On September 4th, I must participate in an anisongs concert. Anisong is short for anime song. Anime are Japanese cartoons and anisongs are the songs (or soundtracks) made for a specific anime. I don't want to do any anisong, because I come from traditional Japanese music! Recently, I had an idea. The public isn't specialized in music and most of them listen to catchy and cute pop songs. I want to sing two cover songs by an unit called K-ble Jungle, formed by an Italian DJ and a Japanese singer. I have problems finding the karaoke versions on the Net, but don't try: it isn't helpful! The songs' names are Oikakete Summer and ALIVE. I wrote to friends, but they answered me it wasn't possible to make karaoke versions, because they thought itís too complicated. I can't pay. I want only to use them in a concert! So, can you help me creating the instrumentals (karaoke) for my purpose? I want to have the instrumentals more near as possible to the original songs, please. I can't do these by myself, because I'm still learning how to use a DAW called SONAR and I can't do nothing, as of now!
I will do a traditionally Japanese inspired versions of ALIVE in a project, with the accompaniment of piano and traditional Japanese instruments (koto, juushichi-gen and shakuhachi).
Later, I will send you a link to the songs and each song's lyrics because my aunt wants to give me K-ble Jungle's CD, so I'll rip the CD and give you the songs and the lyrics... Let me know if you can collaborate with me.
ALIVE's in c# minor, but I donít now regarding Oikakete Summe.
Thank you in advance!