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  1. midi help again
  2. I cant make beats in the style i desire
  3. need some help when i layer synths
  4. Over Use Of Arp
  5. How to get this vocal effect?!
  6. Problem with Sounds in HD 808s
  7. legacy blocks question
  8. need some help
  9. Felix da Housecat (analog?) synth [someone will remember this one]
  10. 22nd Century Chord Progressions?
  11. Layering sounds
  12. "Popping" on Bass Synth
  13. Achieving a similar sound.
  14. edm music song structure? (need help for my song)
  15. is this possible/necessary? (sound card affecting audio)
  16. Where Do You Buy Your Drum Samples
  17. How to make Rudimental - Feel the love type of bass
  18. String Arranger
  19. Harmonies in these songs (Iman Omari)
  20. How to produce this guitar sound?
  21. how does one make a sound like this :
  22. How the HELL does Burial get that ambient background sound?
  23. How to get this evolving synth sound?
  24. So, Who Here Uses MIDI Packs?
  25. New Order Age of Consent Synth
  26. Opinions on presets?
  27. Who are some of your favourite composers?
  28. How to get this distorted effect on your drums?
  29. Wide Bass
  30. Jahlil kick/808 sound ?
  31. How can I achieve this snare/drum roll sound
  32. How do I make this sound, Trance/electro house Lead? !!!
  33. How To Get This Sound..XXYYXX
  34. Track composed and produced by me?
  35. Ear training - exercises/best methods
  36. How much theory do you think a producer should know as a minimum?
  37. How do I make Datsik/Excision style heavy wobbling synth?
  38. Bass Piano Arpegiation - Pop
  39. 1 5 6 4 Chord Prog in the minor key?
  40. NativeInstrumets FM8 - How to know whats going on?
  41. How to make hardstyle sounding kick and hardstyle sound effects?
  42. Shortening the songs, to rub the mass audience. Is it really worth it? Food 4 thought
  43. Creating Realistic Strings
  44. A certain kind of robot voice - how do I make it?
  45. Music Theory Basics, Now what? Melody + Instrument choice question.
  46. How to get reverb on your snare like this?
  47. Flylo & BrainFeeder Type beats
  48. Synth sounds
  49. How does Darq E Freaker get his characteristic 'stab' sound?
  50. Clean and Small or Big and Distorted!
  51. Extending a chord melody to 8 bars from 4 in Hip Hop tune!
  52. I'm New Here
  53. heard anything obscurely great and/or out of this world lately?
  54. Anybody Know How to Make These Growl Wobbles?
  55. 808 Kicks on FL ?
  56. Dubstep & Sound Design Masters - Please help!
  57. Music Theory Baby Steps
  58. Cali iz active Synth Bass slide help?
  59. Beating "Producers Block"
  60. Weird tearing
  61. Can't get a drum pattern to match my beat?
  62. Any Synth Gurus Out There?
  63. putting melody to chords different approach?
  64. can anyone tell me how to get a bass like this?
  65. Your favorite key sig?
  66. Can you identify this percussion sound?
  67. Are synths more connected with one specific music genre than the others?
  68. Do you care about some aspects of your skill more than others?
  69. How are you orchestrating your beats?
  70. Sound & Pattern Problem in FL 10?
  71. Free Massive Patches
  72. Free Reese bass sample pack
  73. fake kick drum
  74. Make a sludgey wobble?
  75. How do Producers make hi hats "slow down" or "go off beat"without changing tempo?
  76. Does the use of Marijuana increase your production skills ??
  77. Newbie question on sub bass
  78. i need help making a sound
  79. Rap beats and theory
  80. Stacking sounds/layering/blending
  81. This synth bends all over the place. JUST portamento?
  82. Why do my 808s get quieter when i put them...
  83. How to sound like these house90's/garage/deep tracks?
  84. Determining BPM
  85. Are you supposed to layer regular kicks with 808s or should they just be a sepe...
  86. About Sound Loop Kits?
  87. Does the Tempo really matter ..?
  88. Ableton Live Project
  89. Bassline chord prog and melody
  90. modulation in trilogy/trillian?
  91. What type of filter is he using in this piano?
  92. Electro/Dubstep Bass Help
  93. need help on this 1
  94. Can you tell me how the kick and bass in this song were made?
  95. Pyramids Synth Sound
  96. How to overcome creativity block?
  97. Fl Studio Swing question....
  98. Playing in chords plus more questions
  99. Thoughts on Fullsail University?
  100. Does Anyone Know What Brass/Horn this is?
  101. how can I make this sound?
  102. Tryna Step My Drum Game Up
  103. Where do professional trap producers get their sounds?
  104. song structure and composing
  105. Song Composition
  106. Interesting sounds in chillout piece
  107. Having trouble posting a youtube video of mine help please
  108. need help determining if key. please help
  109. My piano composition is dirty ):
  110. Top scales to Learn for all genres?
  111. Way to start learnin chords?
  112. Need help understanding something I read...
  113. Kicks that Stand Out (like Johnny Juliano)
  114. How to make every beat sounding nice and full when you make a beat
  115. How do i get my kick and 808 bass to sound like this?
  116. Sub Bass?
  117. Using 2 leads
  118. Need Help So Frustrated
  119. Is it possible to make this sound on Massive?
  120. How do you make a sample last forever
  121. Advanced drum patterns
  122. How to perfect the art of 808s..
  123. How do I Create This Simple Synth. LFO + Pitch? Or LFO + Phase?
  124. Creating catchy rap melodies?
  125. [Sound Design] Bass
  126. Music school?.. IS THERE A POINT???
  127. I'm having trouble making basslines
  128. Bass Slides?
  129. Some help with some keys
  130. What Typa Chords Are These, Diminished? Creepy Sound. HELP!!!
  131. How to Give a Song Direction?
  132. Is the fruity loops fader ment to move up when compressing?
  133. modern musical forms
  134. Looking for a Sound Design(Synthesis) buddy!
  135. Beginner Producer - Just cant figure this one out......Putting together a melody/loop
  136. That bloop - can you help me create it?
  137. How to get this sound?
  138. Emotions of the Musical Keys
  139. Help producing this sound?
  140. Trap: Time-Stretching drum samples
  141. Stutter effect and beat position
  142. More advanced chord help..
  143. That Big Room Progressive Lead Sound
  144. Breaking Down an Arrangement
  145. What is a resonant sweep
  146. Midi Keyboard Question - FL STUDIO 9
  147. percussive sound
  148. Song structure question
  149. Moods of Melody
  150. Orchestral, Continuous Melody's and volume automation
  151. Free Hip Hop MIDI library
  152. Creating a solo
  153. Hardest Hitting Drums
  154. The musical curse.
  155. Understanding ITB Drum/Bass ''Tuning'' - Help Pweeeze
  156. Sound Design in DAW's
  157. Chilled out, Lo/Glo-fi type sounds?
  158. 2 questions about scales
  159. Making Synth Drums more Human
  160. Structures
  161. List of greatest electronic instrumentals
  162. Time signature for game's/adverts/movies
  163. chords and progressions used in hip hop.
  164. chord progression help
  165. How to tell what key a song is in? (Instrumentals)
  166. Pitching question
  167. Looking for FL PRO"s
  168. Anyone knows how to play live electric guitar?
  169. That hardstyle kick.....total production rookie
  170. Suggestions for effect units
  171. Confused - would very much appreciate any help given.
  172. Can certain melodies not become beats?
  173. Trying to get the sound of church organ
  174. Chord Progressions always starting on the "I" chord
  175. a story about noise
  176. What is this sound? (Justin Timberlake: Suit & Tie)
  177. dubstep/trap step/filthy bass
  178. Free Drum Kit-Over 1700 One Shot Kicks, Snares, 808s, Hi Hat
  179. SuperCollider Job Opportunity
  180. Pretty Flacko Kick Drum
  181. Does every song have an equation?
  182. VST for Live Drums
  183. What to do first?
  184. Can I get information on a site to learn Music Theory
  185. how to compose songs for lyrics??
  186. Are there any good sites to learn piano online free ?
  187. New to music, music theory and bassline/melody.
  188. How do you craft the bassline in Drake's "Started From The Bottom?"
  189. Guitar Chords on piano roll
  190. Help? Bassline keeps getting destroyed when reopening Ableton
  191. How do I get bass like this?
  192. Ghost keys in FL studio?
  193. making this snare sound?
  194. how did 50 cent's producer obtain this sound?
  195. Trap Snares
  196. Is there anybody here that can help me with specifically Trance production?
  197. how to re-create these kinds of synth
  198. Trap Producers - Standing Out
  199. "Oldschool vibes" how to get it?
  200. What are the Right Progressions to make trippy wiz khalifa beats ??
  201. Pad, Lead and arp
  202. Site Reading
  203. Rap Production Samples And VST (Mainly Trap Beats)
  204. I'm stock
  205. Getting that 40/Drake sound? HELP
  206. How can I get this lead?
  207. FM8 loudness problem
  208. how to pitch bend 808's like FL studio "glide" in reason 5???
  209. secret on sounding like young chop
  210. how to get that dance groove?
  211. My 303 is flat
  212. How long does it take YOU to make a beat?
  213. arrangements
  214. Risers
  215. Rhodes VSTs
  216. HELP!! how to create a sound like this
  217. Harmonics
  218. Anyone Know What Kind of synth this is?
  219. What should I think about when planning an album?
  220. Anyone use a MPK49 + Ableton Live?
  221. Need Help on Brass Chord Progression ...
  222. Authenticity vs Inauthenticity
  223. What is this sound/instrument?
  224. How to create this vibe/style/atmosphere?
  225. Any Tips on Song Structure?
  226. Rhodes!
  227. Rate my drum sounds (Boom Bap type)
  228. who here synthesizes their own kick drums and percussion?
  229. How do I make my hi-hat sound like this?
  230. How to recreate this Mannie Fresh synth??
  231. Sounds that fit
  232. Is it worth learning classic Piano?
  233. Understanding composing Music
  234. koan sound - eastern thug style wooble?
  235. how do i get my bass to sound like in the song Simming Pools
  236. Synth Bass Calvin Harris
  237. paralell minor and relative help
  238. Sub Bass problem.
  239. Creating a song. Starting points / techniques.
  240. How do i get this digitalish analogue sounding bass?
  241. Help with Baauer Harlem Shake Sound?
  242. Help mixn my Beat! Is there a plugin that mixs each pattern like the mpc! 4/8 n such
  243. Schools for music producers/audio engineers?
  244. Composing backwards/Uninspired intro
  245. Audio Sound design (Is this possible?)
  246. Scales?
  247. JAYBEATZ' basic how to improve 1O1
  248. Is it possible for a book to enhance Musical Talent Subconsciously?
  249. Can someone identify the hits used in "Yellow Tape" by Fat Joe?
  250. Most efficient way to create patterns?