Heavy Dubstep Producers??
  201. Professional Music Production, Arrangement for all styles -only 50 Eur
  202. Cheap beats!!! $10-$25 exclusive beats (no cheesy sounding beats round here)
  203. Rap Ghostwriting Services
  204. Bass player for hiphop instrumental producing?
  205. Songwriting deal for christmas. For christian music
  206. Collaboration in some way..
  207. Free Instrumental Downloads!!
  208. 30-70% beat sale cut
  209. let people know your music and you
  210. Offering free mixing
  211. Fall 2013 in NYC & NJ
  212. Talented Rapper Looking for Collaborators
  213. Anyone in Los Angeles or Nearby Cities who does Visuals?
  214. Looking for talented producers to collaborate on mixtape
  215. I NEED VOTES! Beatstars.com Remix Contest
  216. Brand new rap contest, ends january 14th
  217. Rap Contest (Win Exclusive rights to 5 Beats) Hosted by FluX FluTTeR
  218. Buy Unique and Different beats....help you stand out!
  219. Female beatmaker
  220. El Da Sensei Remix Contest
  221. My Beat Making Website NarcoticOnTheBeat.com
  222. Finding vocalists for a track
  223. Free EDM singer
  224. Looking for NYC Producers to work with
  225. New online platform for sending demos to record labels
  226. Looking for Talented EDM/Electro Singers & Songwriters!!
  227. Vocalist looking to collab
  228. Big discount on all my beat leases for a short period of time...
  229. Thy myth around creating your own website
  230. Music production skype group!
  231. Need free mixtapes, deals on beats and more
  232. Need Hot Quality Beats???
  233. HIPHOP Artists, Producers, Interview slots available for hiphoplead.com
  234. Submissions open for Digital Dynasty 28 Hosted by Pharoahe Monch!!!
  235. Need Beat!
  236. looking for a collaboration. Send me a PM if interested and i will send u the tra....
  237. Looking to collab with producers and other rappers
  238. Bigger then soundclick!
  239. Anyone need a song writer!
  240. Looking for up and coming musicians to do profiles one!
  241. ---Producers----- Pick up some dope drums for just $15 bucks
  242. All tracks just $150. (Produced for Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, MMG, Yo Gotti, 2Chainz)
  243. I need beats!!!!!
  244. NEW* BEAT For Love
  245. Looking for someone to do scratches on my beat
  246. Do you need Help with Making beats in Fl studios?
  247. Free mastering!
  248. Looking For Male & Female Singers
  249. I could use your support...
  250. I need a vocalist that wants to record some dubstep / electronica / trap e.t.c