Whats good everybody, I recently got a chance to produce most of Pacman Da Gunman's latest Mixtaped called "Optimistic" Hes signed to Nipsey Hussle's Label called All money in records. The project itself isnt doing anything worthwhile as far as making noise. It came out on June 6.

The thing is ive been producing for almost 9 years and still havent popped off. I dont want to sell beats meaninglessly on soundclick , I rather be behind records and produce them but I dont know how you can make money off that. My only guess is you have to blow up first. But anyways if you guys get a chance could you give me some feedback on the production for this single thats from the mixtape?

I'm at that point where I'm gonna chase the corporate job lifestyle now cuz this music thing is tough lol even if you're good its real tough lol.


Link to his Mixtape:

Pacman Da Gunman - Optimistic Mixtape - Stream & Download