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Thread: Uplifting Trance online listening study - win a 25 voucher for participating!

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    Uplifting Trance online listening study - win a 25 voucher for participating!

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    Attention trance music DJs, composers, and producers!

    We are recruiting participants who have experience with trance music for a brief online listening task. The study involves listening to excerpts of Uplifting Trance music and providing ratings of enjoyment of and engagement with the music.

    The entire study only takes about 20 minutes, and respondents will be entered into a raffle to win a 25 Amazon voucher. To win the voucher, be sure to participate before September 29th.

    Participation eligibility: 1+ years of experience working with, producing, composing, or mixing trance music. If you have any questions regarding the study or your eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kat Agres at kathleen [dot] agres [at]

    To access the study, please go to the following link: [dot] com/jfe3/form/SV_b94mFof19sLD51H

    Many thanks!

    Dr. Kat Agres,
    Dr. Dorien Herremans
    Queen Mary University, London

    Dr. Louis Bigo
    IRCAM, Paris

    Prof. dr. Darrell Conklin,
    Univeristy of the Basque Country & IKERBASQUE

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    Seems like I missed the deadline however I would love to participate.

    PM me if there is still a chance or it gets extended, or even if not just so I know. I might even do it anyway just because I am very curious about this. I have a good deal of experience writing, producing and listening to trance (as well as many other genres)

    - Jeff7b9

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