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  1. Any iPhone apps for loading, chopping, and looping samples on the go?

    I've searched for one but I can't seem to find an app that allows me to load samples into it and chop them up. I've gotten a few apps that allow you chop things up but you can't load your own songs...
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    Sample ID?

    MP3 Player SoundClick
  3. How do you hook up a keyboard (not a Midi controller) to Logic Pro 9?

    I think the keyboard that the people at Guitar Center sold to me is incompatible to Logic Pro 9 but I might just be setting it up wrong because I have never set up a Keyboard to Logic besides a Midi...
  4. How can I make my synths sound rich and full like this one?

    Wiz Khalifa - My Thing - YouTube

    It comes in as soon as the song starts. It has a solo from 0:01-0:09.

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  5. How can I find, meet, and begin collaborating with 'talented' people from my area?

    I do everything in the studio by myself and the only time other people are involved is when it's done through email. I want to find people I can get in the studio with and actually make songs from...
  6. I think my Phantom Power is turned off on my Apogy Duet. How do I turn it on?

    Neither of the inputs are giving me anything and and the spot neither of the lights are on where it says -48v-.
  7. Is there a place I can go to test out software/hardware before I buy it?

    I don't like spending all this money on stuff I haven't even used before, time and time again I purchase things that end up being a huge letdown even though all the reviews online are good. I want to...
  8. It doesn't have to be like a better version of...

    It doesn't have to be like a better version of the Duet. All I'm looking for is something with good sound quality, 2 outputs for headphones, multiple outputs for speakers, input(s) for guitar,...
  9. Give or take $1,500 And it has to be a firewire...

    Give or take $1,500
    And it has to be a firewire interphase
  10. Is there a higher caliber version of the Apogee Duet?

    Now don't get me wrong I love my Duet but there are 2 reasons why I want to upgrade from it.

    It doesn't have any midi inputs/outputs.

    It only has 2 Outputs for speakers

    Is there anything...
  11. How can I improve at replaying samples I want to use on my keyboard?

    I decided I'm going to start replaying my samples instead of using the actual audio from the songs. How can I gain a better ear for what chords to play?
  12. What are some REALLY High Quality Synth Plugins?

    I want to expand my sounds and get some big boy Synths, no more messing around with the cheap stuff. I have the stock sounds on Logic and the synths that came with Komplete 7 but I want some high...
  13. Does anyone know what the Justice League uses for sounds?

    Hardware, Software, Plugins. Any information would be appreciated
  14. Does anyone else focus on making their studio look good and not just sound good?

    My home studio is good quality as far as equipment and sound goes but one aspect about my home studio that I do different from most people is making it look & feel like I'm in a professional studio...
  15. Can you change your account name on FP?

    I want to change my name cause I hate it and I made it when I was like 13
  16. Questions about expanding computer memory

    I already have an external hard drive ("My Book Studio Edition II" By Western Digital) but it doesn't really give me more memory to use, only to store files. If I want to want to access something on...
  17. Trust me your not missing much, I have it and...

    Trust me your not missing much, I have it and it's so overrated
  18. Where can I get some really good horn/brass sounds?

    I already have Komplete 7 and the sounds that came with logic Pro but they aren't really cutting it for me
  19. It seems like EVERYBODY has this sound except me, what's it called

    YouTube - Cam Meekins - Living It Up

    It comes in at 0:16, right before the chorus comes in

    Everyone uses this before the beat drops and I want to know how to do it
  20. Nah I feel you and I'm not trying to duplicate...

    Nah I feel you and I'm not trying to duplicate his style at all but I want to have a further understanding of ALL the piano chords and I think that is something that he definitely has an in depth...
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