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Thread: PANNING: underestimated but very important!

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    PANNING: underestimated but very important!

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    Hi guys, i remember that when i started producing and getting into mixing, i found it very hard! one of the biggest mistake i did, was underestimating the panning, yes i knew it was something i needed to know but i didn't really understand how important it was. So at one point i started to really get into panning and try different ways to make my mix sound wider and balanced. Well, once i've learned properly my mixing skills improved quite significantly. I would like to share with you guys this article that i've written my self and i am sure, it will be really helpful for those that don't really know how much can the right panning change the quality of your mix!

    Audio Panning Techniques | Instruments Tips on how to pan like a pro!

    Keep up the work guys, love this forum!!

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