Got a bit of a question regarding routing and wiring/personal preference: I Have the following setup:
Ableton Push 2
Komplete Kontrol 61 keyboard
External Hard drives:
Western digital My Passport Ultra 2tb USB
Samsung M3 2Tb USB
Lacie Rugged 1Tb Thunderbolt and USB
Late 2013 Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2.8hz with a 1tb ssd and 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory. It has 2 USB Inputs, 2 Thunderbolt ports and an hdmi port.
My interface (i just got it today) is an apollo twin by universal audio which is a thunderbolt interface with optical in for adat and two analog line ports but no midi.
i've found the thunderbolt ports to be pretty flimsy, i'm gonna take it to the mac store to ask about it, if i barely touch the thunderbolt connection going into the laptop it will loose the connection, this is the case with everything not just the interface)
So with all this information i have the following questions:
How would you run this setup?
I have a usb hub but there must be a less messy way of connecting these usb controllers.
I used to just record straight to my internal hard drive but i'm aware that i should have a write only drive, all of these external hard drives are only 5400 rpm and i could only have the lacie rugged at the end of a possible daisychain as there is no output. Out of the three which should i record to or if none of them are fast enough can anyone suggest a hard drive for write only purposes?
Eventually i want to expand my studio through adat but midi would be good too as it is such a universal medium.
Lastly has anyone else experienced the fragility of the thunderbolt connections? Any help or advice would be much appreciated