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  1. Techno Percussion
  2. Are there real sound design tutorials? Or just emulations?
  3. How to make this lead sound?
  4. How to make this bass style pls!
  5. Common quick bass whoosh (example)
  6. Where can I find this? Or how do I make it rather?
  7. What type of bass line is this?
  8. Reverbing bass drums?
  9. Need help making this sound
  10. Distorted Piano Sound
  11. need help getting more movement in my sound design?
  12. Do Trap Producer's use different kicks in a single track ?
  13. programming drum breaks
  14. RnB style chords
  15. Minimal tracks, how to use Delay, Reverb, etc? Vocal chop effects?
  16. How to get realistic orchestra sounds ?
  17. Need some help
  18. How to make a Jungle/tribal beat?
  19. finishing chord progression and diminished chords
  20. Chiraq style chords and scales?
  21. Other Ways to Study Sound Design
  22. Good sounds
  23. help with complextro
  24. help with logic pro x drums
  25. do u love FX, experimenting, and/or Kraftwerk? well my friends this video is for u.
  26. How to make this Sound?
  27. Producers hiding behind 808 bass?
  28. Dusty side chain effect?
  29. IS there an Easy Way to map Samples to keyboard ?
  30. How to get a lush indigo sounding synth like this?
  31. Transition & Sound Effects
  32. "Crunchy" bass sound
  33. How to make this lovely bell sound?
  34. What effects are being used on these vocals??
  35. Is it normal to play melody over broken chords?
  36. FXs on FXs
  37. EDM layering your chords
  38. Static Switch up effect?
  39. SYNTHS!! Please Help!
  40. How to make bass massive without overpowering everything?
  41. How To Remix A Beat?
  42. Need help with achieving this bass!
  43. How do I achieve this effect?
  44. Can someone tell me if this is a sample or vst?
  45. What are these chords???
  46. That sound! Please help!
  47. coherence
  48. Part Writing Assignment, No idea What I'm Doing.
  49. What is this? How Is This Possible?
  50. good website to study different edm genres
  51. Big question.
  52. Young Chop Type Hi Hats...HELP?
  53. Intertwining musical ideas and lyrics,
  54. Anyone have any ideas on how to produce this very specific type of sound?
  55. Which piano vst sounds closest to Mockingbird?
  56. Pharell Williams/Pamola Faith 'I just cant rely on you'
  57. Whitenoise sample packs?
  58. sound design or composition first?
  59. How to make the bass felt and not heard ??.
  60. Match chords with melody
  61. Melody question
  62. Nexus and Hypersonic in every beat. Switch it up !
  63. Powerful deep bass
  64. Powerful deep bass
  65. drums question
  66. FL studio styrus preset question
  67. R&B pitch sound (synth, bass, e-piano?)
  68. Good source for War Drums?
  69. Any good ideas for adding turntable scratches to a track?
  70. Any good Organ VST or any VST/anything capable of producing organ sounds like these?
  71. Does anyone use house kicks for hip hop?
  72. Simple technique, confusing description. WHAT IS IT CALLED?
  73. How do I make this bass?
  74. Ethereal Mat Zo Pluck/Pad
  75. Sylenth1 Velocity sensitive
  76. Sub-Bass amplitude problem
  77. Anyone know a good resource in regards to sampling/using clips from other works?
  78. So how do YOU track down a sound/vocal clip that you've heard?/Anyone know this clip?
  79. Writers Block
  80. Trying to achieve a specific sound for a new track
  81. How to Achieve Specific Moods in Music ?
  82. Integrating riffs into simple chord progressions
  83. TC - Get Down Low vocal effects
  84. What is blip, stab?
  85. Please tell me what this String Melody is doing in this song
  86. Associated Board Grade 5 theory
  87. Help! Trying to create drums/snare!
  88. FL Studio stock sounds to get a tyler the creator wolf album sound
  89. Acapella and instrumental of key
  90. Constructing Backing Tracks For a Lead Vocal/Instrument?
  91. Anyone familiar with this kick?
  92. how do i create this style of 808 bass
  93. How To Make Soft, Smooth Sounds Like Owl City?
  94. tempo change in a song
  95. Arranging must be the other 1/2 of producing that requires absolute creativity.
  96. What is that instrument? (Overwerk - Daybreak)
  97. Outkast Chords/sound
  98. Identifying Chords
  99. Frequencie range?
  100. side chain without kick ?
  101. Seeking for this snare
  102. How to write a song?
  103. What is this vocal effect?
  104. How do I get rid of clicking sound in bass sample?
  105. Panning sounds
  106. anyone know how to make this synth
  107. Bassline Help
  108. What type of chords were used in these tracks?
  109. How can I make this beat sound more complete before mixing.
  110. The reason for asking Questions on Future Producers !
  111. Any idea where to find/how to create electronic/machinery/cyber style sounds?
  112. Please help me with this sound
  113. How to create this sound that opens and closes over time...
  114. Brass Effects
  115. How to get better sweeps
  116. How to get a bass like old school outkast.
  117. How to build off of the major chord?
  118. Layering Sounds
  119. Hans Zimmer answering questions about creating sound/music like it! (MUST READ!!)
  120. Sylenth1?
  121. How to mess with trap 808 wave envelope?
  122. Arpeggiate for Nine inch Nails "Copy of a"
  123. DJ Mustard
  124. How to get this Bass Sound?
  125. How do some minimalist beats sound complete?
  126. Is there anywhere (preferably video) where I can learn about dynamics?
  127. other instruments in a pattern
  128. Ear training
  129. hello peoples need your help
  130. Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision bass
  131. Stutter Effect
  132. Trance Basses like this?
  133. Reason question: Gating audio with the Matrix?
  134. Arranging Question. Doubling Instruments. Yes or No?
  135. from sound to song
  136. layering
  137. How do I get my drum patterns to sound natural?
  138. Does anyone know what delayed synth this is?
  139. How do you make your style hard to Duplicate?
  140. Part Writing | Seventh Chords
  141. speeding up effect
  142. how do i create this deep smooth fuzz bass???
  143. Exercises and tips for learning music on every level, so I can play every instrument!
  144. building stronger drum tracks
  145. How Hanon Helps ?
  146. Formant pitch shifting
  147. Speed in/decreasing sound
  148. How to make this trance bass? Please Help!!!
  149. How do I have several samples offset? (Reason)
  150. Psychedelic, Cloudrap Type Beats...
  151. How to make this falling sound (Cardo sfx)
  152. Chord Changing for bridge/3rd verse help? :(
  153. Leading Chord Progressions
  154. Signature sounds?
  155. Ways to change up the verses?
  156. Drake / Weeknd Style Filtered Drums?
  157. Neo Soul beat help
  158. scale help!!! quick question?
  159. Drums Layering Techniques Collection
  160. Need Help Making Bridges
  161. Different mood with each songng
  162. Help: Disclosure type beats
  163. how do you recreate this lead synth sound
  164. Making a proper r&b track
  165. Soulful/jazzy hip hop beat tips
  166. ii^ minor chords?
  167. Still can't figure out what effect are being used on the vocals
  168. the flylo fx
  169. This sound?
  170. more composition procedure questions
  171. Anyone know what sound this is
  172. creating fx / noise sounds w/synth 1
  173. chord backing
  174. how do you make your songs longer?
  175. Where to find drums like these??
  176. Scales to apply to the 16 pads on my MPC?
  177. What's that Arp synth?
  178. NI sounds convert to refills
  179. Pop-style drum breaks?
  180. Did I get this right ?
  181. [Q]Melody + Vocals (Electro House)
  182. Degrees and functions of the diatonic scale
  183. [Q]Producing Electro House
  184. How to make this unique riser???
  185. Does anyone know how to get a loud pad like this?????
  186. boombap sound on akai mpc1000
  187. On the keyboard/piano
  188. Perfect/relative pitch ear training
  189. Signature Trap Synth - Hesher/Dark Horses
  190. Old Skool Rave Bass Recreation
  191. Hi-Hat Swing/Pattern
  192. Drums structure.
  193. Question with Reason/Matrix sequencer...
  194. Help creating a brass stab in Reason please.
  195. how does one get drums like these?
  196. Key Changes in song arrangements.
  197. How to make a build like this?
  198. Fifth only in bassline ?
  199. j.viewz bass
  200. Bloated drunken horn sections
  201. why and when to use relative scales
  202. How to make this bassline . Need big help
  203. synth
  204. Reason is frustrating me.
  205. Sylenth Sound Design Question
  206. how do i make a good drop (melodic drop)
  207. how do i make this watery pad??
  208. Ask me anything about Composition/Harmony/Form/Piano
  209. how do i recreate this synth??
  210. making music for someone / something
  211. How is this gliding synth made?
  212. Very Good Music Theory Lessons on Youtube!
  213. what makes a sound "cute"?
  214. Adding FX to EDM tracks
  215. How to make a gas horn sample?/Has anybody found a good gas horn sample pack online.
  216. Pad Sound?
  217. 3 simple questions
  218. How to make this simple sound?
  219. Where is This Sound from?
  220. how to make a sound like this?
  221. Q for Reason Instrument Makers: Cosmic Wobbly Bass?
  222. how to practice identifying FX
  223. making the sound like it's in the back
  224. abrupt stopping effect
  225. how to make this cute sound
  226. how to make a bubbly sound
  227. Melodies!
  228. Chord progression
  229. Creating a buildup/drop?
  230. How to produce Ambient?????
  231. How do you pitch bend bass with Korg M1
  232. How to add a certain excitement to a hiphop beat with no chord progression
  233. After the Beat - question (nervous breakdown?)
  234. Help piano arrangement
  235. How is this electric guitarish sound made?
  236. Showtek - We Like To Party
  237. How to make punchy trance basses
  238. how to make this organ type lead?
  239. drum patterns
  240. How do STRONG and weak beat work as far as melody goes?
  241. How to build a strong melody?
  242. How to find the key of a song???
  243. Free course that is helping my production skills
  244. Working With Tapestop in FL Studio
  245. How could i get this sound?
  246. making my sound quality warmer
  247. Question about Chopping Drums & Time Signatures
  248. Windows 8/HP Laptops lessening stereo image?
  249. how can i make my sounds closer to the original?
  250. can i synthesize an accoustic guitar sound w/synth 1?