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  1. baselines and kicks
  2. how did dr dre compose this?
  3. time signature
  4. How can I fit a acapella and instrumental together? FL 11
  5. Can anyone tell me what type of synth pad this is?
  6. how can i make this synth sound??
  7. Calling All Electronic Dance Synth Pros!
  8. What type of synth is this ?
  9. Awesome video on recreating samples!!!
  10. How to Bring out the Low End of a Synth Bass
  11. How can I remake a similar sound?
  12. HOUSE Music Arrangment Help...
  13. How to recreate these vocal effects!
  14. 808 Sound design
  15. I need a sound designer
  16. How to make this melody!
  17. How do you configure the synth in this song???
  18. Questions about Massive
  19. Basslines ?
  20. Understanding Dissonance
  21. 808 Mafia BRASS ARP?
  22. Trap Sub Bass: any advice?
  23. Chords and melody to this song ? Goin steady by Rocko
  24. What new equipment cant I get to enhance my music from stock plugins?
  25. Sound design
  26. Who Else Loves The Sound of Their Beats Backwards?
  27. The 2 Sides to My WorkFlow
  28. Producing this 90's-ish ravey piano synth sound?
  29. screamy dutch synth
  30. How to extend/compose a dance chord melody?
  31. Sound Design Help please!!
  32. Creating Groove (what makes a song funky?)
  33. Any Tips on making vocals sound better?!
  34. An Approach to Chord Progressions in Hip Hop Beats
  35. Any1 know what kind of synth this is/how I can make it?
  36. Chords from Melody
  37. Modulating Melodies
  38. how to make studio like vocals?
  39. Know any good music theory/sound design books?
  40. Cubase 5 Tempo (bpm) change help ?
  41. How Do you End a Minor Melody
  42. Awesome tutorial on composing a Christmas themed track
  43. Major or Minor
  44. How can i produce this..liquid dnb
  45. Patches with Odd/Inconsistent Sounds
  46. Tracking/Arranging/Sequencing Tips
  47. improving drum patterns
  48. Bass help
  49. Composing with a sampled acapella: not sure how to start
  50. whats thst tunnel sweep sound in all edm songs?!
  51. How do i achieve this sort of drum roll??
  52. Modulating to the relative minor or parallel minor key
  53. What is this chord progression?
  54. Drums Fx in Fisticuffs beats
  55. Can't Get Timing Right on Maschine...
  56. How can i create this gurgling (LOL) sound from suit &tie?
  57. Drum fill placement on old kanye track
  58. Looking for cool sounding synth's
  59. Scarface- On My Black
  60. McMash Clan Synth... Any hints?
  61. How to make good bass
  62. Have I been harmonizing the Minor Key wrong? The appeal of the V chord.
  63. what are best synth softwares/vst's??
  64. Kicks problem
  65. Hey guys. Im new
  66. Lex Luger rising Synth (No, not the Sound FX)
  67. How to Beat Repetition
  68. How can i recreate this sub bass??
  69. Hip Hop Plugins / Sound Design
  70. Over-tweaked, over-listened and now I hate it. Anyone else get this?
  71. How can I get the Moog bubble sound on Logic's ES2 Synth?
  72. How to apply chords in Harmonic Minor Modes?
  73. Why Do We Like White Noise?
  74. Anyone know how to make this sound
  75. old school dubstep chord progressions?
  76. Bass sucking the life out of my mix??
  77. Making a theme/mood when producing
  78. How to get better at arranging songs?
  79. FL studio pros!: Arranging question
  80. Multiple Automations For a single Instrument
  81. How can I play live with NI Maschine MK2 with Ableton Live 9 Suite
  82. how to make chord progressions?
  83. Sylenth pluck sounds presets
  84. How to achieve that sound
  85. FL Studio question about pitching/time relative to the entire song.
  86. How to get by with using a sample from a slow song as chorus?
  87. Producing a song with well balanced frequencies before mixing.
  88. Question
  89. Indepth Trap track breakdown ??
  90. Vocal effects
  91. Kick and Bass question!
  92. Sound Design Question - Trance
  93. What defines a Trap song ?
  94. Who Else Produces Strictly Minor Scales/Chord Progressions
  95. Is it too simplistic ?
  96. Beat Transitions
  97. Kontakt libraries using true legato
  98. Main Lead Electro House
  99. What Bass to use when theres already a bass in your track
  100. How to find the Key of a Sample?
  101. seriously how important is sound design to a producers arsenal?
  102. What is a scale run and a trill ?
  103. How to learn Effect design or How to find effects
  104. Techniques for a Punchy Snare
  105. Mike Wills bells...
  106. 90's house piano riffs
  107. How to go about a composing a Johnny Juliano style lead
  108. Happy Trap Beats?
  109. new school deep house querires
  110. How do I learn to compose for different genres ?
  111. piano house music
  112. Roland MKS20 Emulation
  113. How to Get Live Sounding Flowing Hi-Hats (Cardiak, T-Minus)
  114. What do you think of my snare I made in FL studio demo version
  115. Tips on Getting Better at Piano/Guitar
  116. Changing Keys?
  117. sampling queries
  118. Make the drop louder
  119. This portamento type pad?
  120. Thoughts on this fantastic sub bass
  121. What techniques go into making a polished-sounding beat?
  122. How to: Understand a mix?
  123. Logic sampling help???
  124. Chordsandcovers.com
  125. Similar BASS
  126. How Can I Achieve this Choir Sound? (Swell)
  127. Vocoders, talkbox, synthetic vocals...
  128. orchestra hits reason
  129. melody ending on starting note/root note
  130. Layering Leads / Thick and powerful leads without compensating to much headroom
  131. Anyone know which piano this is?
  132. hey guys! do you know who create a riser effect like this in ableton?
  133. Recognizing styles, scales and chords
  134. What are a really good pair of headphones for producing electro & progressive house?
  135. Sub Bass Release (Help Please)
  136. Drums/Beat usually half-tempo of the music background. [my problem]
  137. -24 LU +/-1 limit on my 'Master' - Is it really important to keep my level under it?
  138. How do I get my 808/bass to sound like this
  139. Trap Hi Hats. How do they get that sound?
  140. 4 pitfalls to avoid!!
  141. how to make a marching snare
  142. shawty red from scratch
  143. Book on Composition
  144. How can i make this sound?
  145. stab/melodies - deep house?
  146. Looking for amazing piano sounds. (KeY Wane)
  147. did anyone read "Music composition for dummies" ?
  148. major melody question, please help.
  149. What college major does beat making best translate to?
  150. What kind of synth would this be classified as?
  151. Melodies in game tracks
  152. How can I make this sound?
  153. How: achieve Kanye's "distorted" voice sample effect?
  154. In modern music, what is the instrument you want to stay the way out of?
  155. Anyone know how to achieve this sound?
  156. Starting note of scale
  157. Need help with an ableton enquiry
  158. Making your melody sound professional
  159. How to make these synths?
  160. EDM music production courses online
  161. Granular Synthesis (Ableton Live)
  162. E-Piano Chords
  163. Which bass notes to play with the cycle of fifth chords?
  164. Pretty cool
  165. How to make ummet ozcan sub kick?
  166. Chords for wicked ways by eminem?
  167. Learning to play instruments
  168. Tunnel Vision main theme
  169. Deep House Bass
  170. tips on making melody sound less forrced/robotic but instead more fluid/flowing?
  171. How do I get this sound from Big K.R.I.T's "Temptation"?
  172. Question side-chain kick and bass.
  173. Need some help from sound design masters
  174. Requesting some help of EDM Producers
  175. Creating a pre-chorus and Chorus with a similar harmonic flavour to the verse
  176. make melodies flow with the drum beat?
  177. How can I change my beat making style?
  178. Traductor sofware...
  179. Copping That Rob Holladay Sound Design/Composition
  180. Effects and Eq to get these toms? (kid cudi all along)
  181. Deconstruct this bass
  182. Suit&Tie chorus sound
  183. Pluck VST?
  184. how to recreate this synth sound?
  185. major/minor scales used in EDM
  186. How to Make the Talking Bass Sound from Riff Raff's "Dolce and Gabbana"
  187. Is there a way to do a "robotic sounding" bassline?
  188. Anyone know how to recreate this bass/synth sound??
  189. How long do you spend making a tune?
  190. Help with chord numbers
  191. Creating Sub Bass in Countdown by Hardwell
  192. What effect does this producer use?
  193. Jon Hopkins Bass / Pads
  194. Leaving scale tips
  195. any musicians for hire online ?
  196. Specific vocal effect?
  197. How to recreate this specific sound Jahlil Beats uses?
  198. Electro drop sound
  199. how do i make these vocals effects
  200. When to use a sharp or flat in a meoldy
  201. Do you ever push youre computer cpu to the limit
  202. Punchy front end on synthesized kick/sub bass
  203. How to remove instruments from a song (get vocal only)
  204. How can I recreate this sound?
  205. Can Anyone Give Trap Production Courses?
  206. How to Increase and Decrease Energy in your tracks - Part 2 (the three P's)
  207. Tips on Creating Meoldy
  208. Question about 808's
  209. How to Make Chord Progression have more Direction
  210. How to create a synth like this?
  211. How to make a tight drum pattern ?
  212. Real Time Animation Scoring Demonstration
  213. Getting that professional sound
  214. How to change the note of WAV in Ableton
  215. How to make sad Trap (Hip-hop) Melody and beats.. !
  216. Am i right?
  217. Useful Patch Sharing Sites
  218. Athesit that is Better at Singing/Music when he has true faith in god
  219. melody whats makes a melody any one understands music is there a certain amount of ba
  220. Having some serious issues with repetition, please help?
  221. How do I replicate the sound of this reverb?
  222. Synth wobble sound
  223. How to make the perfect electro house bassline
  224. jazz chords/ deep house?
  225. Tuning Kick Drum to bassline
  226. Bassline & Kick Drum
  227. Visual orchestration by Alexander Publishing(RANT)
  228. Not sure what title to put here, but it's an important question.
  229. Can you Taper off a Sample? (Maschine/FL Specific)
  230. how to get that Sebastian Ingrosso kick bass pump?
  231. Help with chords to this song!!??
  232. Cool 8-bit sound
  233. RnB inspiration
  234. Look at me now (hook sound)
  235. Disclosure/Deep House Bass Help!!!!
  236. Tuning Drums and pitch snare fill
  237. Sound Design all about experience?
  238. Increasing and Decreasing Energy In Your Track: Part 1
  239. How can I slow down a sample for a beat in Logic 9?
  240. Most Important Element
  241. Look at me now chris brown synth
  242. Blues scale
  243. How Do you do this DJ Khaled filter sound?
  244. Snare Tutorial using free MonoFury analogue synth
  245. Favorite VSTi's for EDM?
  246. Koan sound - Sub bendining orgasm help
  247. Culprate - Sub kinda gatey thing need help :D
  248. Keeping up with new techniques
  249. Flume - More Than You Thought synths
  250. deep muffled sorta sound (help) reason 5