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  1. RnB inspiration
  2. Look at me now (hook sound)
  3. Disclosure/Deep House Bass Help!!!!
  4. Tuning Drums and pitch snare fill
  5. Sound Design all about experience?
  6. Increasing and Decreasing Energy In Your Track: Part 1
  7. How can I slow down a sample for a beat in Logic 9?
  8. Most Important Element
  9. Look at me now chris brown synth
  10. Blues scale
  11. How Do you do this DJ Khaled filter sound?
  12. Snare Tutorial using free MonoFury analogue synth
  13. Favorite VSTi's for EDM?
  14. Koan sound - Sub bendining orgasm help
  15. Culprate - Sub kinda gatey thing need help :D
  16. Keeping up with new techniques
  17. Flume - More Than You Thought synths
  18. deep muffled sorta sound (help) reason 5
  19. You ever mess with a tiny clip of sound so much you want to destroy the world?
  20. How can I achieve this popular drum pattern?
  21. How to program this lead synth?
  22. How to make these stab sounds
  23. How to make this sound and effect? Type of pitch bend?
  24. Synth Tutorial: Deep Plucks that become a Rich Pad
  25. What kind of bass is this?
  26. Rhythm question.
  27. How to achieve this sound?
  28. Something I haven't seen asked a lot around here..
  29. How to produce the sound of these strings in the background.
  30. Mixing tips for a n00b
  31. Copying someone's else song?
  32. Madeon Gold .flp ?
  33. Jay-Z Tom Ford synth
  34. I love my music, but not the sound....
  35. Swing in Sylenth1 (arp)
  36. How to make this warbly smooth sound?
  37. Feedback On Sequencing/ Suggestions
  38. Progressions...
  39. How do you make this synth?
  40. Overcompression?
  41. Layering brass synths and more
  42. What to do when youre stuck
  43. Drum Help
  44. Rugged Drums and Chord Progression (Tutorial)
  45. Move On - ATB Intro recreation
  46. Get Dis Money Bass in Reason or Logic
  47. Transitioning through different parts of the track?
  48. How to create this Kastle sound
  49. Can anyone help me identify these piano chords?
  50. Wide stereo image on that snare
  51. Arpeggiating chords
  53. hihatss
  54. Song structure with mid mud
  55. effects on vocals on two Ear Sweatshirt tracks
  56. Syntorial
  57. 2/4 beats
  58. Menacing Note Combos Article
  59. How do I get this sound?
  60. so...
  61. Need FL Studio help NOW!!!
  62. synth recipes.
  63. Big Sean Vocal Stutter Pitch Effect
  64. Structuring my beat to flow(for lack of a better term)
  65. Sound like these techy guys
  66. Dubstep Bass Question?
  67. Notes/Chords in this Song?
  68. Difference Between a Commercial Melody and Non-Commercial Melody
  69. Sound/frequency shifting fluctuating
  70. chord duration and note duration and chord pattern help!
  71. Books on sound design?
  72. New scale modes
  73. What genre of music can help create other genres easily
  74. really need some help
  75. Trance Sound Design
  76. EDM Help
  77. Reverse Reverb Vocal Effect
  78. how do you get the sound?
  79. On average, how much of your day do you dedicate to production/music?
  80. Big k.r.i.t
  81. Is there some sort of electronic/industrial VST that creates these sounds?
  82. Anyone know of a decent vocal synthesizer?
  83. Deep/Tech stab?
  84. Composing Career Advice
  85. FSOL talking about sound design
  86. programming bass please help?
  87. Trying to figure out how to recreate these snares in Superior Drummer
  88. Practicing and learning time
  89. how do you get started transcribing?
  90. Distortion, Reverb and Delay?
  91. Favorite Composer?
  92. Could anyone recommend piano instructors in MI?
  93. Does Anybody Know What Chord Progression Zaytoven Uses ? BandCoach ??
  94. Web Browser based chiptune creator
  95. FM audio api
  96. What drum machine is this kick from?
  97. Loop points
  98. Pushing to Audio.
  99. What's Going on in this Masterpiece Of a Beat ? Anyone
  100. How does one create the kind of machinery/industrial sounds found in this song?
  101. Composing: What do you start with ?
  102. 4 all you music theory haters out there
  103. I need some rythm schooling!
  104. chords and melodies
  105. Tutorial or advice in arrangement and transitiom
  106. How to make this retro house chord.
  107. Name that vst/sound
  108. lil durk type beats
  109. chord progression help
  110. How do you get discovered as a producer?
  111. iPhone max volume dB?
  112. Making a Track, track layout and structure
  113. Bass... whats that bass Oxia
  114. How to get this synth sound? (Vehl - Kidnap Kid)
  115. What kind of chords are used in this song? No Diggity - Blackstreet (Bondax Edit)
  116. FL Studio - Vocodex Vocoder Tutorial
  117. Playing 7ths 9ths etc with small hands?
  118. Should certain INSTRUMENTS be used a certain way ?
  119. Mode scales??
  120. Dubstep
  121. Lead in Crown by Jay-Z
  122. French House/ Disco
  123. Has anyone tried this?
  124. Sound design attack, darker sounds
  125. any one know if attention deficit disorder affects musical ability?
  126. what scale does vybe and jj use
  127. any one if atnetion deficit disorder affects musical ability?
  128. nnxt help drums and snares
  129. Basic Rhythmic Patterns
  130. How do you get inspired?
  131. Figuring out what other sounds to add to a beat
  132. Help Identifying Chord Progression
  133. Should I treat sound design as a separate entity?
  134. New electro house sine wave bass
  135. New Sounds...
  136. Hey, how do you get the bass from Thuggish Rubbish Bone?
  137. FM8 Audio Sidechain Input (How to use the "IN" Operator on the FM8) in Ableton Live 9
  138. When learning to play the keys is a 4 octave keyboard sufficient?
  139. Can Anyone Identify this Drum Break??
  140. Eye can't figure this out for the life of me...
  141. help me with this Bass Preset
  142. I Have a Melody in my Head?
  143. Question about scales/chords.
  144. When do you stop?
  145. Methods/Techniques in getting this sound?
  146. Do BOOM BAP tracks usually have 808 kicks or just deep basslines?
  147. are ibstrument arragments learned or is it just felt out.
  148. Creative Block, Frustrated.
  149. drums?
  150. D major and e minor
  151. Can i use any vst with Sibelius or Finale?
  152. Cool effect from Lamar's "Tammy's song", and Jay-Z's "Tom Ford" - how to obtain?
  153. Can someone give me a a helping hand with detecting this melody?
  154. Philosophy of Art: Art as Question/Problematic
  155. Firebeatz Synth recreation (NI Massive)
  156. a sound i need help with
  157. Confused myself
  158. Talk About Bussing
  159. How to Focus and Make Better Beats?
  160. Does anyone have a hard time creating chords for a piece?
  161. Another Song Breakdown help
  162. Another Song Breakdown help
  163. help with synth and bell on Where the hood at
  164. Bandcoach's scales and chords chart needed!
  165. What should I use to get a middle-eastern type string sound?
  166. Routing MIDI to Pitcher in FL Studio 11
  167. Hammer On/Pull Off, Trill, and Cymbal Simulation Techniques
  168. Wind Instrument and Vocal Simulation Techniques
  169. Tremolo Picking and String Muting Simulation Techniques
  170. Future Bass and 2-step garage Free Library
  171. help with snare rolls
  172. Anyone know the program being used in this song
  173. How to use Maschine and Nuendo Together
  174. instrument and song arrangment for dubstep
  175. Question about Jeremy soule piece
  176. chords in this record
  177. plugins with good punchy clean synth sounds?
  178. How Can I Make A Deadmau5 Wobble Bass?
  179. Kick used in Smoking Good - JD Era?
  180. UK Bass House Production SOUND DESIGN for Bass (4V4, garage, Hannah Wants style bass)
  181. transitions and variations for interesting mixes
  182. easy tips on building a beat around an acapella?
  183. Here's the next 3 Music beats I made all by myself.
  184. Vocal Bass Sound?
  185. Has anyone ever tried PerfectPitch.com for Ear Training?
  186. How important actually is learning theory?
  187. characteristics of chords in scale can somebody explain
  188. whats the difference between difference vst?
  189. Recommend VSTs for drum creation?
  190. how to market my mixtape
  191. Help with progressions and putting down whats in my head
  192. Logic Error?
  193. Middle Eastern Scale (bandcoach?)
  194. TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard
  195. Two part question, this should be interesting... (Bandcoach should have fun)
  196. How To Bend Bass Like MackBeatz ?
  197. 1940s music how to make it?
  198. Saving CPU technique (Good idea?)
  199. Help with few music theory questions, im sure they are very easy
  200. Help working out chords
  201. Tutorial: Make Sick Reese Basses (Drum N Bass style bass)
  202. little help with chords
  203. Soulful Synth Pads...?
  204. Relative pitch vs. perfect pitch training
  205. Can any person sing ?
  206. Video - How to Create that Famous West Coast Lead
  207. Can't Post Soundcloud Links!
  208. Tips to Making R&B Music
  209. Re-creating This Snare Sound?
  210. Stuck in a rut? Create a response to 'Heat wave'...
  211. Learning Finger Techniques and how to play keyboard PROPERLY
  212. Justice strings/lead
  213. How to re-create this snare?
  214. What are the chords/progression to this?
  215. Can people who know theory make anything that comes to mind?
  216. Different Genres in Hip Hop Beats
  217. Designing Pads
  218. Vybe Beatz 808's Subs
  219. Playing chords and help a beginner with harmony
  220. Kode9 and Addison Groove Style Synth.
  221. Jay Z Guitar
  222. Do my strings sound realistic ?
  223. How to develop an ambient/chill trap sound
  224. Vocal effect
  225. Please how to make the snare and piano on this track
  226. How to achieve a fuller sound?
  227. Ethio Jazz Scales
  228. Selecting sounds?
  229. What is the Best way to start working on a beat - Chord Wise?
  230. Please help with chord structure
  231. Bass Kick Question
  232. Sound ID
  233. Analog style synth chord sound?
  234. Basics of Theory for Producers
  235. Timbaland
  236. How can i fix this melody? (Common problem i run into)
  237. Help with a chord progression.. (Bandcoach?)
  238. Producer Signiture Sound vs Versatility
  239. Need Useful Help
  240. Dog blood sound design
  241. How I Made That Sound: Micro-podcasts with unusual sound design
  242. Music Production: The Basics Revisited
  243. Trap music
  244. A few sound design(-ish) questions.
  245. Sites to download sound-ware (drum kits, loops etc)
  246. Cant tell when subbas is out of tune? - should I quit? lol
  247. Need some help figuring out a chord progression!
  248. Learning piano or theory will help?
  249. Musical Note Lengths and melody help!
  250. Favorite Composers??